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Transformers Chronicles Megatron – sorry that you didn’t pre-order this!

Transformers Dark of the Moon Chronicles Megatron

Somewhat screen-accurate!

Sometimes you just know. This was one of those times. As could be seen by previous blog posts, this Colleticon was taking quite an interest in the Chronicles sets. Looks like my patience paid off. Hello $50-more-valuable Japanese gift sets, how are you?

Transformers Chronicles chrome Megatron

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful


Dai Atlas & Goldbug – death of the Alternity line

Alternity dai atlas from Optimus Prime


It had been fortold that a few new Alternity figures were coming out before the end of the year, namely Dai Atlas and Goldbug. We had an idea of which mold these figures might assume, but the result revealed today by Robotkingdom has dropped some jaws — in a bad way.

Dai Atlus is made of the Optimus mold and boasts no remolds to speak of (although the solicitations from Robot Kingdomg clearly say “different head cast”). This is a pretty strange decision and one for only hardcore Japanese Transformers fans. I mean, come on, Zone only had one episode…

At least the Goldbug repaint is about what one might have expected, although it is the bare minimum. The lack of new head sculpts is definitely disappointing, but don’t overlook these figures to become very hard to find later down the road. With only four molds to choose from, there really wasn’t a ton for TakaraTomy to work with. Can we still expect a Megatron or Starscream redeco? Sunstorm? Megaplex? Someone ever WEIRDER?  Oh yeah, Galvatron and Banzai-Tron.  Whoops…

Alternity Goldbug from Bumblebee

At least it's close, right?


TakaraTomy Animated Black Rodimus hits US shores

Black Animated Rodimus

Who does this guy think he is, a Botcon 2011 exclusive or what?

Well looky what showed up at work today – the TakaraTomy Black Rodimus toy!  He is pretty snazzy, I wish I had him in time for my Fansproject Shadow Scythe review, but we just can’t have it all I guess.

Somehow I ended up with two, whoops!

TakaraTomy Black Animated Rodimus toy

Transformers are best served in twos.


TakaraTomy steps it up – Transformers United Stepper exclusive WITH targetmaster!

Transformers United Stepper

Looks like we got another slick repaint coming our way courtesy of Million Publishing and their lovely Transformers Generations books. We are getting the only proper redeco of the incredibly successful Generations Jazz mold. To top it all off, this dude is coming with his own Targetmaster! Yowza! This one’s gonna be hot.


TakaraTomy Animated haul reveal

TakaraTomy Animated toys haul

It's... it's beautiful!

Thanks Smooth!


Thoughts on 3rd party toys – TakaraTomy says “no more!” in Japan

TakaraTomy says no to 3rd party Transformer toys

No means no, and yes means no

A startling announcement was made the other day by Japanese toy retailer Red Mercury when they cancelled a plethora of 3rd party Transformer toy orders.  Although I cannot find any information online even indicating the existence of said seller, I do not doubt the validity of the statement.

The 3rd Party Transformers toy market has ballooned in the past few years.  New “companies” appear to develop over night including manufacturers like CrazyDevy, iGear, and the leader of the pack, Fansproject.  The products these companies offer span the gamut from add-on accessories to official Transformer toys to fully transforming standalone figures.

Some fans claim that these companies fill the gaps left by Hasbro and TakaraTomy, citing a lack of figures they want and apparently deserve.  This of course assumes that customers of Hasbro and TarakTomy deserve to get what they want in any fashion.  The unfortunate thing is that the particular customer base for the 3rd party figures is speckled with selfish greedy middle-agers – a demographic that the major toy companies have again and again reminded the world they need not worry about.

igear Kup cygar 3rd party toy for generations

Cool as hell, but illegal!

It goes without saying that these add-ons and replicas of Transformers properties are in violation of copyright law and intellectual property law.   A blind eye has been turned for many years, with the potential gains from stopping production or creating a lawsuit being outweighed by the costs of protecting their properties.

I for one applaud TakaraTomy’s initial stance.  I hope it is the first in a long line of crack downs.  iGear has repeatedly pushed the limit with figures like down-sized Masterpiece molds and Masterpiece coneheads.  It takes more than a non-descript name of the character to save yourself from being an out and out fraud.

