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Fansproject Insecticon prototype gallery on TFsource.com facebook – pretty

Fansproject Insecticon figures with G1 versions

Old and new

It was over a month or two ago that TFsource.com sent me the prototypes of the Fansproject Insecticons first seen at Botcon. Me being the busy body I am took all the photos for the next TFsource Review but alas, it just never came to be. So the photos were recently posted to the TFsource Facebook and I recommend checking them out!

These were prototype versions of the toys and very flimsy, hard to transform, and over-all frustrating. The review wouldn’t have been a very positive one and it wouldn’t have been fair to the final versions of the figures. So for now, check them out on Facebook and enjoy as they head to your mailbox.

Fansproject bug bots insecticon insects



RIPT Apparel Bad Bugs Insecticon shirt has arrived!

Cool graphic tees

These bugs are bad!

My Bad Bugs shirt just arrived from RIPT Apparel! The printing is great and I can’t wait to wear these buggaboos to Botcon 2011!  I love how cool these graphic tees are from RIPT, and only $10!  Did anyone else get theirs?


Real Life Insecticons at RIPT Apparel today

Bad Bugs graphic tee at RIPT Apparel

A little heavy on the electrons, ELECTRONS!

Today RIPT Apparel is offering another awesome graphic tee for 24-hours. This time it’s a real life interpretation of the Insecticons! Killer! The tees are only $10 so fork over some energon cubes and GET SOME!


Bad Bugs coming your way soon…

Insecticons as bugs in graphic t-shirt

Making your skin crawl one creepy crawly at a time

This shirt design was too cool not to share. Expect to see it at RIPT Apparel as a graphic tee soon enough!