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Lucky Draw Green Unicron of Light gallery

Transformers Micron Legend Green Unicron of Light

Colored Green because he just reeks of the cash it costs to get him!

Seibertron.com did not disappoint today with the revealed Mystery Gallery which turned out to be Lucky Draw Micron Legend Green Unicron of Light!  This is definitely a unique and rare piece and this gallery will most likely be the only place most will ever see him.

Some Collecticons may remember that Rikkomba was attempting to sell his on Ebay earlier this year.  That particular auction did not end with a buyer, but the initial price tag was £2,499.00.  So when will the next Green Unicron trade hands and how much will it cost?  Like usual, my mantra is “Only time will tell.”

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Lucky Draw Black Micron Legend Megatron sells for 1000 yen

Lucky Draw Micron Legend Black Megatron on Rinkya

So fresh and so green, green.

An exceptionally fun and rare piece traded hands recently on Yahoo Japan. The Lucky Draw Black Micron Legend Megatron was sold this week for 100,000 Japanese Yen. Congrats to the lucky winner and the seller!

With almost 50 bids, there was definitely some heat on this auction.  Just what will we find next?

Featured Ebay Auctions

Lucky Draw Micron Legend Green Unicron up on Ebay

Micron Legend Green Unicron 1 of 10

"Luck of the Irish" Unicron - It only costs ye' a pot o' gold!

An acquaintance of mine has posted one of the rarest Transformers figures “out there” to Ebay recently.  It is the Lucky Draw Micron Legends Green Unicron.  This figure has the distinction of being one of the largest lucky draw figures ever.  It also has a solid reference to the show – the moment when all the minicons formed into a doppleganger Green Unicron to fend off the real menace from Cybertron.

Rikkomba is a major minicon collector and purchased this figure mostly for the Minicon!!!  Yes, we all have our reasons.  Unfortunately, it’s time to him to pass the torch and at a starting bid of £2,499.00, Green Unicron won’t be going cheap.  Still, this is a far cry from the $5,000 USD this figure originally demanded over five years ago. This figure is supposedly one of only 10 made, but I hardly ever believe those counts.

Check out the auction here and enjoy!