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The differences between Takara and Hasbro Generations Metroplex – metro titan army building 101


Hasbro on the left, TakaraTomy on the right

Fans have been asking for troop-builders for a while now, but $100+ troop builders?  Dang!  Sometimes we really get what we deserve!

IDW has been hitting Metroplex HARD and it seems with good reason.  Making such an expensive toy comes with risks for the retailers and so Hasbro most likely whispered in their creative outlets’ ears quite loudly that Metroplex needed to be important in the coming years. With the new lore involved with mulitple city-bots from Cybertron’s distant past, it only seems natural that we would get a variety of versions of this monstros-city. If you purchase the Hasbro version, you can get the TakaraTomy version to spice up your city bot graveyard.

The differences are nominal, but to a collector decently contrasting.


The big guy is back!!

Hasbro Version:

  • one large red gun
  • white face
  • white areas on shoulders
  • yellow safety paint on ramp door
  • black stomach center surrounding red core
  • unpainted hips
  • white thighs
  • unpainted white knees
  • unpainted toes
  • black ramp
  • white missile battery
  • gray landing ramps

He big

TakaraTomy Version:

  • two large red guns
  • silver painted face
  • yellow and red areas on shoulders
  • no paint on ramp door
  • white stomach center surrounding red core
  • black and red painted hips
  • gray thighs
  • black painted knees
  • red painted toes
  • white ramp
  • red missile battery
  • white landing ramps with yellow paint

So the choice is yours.  Get the “regular” version, which I consider the Hasbro one, or import the deluxe crazy version from TakaraTomy.  If you are troop building this guy, and God help you if you are, then you better get both and that inevitable Metrotitan Decepticon exclusive.


“Nobody steps on a church in my town!”


Near complete collection of Star Wars Transformers MISB for sale on Ebay $.99 auctions!

Yep, I’m selling ALL my Star Wars Transformers. What a collection! They are all MISB and in perfect shape. All auctions starting but hopefully not ending at $.99. See them all here or click on the photo to go to the auction.


The big guy himself. Ready to go to a new home far, far away


Wow, the only BLUE version of the shitty Starfighter mold! GOTTA HAVE IT!


Who came up with this stuff?


I present, the SWTF Seeker clones!


Get these mother fuckin’ Starfighters, out of my mother fuckin’ collection!


Hey, Obi-Wan, you’re back!


This one is the only cool version of these star fighters, but you can have them all!


Apparently, this one is rare? Coulda fooled me!




The Last Starfighter!


This is possibly the worst transforming toy of all time, ALL TIME!


The blue one


This one was actually decent and made sense


Everyone has to have a starfighter don’t they?


The red version


… and blue


…and red again


and blue again


Easy to make clones, huh?


WOW! The commander! Whoopee!!!


El Capitan!


Another clone, I assume??


Luke, I am your speeder!


The actually good version.


This toy sucks


I’m hoping this one is better than the Darth Vader one


The most saught after of all of these toys


Me cool character, die quick.


And finally, the old man.


Transformers Sunstorm auctions on ebay for $.99

Here are a bunch of Transformers Sunstorm items I have for sale starting at $.99! Click the photos below to check them out or see them all here.


The newer “improved” version


The original Sunstorm!!!




Heero Toy Maker’s version of WST Sunstorm. Never been opened.


The clear version, that never existed.


This guy is one of the best KO’s I’ve ever had the misfortune of owning.


The closest you’ll ever get to Armada Sunstorm


Cool Exclusive Sunstorm!


Giftset Sunstorm!


War for Cybertron Sunstorm!!


Transformers Shockwave items for sale on Ebay

Transformers G1 Generation 1 Shockwave good hose MIB


Holy grail to some, old junker to most, desired by everyone


Transformers Robot Heroes G1 Grimlock Shockwave MISB


And a little less desirable…


Transformers Mighty Muggs G1 Shockwave MISB


This guy is super cool, includes hose!


Transformers WST Justitoys Shockwave Military Operation Commander MISB 3rd party


Where did the 3rd Party go??


Alternators 12 Shockblast Shockwave MISB Red Mint in Sealed Box


Shockwave, the car


Transformers Binaltech BT-13 Laserwave Shockwave MISB


This is, in my opinion, the coolest and most valuable thing on this list. HEAVY!


Transformers Takara Superlink SD14 Laserwave Shockwave MISB




Transformers G1 Action Master Shockwave w Fistfight MOSC sealed


Lots of action here


My thoughts on Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters toys so far

Transformers Beast Hunters toys what were they thinking

No caption necessary

Nope, can’t be satisfied with something going perfectly well. You just have to crap in the pot and stir it up!


