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New Optimus Prime revealed from the set of Transformers 4 – Flame overload


The flames, they burn! They burn my eyes!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I guess Bay is just trolling us now because this new Optimus Prime has about 5 times the flames on it of the last one.  The photograph is cool and it’s nice to see that things are ‘rolling along’ on the set of Transformers 4.

I just get the feeling that this design is so over the top, that this installment of the franchise will be similar to how “Batman Forever” felt after the first two gritty Batman films by Tim Burton.

If you include the other two car designs, there is a whole lotta crazy color going on.  Perhaps this time you can get it right and make the Decepticons more than just gray pieces of crap on screen?

Good luck Transformers, good fucking luck.  We’ll remember you how you were, and not how you became.


The current rumor is this is bot named Slingshot. Might as well be, sheesh.

Transformers 4 Drift veyron

Yay, let’s just keep getting more expensive vehicles to break. Maybe next episode we’ll get a McLaren F1! Catch my “Drift?”


Transformers Ani-con 2008 Hong Kong Autobot & Decepticon box sets – TFTM holy grail

Transformers hong kong decepticon giftset

My precious!!!!!

Last year I was on a wild goose chase through the annals of TFW trying to hunt down a very rare and obscure set of boxsets from China – The Transformers Movie Ani-con 2008 Autobot and Decepticon Premium boxset. These were a very short release and each boxset featured a nice spread of figures from the first Transformers Movie. Most of the figures inside were premium versions of the Hasbro releases including Leader Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, and the standard Ratchet release. The Decepticons included all premium versions of Megatron, Starscream, Blackout, Barricade, and the regular release of Brawl. None of the figures in these sets were extremely notable, it was instead the uniqueness of the packaging which drew my eye.

Transformers Hong Kong Movie 1 giftsets

Cool foil-stamped and embossed packages

I found someone on the TFW2005 boards offering to sell the Decepticon set and I freaked out. It was one of those situations where no one immediately knew what the set was and if I swooped in quick enough, I may snag these gems at a lower-than-expected price point. My ambition got the better of me though after I struck a deal and swiftly paid the seller via Paypal gift, never to receive the packages.

Transformers Movie boxset packaging

They are beautiful as a set!

Long story short, I got screwed out of a good chunk of money, one of my worst losses in Transformers collecting history. Moral of that story? Be more cautious when you find very rare items you think may never find again – there’s always another chance.

My second chance came as a complete surprise when my good friend Deceptigtar surprised me out of the blue with a brand spankin’ new Autobot boxset!!

Transformers Autobot Giftset from Movie 1

Best friend ever!!!!!!!!

One of the more notable things about this set is the nicely embossed outer shell and the gift certificate featuring artwork by none other than PAT LEE?? Yes, post Dreamwave, Pat Lee was comissioned for some artwork specifically for this certificate of authenticity. What’s also strange is that it features the OLD head of Movie Megatron. A bizarre sight indeed.

Transformers Movie giftset certificate of authenticity drawn by Pat Lee

All kinds of crazy

Although Deceptigtar wrangled in both of the boxsets, he is of course keeping the Decepticon one. This just means that I shall live to fight another day and continue my search for the Decepticon version. That item is literally the last piece of my Movie 1 collection I need before I have it all, barring Lucky Draws. Trust me, that shit takes up a LOT of space…

Transformers decepticon movie boxset interior

Decepticons forever!


Tyrese visits Botcon 2011’s Transformers Hall of Fame event

Deceptigtar snaps the only fan photo of Tyrese at Botcon 2011

Running to the front of the theatre as the lights turn on: Priceless

Botcon 2011 – It just doesn’t get any better than this. Photo by Diablien.


Transformers Dark of the Moon Trailer – Shockwave levels Chicago and more madness

Transformers Dark of the Moon Chicago destroyed

The previously windy city

The trailer for Transformers Dark of The Moon has finally hit the net! The music is awesome! The sound is awesome! The story is indiscernible! Starscream might be dead! Shockwave might be a clone! Decepticons on the moon!?


Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon

The death of Starscream? AT THE HANDS OF SAM?

