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iGear Kup01-Kup Head Kit having some issues, but looks cool!

igear Kup same head in box no cygar

Two heads are better than one?

The new iGear Kup head is making its way overseas into the hands of American collectors as we speak.  My good friend MarshallDusty just received his but to his dismay, he apparently received two of the same head, only one sans cygar.  Bumms.

This is the risky of minimal quality-control products that come from smaller manufacturers, otherwise known as the murky realm of 3rd party toys.  The presentation of this particular set is quite nice, with a collector box, foam insert, and even a supplied screwdriver to remove the old head!  However, not getting what you initally paid for is always a strike on an otherwise pretty good record.  Let’s hope this is just a one-time production error, but according to additional posts on TFW, things are not looking so good…


The TakaraTomy version even looks nice with this new head.

Overall, all problems overlooked, the head seems to make a massive difference on the quality of the Kup figure and persona.  The results have been incredible!  These are the types of 3rd party accessories that make me smile.  There are still some available from iGear.


Two Girls One Kup

Two girls one kup


Photo by Deceptigtar


Transformers United Kup – not such a shitpiece

Transformers United Kup

"You left a piece out!"

Here is one of the last big reveals for 2010 – the awesome all-new mold for Generations / United Kup!  Looking good!

Transformers United Kup truck mode

"Most days I feel like a piece a'...."

Transformers Botcon 2009 Kup

Whoa, hey! Look who just became worth something!