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Henkei Knock-offs not as pristine as believed – KO Skywarp compared to original

Henkei Skywarp compared to it's latest knock off

A variety of differences, although minute, exist between the original and KO.

Reports are coming in that the knock-off Henkei Seekers are anything but perfect replicas of their original namesakes. Thanks to an industrious post by a user at ACtoys, we have some images of the differences between two versions of this mold.

Although the thread is in Chinese, the pictures do reveal some telling differences:

  • Alternate rotation of hexagonal peg holes on the inner legs
  • Molding differences in various places such as the inner legs, the interior sides of the stomach area, and the tailfins.
  • The nosecone hangs from a higher point in robot mode on the KO than the original.
  • Rear thrusters appear to have a different paint app treatment

There are probably other differences as well.  It’s incredibly difficult to know the plastic quality from photos on the net so we’ll have to wait for some reviews.  See all the photos by visiting the post at ACtoys.


TakaraTomy’s Transformers 2010 toyline – the big picture

TakaraTomy Transformers 2010 logo

Such a subtle hint with those flames!

TakaraTomy’s Transformers 2010 line has been evolving over the past few months and has included some unexpected figures joining the psuedo-toyline. Originally, the line promised only 4 new toys including Masterpiece Sleep Convoy, a Unicron Repaint, the Sons of Cybertron Animated giftset and one empty slot many of us assumed would be left for Masterpiece Rodimus. As of yesterday, we have visual confirmation on Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy from Cybertron Convention 2010.

Upon visiting the TakaraTomy Transformers 2010 website, one can see that the slots have increased to 7 from the original 4 when the website launched (see below).

TakaraTomy Welcome to Transformers 2010 products page

The original look of the 2010 products page

TakaraTomy's Transformers 2010 product page

2010 Mid-summer look of TakaraTomy product page

Figure King 150 Transformers 2010 spread

The only confirmed toy missing here is the Predaking reissue

Incidentally, Figure King magazine posted a spread detailing the releases so far announced for Transformers 2010. If you include the Predaking reissue along with Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy, the total sits at 7. All signs are beginning to point to this line ending with a total of ten official releases, just to keep things tidy.

Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy is also up to bat at #9 in the Masterpiece line… leaving a precarious 10th slot that seems all too coincidental. Of course the first thing that comes to mind would be a Masterpiece Galvatron, but two new Masterpiece molds in a year seems like a bit of a pipe-dream. Let’s not count ol’ purple horns out though. The Decepticons have been un-represented so far in the Transformers 2010 line, except for the recent announcement of Predaking. Galavatron most certainly will be appearing in one of the last 3 slots in some form. Let’s hope it’s not just a redeco of Henkei Galvatron matched with Cyclonus…

Another possibility to fill out the line with another Masterpiece figure would be a reformat version of Megatron. The MP-05 mold is the only one that has yet to be redecoed. With such a fabulous mold, we know something has to be coming. The Purple Megatron gun in the Sleep Mode Convoy set may be strong indication that a clear Masterpiece Megatron is in our future. Heck, they just released a clear Masterpiece Starscream so it can be pulled off.

There’s also the possibility of more G1 reissues with slight upgrades like the Encore line. The possibilities here are many: Cyclonus, Scourge, Galvatron, Rodimus, Kup, Blurr, Trypticon or even Metroplex. The 2010 line seems to be pulling from every line available so more reissues are not out of the question.

And finally, none of these predictions could be true and MP-09 Rodimus Convoy could be the final piece offered in the line and it caps out at 7. Who knows. I have faith in the Japanese to round everything off at 10, including a new Masterpiece figure. Come on TakaraTomy, you got The Touch!


Arise Classics Rodimus Prime – Fansproject Protector photos!

Fansproject Protector or Rodimus Prime prototype

"Oh yes" just doesn't always cut it...

Just when I was thinking it was a slow Transformers news day, Fansproject uploads a hoard of photos revealing their Protector add-on kit for Classics / Henkei Rodimus Prime!  This is sick!

