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Henkei Knock-offs not as pristine as believed – KO Skywarp compared to original

Henkei Skywarp compared to it's latest knock off

A variety of differences, although minute, exist between the original and KO.

Reports are coming in that the knock-off Henkei Seekers are anything but perfect replicas of their original namesakes. Thanks to an industrious post by a user at ACtoys, we have some images of the differences between two versions of this mold.

Although the thread is in Chinese, the pictures do reveal some telling differences:

  • Alternate rotation of hexagonal peg holes on the inner legs
  • Molding differences in various places such as the inner legs, the interior sides of the stomach area, and the tailfins.
  • The nosecone hangs from a higher point in robot mode on the KO than the original.
  • Rear thrusters appear to have a different paint app treatment

There are probably other differences as well.  It’s incredibly difficult to know the plastic quality from photos on the net so we’ll have to wait for some reviews.  See all the photos by visiting the post at ACtoys.


First ever Knock-off Diaclone version G1 Transformer – Diaclone Swoop “reissue” hits the market

Knock off Diaclone Swoop in G1 box

Me Swoop no see nothing

And that’s all folks.  The knock-off train has officially left the station.  We are now seeing knock offs of toys that never existed, namely a Transformers-branded Diaclone Swoop (now on ebay!).  This is a figure that has reach upwards of $700 to attain due to the unique molds and paint-scheme akin to our beloved Generation 1 cartoon version of the dinobot Swoop.  I would assume that this “limited to 500” Diaclone version in fabricated Generation 1 box is made by the same group that put out the first wave of G1 Dinobot reissues.  At least said-group appears to be getting smarter.  Although it would be cool to get a sharp-beaked blue-chested G1 swoop, I am forced to solemnly ask “Is nothing sacred?”

Heed my warning super collectors – The dawning of Blue Bluestreak is upon us.  Sell your original while you still can!!!!

This really makes me kind of want to give up the whole collecting game.  For all those that sneer at Hasbro for “neglecting the collectors,” this is for once a glaring instance of that happening.  With the lack of a firm stance or case against those churning out these “reissues,” the collector market is suffering severely.  Good luck to any that are able to secure one of these supposedly “high quality reissues.”  Bah-humbug.

Check out this video reviewing the item in question by Youtube User thecollector75:


iGear announces more mini Masterpiece Convoys – Magnus and Shattered Glass

iGear Mini MP Ultra Magnus and Shattered Glass Convoy

Taste the ever-growing rainbow

Someone needs to stop the people at iGear.

iGear mini Masterpiece MP Gold Silver Conovy

Even knock-offs can bling bling bling!


iGear's clear mini masterpiece Convoy

I make no sense

If anyone is willing to spend $1000 to collect all of these knock-offs, then I think it may be time for this Collecticon to throw in the energon towel.

igear mini Masterpiece Optimus Prime Convoy

The original flavors - classic as can be!


Kold Klear Seeker mold coming from the world of KO Toys

Kold Klear Seeker mold

KOtoys.com has raised the ante with a new line of their unashamedly knock-off toys

It looks like KOtoys is still up to ‘no good’ with this new completely clear version of the classics seeker mold.  I am really excited to get ahold of these unique knock-offs and I hope the quality is as good as I am expecting.  So far, nothing Kold has gotten out into the wild but it should all happen soon enough. Check out the gold version of the seeker posted early.

Blog Featured Ebay Auctions

G1 prototype Starscream on Ebay – not a prototype at all

Generation 1 TFC 9 Starscream prototype from Heerotoymaker

A beautiful site, but just what are we looking at?

Check out this auction by Heero Toy Maker.

The auction is listed as “G1 Starscream prototype near perfect complete.”  So what does that actually mean?  Well from the looks of the photos, we are talking about a prototype from 2003’s Transformers Collection #9 Starscream.  And as you can see in the photograph below… I already have this prototype.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream with recast mold

Something tells me these aren't original prototypes worth $500...

