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More MPM-3 Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee comparison images


This thing is definitely growing on me, and I’m getting excited for Movie Transformers again!  Way to go Hasbro!

I am a little miffed why this is labeled MPM-3 when Hasbro never released anything under the movie masterpiece line… just a strange slight of hand there.  The MPM (masterpiece Movie) toyline only ever had two entries in its catalogue, MPM-1 Starscream, also known as Leader Starscream in the Hunt For The Decepticons Line, and MPM-2 Bumblebee, which was a repaint of Battle Ops Bumblebee.


I have no idea where these images are from, but how did they get ahold of new photos of an unreleased MP figure!?

Later figures you might expect in a line called Masterpiece Movie were under Hasbro Asia only. So whatever guys, do what you want, just give us these awesome re-imagined figures!MPM3-masterpiece-movie-bumblebee-comparison-vehicle-car


Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee – yes I’m insane

Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee from TakaraTomy

He's covered in peanuts!

After much debating and prodding, a fellow collector convinced me it was finally time to purchase a MISB MMP02 Bumblebee.  I went with Ages Three and Up, which had the best price at the time.  I just received it and it’s in great shape and I would buy from them again.  Can’t wait to see you all at Botconnnn!