Dark of the Moon octopus destroys building

Are they going to call this thing Trypticon?

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime and Silverbolt ship

Silverbolt, is that you?

Transformers Dark of the Moon Wheeljack and autobots

Wheeljack sighting on the left!

transformers 3 dark of the moon shockwave in Washington D.C.

Shockwave tries out for the long jump in the Cybertron olympics


Botcon 2011 Hall of Fame Ceremony – 20 minutes of Dark of the Moon footage?

Transformers Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime in destroyed Chicago

Chicago - it was a hell of a town!

Check out this article recently posted prepping press for Transformers Dark of the Moon on Coming Soon.

In the article it’s stated by the Coming Soon staff…

Bay is hesitant to call the film “bigger,” but everything we witnessed moments later in the Paramount theater screams “huge” (although we do understand what Bay meant story-wise). Of the nearly 20 minutes of footage shown to us (with an extra five shown in 3D), it’s clear Bay is taking the series to new heights in every respect.

So apparently there is already a nice packaged set of clips being pimped to the press.  I would be one to guess that this 20 minutes of footage is what we can expect to see at Botcon 2011’s Hall of Fame Ceremony which costs a whopping $50 extra to the already expensive trip.  So is this bit of footage going to be enough to whet your appetites?  Considering I saw the first whole movie at Botcon 2007 for about $20 extra, I am calling a bit of foul, but whatever.  They can screw us again and again and we’ll all keep coming to the convention.  Sucks to be addicted to plastic crack, don’t it?

Series of three – Guessing the Botcon 2011 giftset theme

Botcon 2011 theme in Transformers series of 3

Spin the wheel, see what we get!

From the official Botcon twitter yesterday:

Just realized SO many stories and/or TF continuities (as a whole) were told in installments/seasons of 3… Well, get ready for Season 3.5!

So this could mean a few different things and probably debunks both of my theories of a Car Robots / Robots In Disguise theme or a straight Beast Wars Set. It is true that many Transformers series came in “seasons of three.”

  • Transformers Generation 1 – 3 seasons (let’s just say the 3 episodes of “season 4” do not apply here)
  • Beast Wars – 3 seasons
  • Unicron Trilogy – Armada, Cybertron, and Energon all consist of their own season and a continuation of the same story with relatively the same characters
  • Animated – 3 seasons and a ill-fated fourth season
  • Transformers films – 3 movies = 3 seasons

My estimation is that we’ll get a mixed set of new characters from each different TF universe.  It would be nice to see some more classic-ized Unicron Trilogy toys much like the Hot Shot figure but I am not holding my breath.  Apparently we will know the truth as soon as the Collector Club Magazine starts hitting mailboxes around the country.


Transformers 3 Megatron questions – why the cape?

Megatron with cape in Transformers Dark of The Moon

Gypsies, tramps and thieves, could TF3 Megatron be one of these?

This Collecticon just can’t resist a chance to make something out of nothing so here goes my reaction to the recently posted revelation of Megatron’s alt-mode in Transformers 3.

First off, Megatron’s toy looks super cool.  We have never before seen a flowing substance like fabric make its way into our plastic universe.  Animal hair and flesh, sure, but a frozen-in-motion fabric tarp?  Impressive and innovative to say the least.  The dual-use of this piece as a cargo shelter in alt-mode, but hooded cape in robot mode really breathes some life back into the movieverse, let alone its toys.

Evangelion Unit 02 with cloack Megatron head

I think Asuka might be in for a surprise

The robot mode for Megatron finally gives us a properly proportioned silhouette for this megalomaniac of a robot.  For once, I am not left feeling like I’m staring at a giant man-made ball of tinfoil.  However, I am also geting ‘vagrant’ vibes from this toy.

My assumption is that Megatron has been hiding out.  After his defeat to Optimus Prime, Megatron is taking Starscream’s cue and laying low.  Perhaps a point-blank shot to the jaw knocked some of the arrogance out of Mighty Megatron – not likely, but plausible.  This could be a Megatron we have never seen before:  An outcast on the run from the long arm of Optimus Prime’s and his Autobots’ law.