Asian market exclusive generations toys coming to the USA – duh

Transformers generations Springer


Today there was news from Comic Con from Hasbro that the Asian Market exclusive Generation figures will be coming to the USA.

All I can say is I fucking told you so.  Collecticon superior.


Hasbro enforcing 3rd party seperatism on ebay? – my WST shockwave listing removal

Transformers Ebay listing removal by hasbro because of 3rd Party

Well I'll be

Today I received a surprising email – one of my current ebay listing was removed. Not because it was a non-orange-tipped Megatron, not because it was a cruddy listing, but instead because I used the word “Transformers” in the listing title. This was for a Justitoys 3rd party WST Shockwave that was sealed.

Justitoys Worlds Smallest Shockwave

Here is the culprit right here!

The funniest part is that WST Blaster is still listed!

So here is just further evidence that Hasbro is finally starting to take in the reins on their intellectual property, and it is about time! I guess I’ll just have to list the item was NOT being a Transformer. Pretty funny since just about every 3rd part item is listed as a Transformer.

EDIT: It is also possible that my auction was just flagged by an Ebay passerby that decided to be a dick. Who knows?!


In case you couldn’t tell… Fall of Cybertron Jazz and Sideswipe are remolds

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Sideswipe and Jazz

Don'tcha'll pull a fast one on me, ya hear?

I knew something wasn’t right when I saw Fall of Cybertron Sideswipe during the Hasbro panel at Botcon. It wasn’t completely obvious, but it is true: Sideswipe is a remold of Jazz with a huge ass gun instead of a pea-shooter.

So maybe before you start praising Sideswipe, make sure you weren’t one of the FOC Jazz haters, mmm kay?


Transformers Galaxy Hong Kong Facebook page shuts down – Hasbro claims infringement

Transformers Galaxy Hong Kong page shut down

Well, there you have it!

It’s been a rough year for the little toy company that could.  After a decade of not caring, someone at Hasbro has decided to flex some legal muscle.  Shutting down a Facebook page is not really serious business but it just shows what they can and are willing to do these days.  What’s next?  Transformers fan sites? =-O


Post Botcon 2012 predictions and thoughts – Cybertroncon Asia exclusives not so exclusive

Transformers G1 Hoist Cybertroncon reveal

This just in from 2012 Cybertroncon - Asia-only right? I'm calling bullshit brigade on that one.

So Botcon 2012 has come and gone and with it some surprising revelations. The most important of these I am listing below in no particular order:

  • Transformers Collector Club subscription service starting soon with 6 exclusive figures available in the initial roll out.  This subscription service is expected to replace the usual 1 or 2 club exclusive figures that are available each year.  This will make for all intents and purposes a second boxed set of toys for fans and members of the TFCC.
  • Transformers Generations will induct a new voyager class starting with War for Cybertron Soundwave, later being repainted to Soundblaster.  It can be expected that this is the size class for the all but confirmed Fall of Cybertron Grimlock figure to rival the giant Bruticus.  We might even see a reinvented Megatron or Optimus Prime in this size class.
  • All the drama and fan rage over the mixmatched War for Cybertron Bruticus figures can be put to bed after the more video-game accurate paint-scheme will be available as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive set.  Also showing up at SDCC is the Zombie Cliffjumper figure that seemingly vanished after the reveal at Botcon 2011.
  • MP10 will be released at Toys R Us with all accessories and a new paint job.  The only question now is the price
  • All the Cybertroncon Asia-market-only exclusives revealed a few months ago may not be as exclusive as everyone feared, however there was no official mention of this in any panels.  More below…

So after the Hasbro panel, I visited the display box where the employees were setting up the new figures.  There is a lock box at the bottom of the display where all the toys are kept prior to being revealed.  The staff had to do this while everyone was ganged around the front of the case.  I, however, mulled around in the back and caught glimpse of something that shocked me: a small green G1 legion-class Hoist.  It was right there, plain as day.  One was in robot mode, the other in vehicle.  The female Hasbro staff then rolled it back into a sheet of bubble wrap and placed it back in the bottom of the case while the other staff member prepared Airachnid for display.  I didn’t have time to take a photograph and there were too many people in the way, but it was there.

Transformers G1 Hoist robot gun

This is what I saw, and that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it

G1 Hoist as a cyberverse or legion class figure was revealed months earlier in mock-up stage (check the image up top) and during those reveals, everyone in the USA cringed or cried at the thought of all those toys being exclusive to Asia, requiring import prices.  Well guess what guys?  It’s time to wake up and realize that some if not all of those toys will be seen in the USA at some point.  Hasbro has enough trouble producing a full toyline at all, let a lone two toylines concurrently that would be cut off from larger sales numbers by being sold in the USA.