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Closer look at Brownnoize Productions Unicron Throne of Chaos

Brownnoize Productions new unicron stand for planet mode

Out with the old, in with the new!

Well the work day is over and I finally got a chance to snap some pics of my fully assembled Unicron Thrones of Chaos! I am so happy with these! The assembly is super quick (there are only 2 steps and no tools are required) and the toys fit in their holster, PERFECTLY!

Armada Unicron in Brownnoize Productions Throne of Chaos

Time for NOM NOM NOM!!

The one big let down so far is, as I feared, it’s height. The planet atop the stand is too tall to fit in any of the compartments of an Ikea Detolf shelving unit. This is the most common shelving unit for toy display in the USA and probably abroad as well. However, there is a fix coming. All you have to do is add an extra half-inch to the resting areas on the support bars underneathe any of the glass shelves. I’ll figure out a way and explain later. For now, enjoy the pics!

Unicron with stand cannot fit in an Ikea Detolf shelf

Your displaying posture is highly dubious!


One year of Collecticon – My new Transformers display

The new 2011 Collecticon toy display

I don't think I'll have much difficulty filling the empty spaces

I thought I ought to take a second to post today because it marks the one year anniversary of my starting this blog. The big picture still has yet to reveal itself but I am happy that I successfully kept up the blog for an entire year.

I also wanted to share my plans for my new Transformers collection display. I haven’t re-organized since the flood back in July and I am finally going to get the toys back in their place this weekend. It’s funny how I started this with just 2 ikea shelves… and now I have 9. I’ve been imposing restrictions on my collection forever, but still I end up with this many plastic figures??! I also wanted to highlight that we’ve made it to TFsource video review #20, Primus!

So if you have any thoughts on my character-based collection display, I’m all ears!  Thanks for sticking with me all year I hope we can make it through all over again in 2011!


Transformers collection vs. basement flood

Collecticon Transformer collection after the basement flooded

A temporary display featuring my cased figures and other random gems

I have finally found a free second to disclose a sad story to all my fellow Collecticons – this past weekend my basement was victim of sewer back-up and a giant flood in my basement due to a 12-hour torrential downpour that affected the entire Chicago-land area. Anyone that knows me in town is aware that I have done a lot of work to my basement and taken multiple precautions for a situation like this but at some point, the water will always win. Luckily for me, my plastic crack appears to be blessed and it has survived completely unscathed by the treacherous waves. The bulk of my collection is housed within 6 Detolf Ikea cabinets. The water reached the cabinets, but did not breach the 1-inch tall baseboard.

The real pain in the ass came in the form of having to quickly re-locate the figures so we could begin the long clean-up. Over the past 6 years of living in my Chicago condo, my collection has ballooned to what currently feels like 400+ loose figures. I don’t necessarily think that quantity is a major factor in collecting, especially now that I’ve had to begrudgingly move all of them to the upstairs and other various locations. I am seriously considering selling big groups of my collection. I could always cut it down to ONLY Starscreams, which are the corner stone of my collection. It’s just so hard to get rid of figures I feel like I’ve worked so hard to acquire…

So for now, most of my figures have been carefully placed in cardboard boxes which are artfully hidden behind my upstairs couch. The display shown above consists of some of my masterpiece figures and those that I had in beanie baby cases that I’ve bought one by one from The Container Store.  I love those little cases because they fit a lot of G1 figures and deluxe class figures perfectly. I took a poorly lit photograph of the current state of the collection and I’ll do my best to give little updates on the flood aftermath as the months go by.

***BONUS! Video of me trying to return to Chicago amidst the Elmhurt flooding area