So just what is going on here?  Let’s talk a little bit about Heero Toy Maker first…  He is known for making very awesome recasts of the WST Optimus Prime and Seeker molds.  His WST seekers differ from the official originals in a few ways: the wail fins are two separate pieces, and the weapons are of the null-ray shape instead of the missile shape.  Overall, these unofficial unlicensed toys actually excel when compared to the official originals.  Heero knows how to mass produce figures, and do it extremely well.

So when he first put one of these almost glow-in-the-dark looking G1 Starscreams on Ebay, I went nuts and made him an offer to buy it right now.  Of course, by doing this, I set the price for this figure.  This was almost one year ago, and I thought that if this really is a prototype, it must be for some sort of Encore version of TFC 9 Starscream with the Megatron gun.  I have been patiently waiting for this reissue ever since, and it has failed to appear.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream with prototype from Heero

Starscream is joining Jay-Z and his next White Party

About the only conclusion I can come up with is that the industrious Mr. Heero has decided to change gears and try mass producing his own full-sized G1 seeker molds now. What he is actually selling are his own personal ‘prototypes’ of these completely unlicensed figures, not original official factory samples.  Can I confirm this? No, but the writing is on the wall.  I also do not pass judgment as to whether this practice is OK or not, that is up to you.  I only wish to inform anyone thinking of buying this to make sure they know what they are buying, and also realize that yes, I already have it so you do not have a one-of-a-kind toy. Sorry Charlie.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream copyright stamp

The copyright stamp is even in tact. I give up.


Gold Classics Starscream parade

Gold KO Classics Starscreams

Aye, me' lucky charms!

Just in case no one happened to see this fabulous display of the second upcoming KOLD release from kotoys.com

I’m off to the Transformers 3 casting call, smell ya later!

Featured Ebay Auctions

Revoltech Skywarp?

Revoltech Skywarp found on Ebay

100% haha! Famous last words, yet still intriguing...

During my daily stroll down Ebay Street, I found a rather peculiar auction image for TRANSFORMER REVOLTECH STARSCREAM GENUINE FIGURE AP746 that caught my attention.  That’s a Revoltech Starscream box, and a Revoltech Starscream mold, but those are not Revoltech Starscream COLORS.  Black and purple only belong to one Decepticon bruiser and we all know him well, our good buddy Skywarp.

The picture in this auction is a little hard to decipher since the collage was obviously created in Photoshop, but it’s difficult to tell whether the colors are legit or treated.  I seem to recall hearing murmours of Revoltech seeker repaints, but my memory is not serving me at this time.  For now you can check out the auctions here and decide for yourself whether this is a bootleg or the real thing.


More KOLD figures on the way?

Knock-off Bootelg Generation 1 Gold Metroplex

We've finally found it, the lost city of gold!!

I came across this image today. This should strike fear and loathing in the bottom of your soul, or else it ought to make you giggle with glee.

This image comes right off the trail of KOtoys.com’s announcement that they will be releasing a run of what they are calling KOLD Optimus Primes (KOLD standing for Knock-Off Lucky Draw).  These are meant to give the average collector the chance of  attaining the essentially unattainable, or at least something close.  The makers of this line of bootleg were courtious enough to make some obvious changes including the removal of the copyright stamp, different sized autobot symbols, and different colors of plastic compared to the $1000 originals.

So what is going on here?  Well that depends on which side of the fence you are on.  If you’ve spent $1000’s on getting legitimate Lucky Draw figures, you might be a bit peeved.  Your exclusivity is gone!  The corner stone of your collection is now readily available to anyone.  This is not necessarily true, since as stated above, there are descernable differences from the real thing.  Is your toy still worth over $1000?  Possibly not though, because even reissues of old toys bring down the value of the originals.  Look at Stepper for instance…

It’s currently unknown by this blogger who made the gold chrome G1 Metroplex, but it is most likely only the first of many to come.  Who wouldn’t want their own city of gold?

KOLD gold chrome classics Optimus Prime

"Hate plague? Haters be hatin'"