The only thing we were able to see previously was a product illustration.  Now we are finally seeing how the Rodimus trailer really fits together and it looks AMAZING!  Looks like I have to put my foot in my mouth from the ending I put on the Fansproject Defender review.


Oh and uh, by the way, if you haven’t gotten your own yet, you might not want to try getting a classics Rodimus from Ebay right now…

Fansproject Protector Rodimus Prime in vehicle mode

The spoiler peeks out of the sides! It's beautiful!!

Featured Ebay Auctions

Henkei Blue Bumblebee sells for $375.00

Henkei Blue Bumblebee final high bid of $335 + $40 shipping

Maybe this paint joib was secretly GREEN!

Looks like the hoopla has ended for now. The final bid came in at $335 + the outrageous $40 shipping and handling fee for a total of $375.00 USD. And now, we wait…


Transformers Classics Blue Bumblebee now on Ebay!

Blue Bumblebee poses with Yellow Bumblebee and Bugbite

Blue Bumblebee returns! Now he is on Ebay!

Low and behold, the mysterious Blue Bumblebee found yesterday has popped up again – this time on the Ebay store of legendary seller Mugen Robo Sanctum.

The price of this piece is likely to reach the $300 range if the auction is indeed true: it is being listed as a TakaraTomy Lucky Draw.  The problem with this type of situation is that information is vary limited.  People could end up spending a boat-load of cash on a figure that is mass produced, or else they can “snag” a very rare item at a somewhat lower price than normal.

This is the type of thing that makes Transformers collecting really fun, that is if you have the cash to play the game.  At least we know this is indeed a legit figure, just look at the copyright stamp below!  Collecticon will follow this auction and let you know what happens.  Photos are from Paranooid’s auction.

Blue Bumblebee Copyright stamp

Copyright 2006 Hasbro, Inc. - Takara 2006 - Made in China


Mysterious Blue Classics Bumblebee

Blue Classics Bumblebee found on ACtoys

So just who are you?

Stop the presses, a new Classics Bumblebee redeco has surfaced? TFW2005.com is reporting that these images were found on ACtoys.

My first instinct was to call this a Botcon toy, but there is no G2 symbol on it. Also, there is chrome on the shins, just like the Henkei Bumblebee. This guy is also SCREAMING knock-off, but something is tugging me towards it being official…

Perhaps it is the fact that the original version of Bumblebee in Microchange came in a beautiful creamy blue, just like this specimen. If you check out this glorious article from TF-1, you will see a little bit about the history of this amazing little blue bee.

Blue Microchange Bumblebee

The rarest of the rare, Blue Microchange Pre-TF Bumblebee! - Photo from TF-1.com

Mysterious Blue Classics Bumblebee

He's all grown up now!

This kind of sparks my interest because what if TakaraTomy is planning some sort of retro-PRE-TF homage line? That would be amazing because as it turns out, Botcon chose not to do a commemorative line for their next boxset. Also, with Diaclone being originally launched in 1980, this would be the 30th anniversary of the toyline… We all know how those Japanese love their anniversary toys!!!

Mysterious Blue Classics Bumblebee in vehicle mode

Looking true even in blue!

Video Reviews

Henkei Dark Skyfire video review

A wild Dark Knight appears! Check out one of the best classics molds turned into one of the best G1 throwbacks in the past few years!


Transformers Henkei Dark Jetfire

Transformers Henkei Dark Decepticon Jetfire

Jetfire just completed his audition for Passenger 57 part 2 - Always Bet on Black

And the next review coming down the pipes is…

This figure is just what we always wanted: Jetfire in his Decepticon visage!


Coronation Starscream add-on kit for your Henkei or Classics figure.

Transformers Classics Starscream with Add-on Kit from Megavolt Robot Factory

Phew, after a far too long hiatus, the next video review for TFsource is almost here! This time we get an early-bird look at the upcoming Deluxe Starscream Coronation add-on kit from Megavolt Robot Factory. This thing is a lot more than meets the eye! Kit-bashers and customizers can rejoice for this new type of add-on kit.