Why should TakaraTomy care if there is a ‘gaping hole’ left by not creating a masterpiece Dirge?  It is up to them to decide what gets made in the official Transformers line and if you don’t like, become a customizer.  Mass-producing figures outside of the realm of official production is beyond wrong.  I’m looking at you KOtoys.  Sure, you can still do whatever you want, but when the hammer comes down I hope it’s shiesty thieves like you that’re nailed to the cross first.

I had often wondered why the toy companies don’t attack the resellers that provide an easy outlet for these black market toys, namely TFsource, BigBadToyStore, and various other smaller shops along the way.  Sure, these shops help Hasbro and Takara sell off some of their stock, but compared to the big box stores, the novelty toy store market is a drop in the bucket.  Apparently someone poked the bear and now it’s awake.  I have been waiting for this day, and await to see how the dust settles.  Let’s ask some good questions at Botcon 2011 this year!

igear Diaclone Masterpiece Convoy

It's gonna be a blue Christmas for you, buddy!


Japanese Dino cassettes being knocked off – the end of collecting Transformers?

Japanese Dino-cassettes being knocked off

Say it ain't so Charlie, say it ain't so...

I guess what they say is true: Nothing is sacred.

Thanks collecting, it was fun while it lasted! I’m out!


Metroplex takes a walk – causes 8.9 Earthquake in Japan

Woke up today to hear that a giant earthquake hit off the coast of Japan and has caused a disasterous tsunami that is currently sweeping the Japanese coast.  The footage from this is remarkable, but the results will be horrible.  Our good friend and fellow collector Professor Smooth is safe and sound, but has relayed a few important facts since the disaster began.

Japan is in a permanent state of earthquake readiness. That’s why (so far) the death toll is at 32, rather than 100,000 plus (the Haiti and Indonesia quakes were smaller than Japan’s).

Smooth also says this is being reported as the fifth most powerful quake to ever be recorded in modern history.  WOW!  To think I’ve gone through most of my life without hearing or having any idea what kind of destruction a wave could have, now it seems almost common place.  At least now the United States can quit satiating Charlie Sheen and care about something beyond themselves for a few days.

Metroplex tearing up the countryside

Didn't Prime tell you to stop doing jumping jacks while on Earth!??!?!

I recently got in touch with Smooth and apparently things are getting worse every minute:

It’s unbelievable. I can’t overstate how insane this is. There are oil refineries that that are just acres of fire. A miles-wide wave of cars and buildings and fire and death has obliterated at least one town. Tens of thousands of people are stranded in Tokyo.

So for now, we must pray, wait, and hope…


Amazon.co.jp has a sale – Mountains of TakaraTomy Animated

TakaraTomy Animated Transformer toys on sale

While Chicago is in a whiteout, Japan is in a definite BLACK OUT!

Circle the globe and you will be in a little old place called Japan. Apparently, it’s time to clean house at their Amazon website and almost every Transformer toy across the board was drastically reduced. Can you say TakaraTomy Animated Leaders (regularly $80 + shipping) for $22? Ummm yes please! This photo is not of all my toys but it is a sight to behold. I have a few choice items in this bundle, but even with the shipping, I will be making out like a bandit. Come to me Shiny Black Soundblaster!!!


Infestation Nation – The Autobots dance Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Autobots dance Michael Jackon's Triller

And not a single 'f' was given that day

I have to share one of the funnest and well-animated videos I’ve seen in a long time, especially as it relates to Transformers. Someone in Japan apparently decided to successfully mimic Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with a team of elite Autobots bustin’ a move. It is seriously awesome and made my otherwise crappy week. See the video below, it’s even in HD! (Link to video)

Here are the credits from the video.  Of note is the “Alan Smithy” name, which is a common surname for people that want to be disassociated with a film or video project!  Too bad, because this is an awesome production!  I can’t even imagine why someone would not want full credit for this.

Autobots dance michael Jackson's Thriller credits

Credits as seen in the video

Some details about the video:

  • IDW’s Transformers universe is present with Drift and Perceptor’s eye-piece
  • Ultra Magnus is beside himself!  Armored and an unarmored version are present
  • Rodimus is in the lead of the dance, with Optimus as just a back-up dancer!
  • Armada Seekers and G1 seekers appear in the video

So yeah, check it out, it’s worth a watch and it currently has less than 1000 views…  FIRST!

Transformers Autobots dance the Thriller on youtube

This will be 1,000,000+ views by the end of January