Another possibility is that if Megatron has been hiding out, we may see the Madmax truck lurking around other Autobot goings-on throughout the film until the big reveal at the end and “Surprise kids, it’s been MEGATRON the whole time!”  This may also be a chance for Megatron to achieve redemption against his fellow transformer.  Being a truck puts Megatron one step closer to following in his “brother” Optimus’s footsteps.  A team-up perhaps to defeat the omnipotent Shockwave or… Unicron?

Whatever happens, we are likely to see some awesome robot romps throughout my residing home Chicago.  I can’t wait to see what havoc can be rained down upon Michigan Avenue.  Till all are gone.


First Draft Sctipt of 1986 Animated Transformers Movie – The Summary part 1

Transformers: The Movie first draft script by Ron Friedman

This could transform history!

A draft of the Transformers Animated movie script by Ron Friedman has been making the rounds recently.  It has been scanned and placed page by page into a pdf file for all to see.  The script is long, clocking in at around 180 pages, not everyone is going to have the dedication to read the whole thing (myself included!) Download the script yourself from the Disciples of Boltax blog.

There have been some incredible revelations about the plot after reading this script.  A lot of the gaping holes in the story are filled in by this initial script such as the fate of Blaster, the significance of the Decepticon coronation ceremony location, and the first premature indication that the Transformers had something called “sparks.”

So to start off, the wonder Air Hammer from Bottalk has allowed me to share his incredible outlined summary of the original script, which is far more digestible than reading the entry yourself.  Here ’tis, part one of Air Hammer’s TFTM First draft script summary.

* Unicron is an actual planet, with an atmosphere, plants, etc… No planet eating at the beginning.

* Cybertron has 5 moons, not 2. The Autobots have set up a munitions base on the third moon, and are preparing a shuttle filled with weapons, not energon.

* The Decepticons are actually seen watching as the shuttle leaves then fly off after it. Laserbeak doesn’t spy on the Autobots.

* Daniel has a bike and not a jet board.

* There are two different versions of the shuttle attack in this draft.

-First one Megatron blasts the side of the shuttle in gun mode. He enters while the Insecticons make the hole bigger. Megatron destroys Brawn splitting him in half. Scavenger melts Prowl. Then Megatron and Kickback pretty much annihilate Ironhide and Ratchet with their parts splattering across the walls.

-Second version Megatron crashes through a window as the shuttle is entering Earth’s atmosphere. He destroys Ironhide. The Insecticons then tear through the side of the ship. Constructicons enter the shuttle. Prowl is destroyed by Scavenger. Ratchet not present.

In both it seems that the Insecticons eat the shuttle as they enter above Autobot air space. Hotrod doesn’t fire on the shuttle.

* Hotrod and Daniel are attacked by Constructicons before Blitzwing shows up.

* The city battle is radically different. Some elements the same but many changes. The initial gathering of the Autobots is the same, except Blurr is not present. Ultra Magnus shouts out for the city to transform rather than Springer and Arcee doing it manually. Hotrod and Kup still enter the city the same way. They confront Ultra Magnus before going to battle stations. UM talks with Wheeljack and they release the Ani-bots! Simba, a lion. Pardo, a leopard. Shriek, an eagle. Thump, a buffalo, and Clump, a rhino. They attack the Constructicons. Blaster fires on Insecticons from the crows nest. Blaster’s cassettes consist of Cubbie the lion, Stripes the tiger, Stinger the scorpion, and Bolts (who I’d assume looks similar to Eject and Rewind). Powerglide and Warpath attack Blitzwing. As the Decepticons rip and tear at the walls, Bluestreak, Hound and Sunstreaker use laser blades to cut off the Con’s legs. When Devastator starts his assault, Wheeljack has the Ani-bots merge into Dragon Beast, and the combiners brawl.

* There’s dialog between Optimus, Jazz, Cliffjumper, Bumblebee and Grimlock prior to them lifting off for Earth. No Spike. The Dinobots don’t want to go but Bumblebee persuades Grimlock by saying his great intelligence is needed to make a battle plan. Jazz and CJ are left to watch the base while the others leave.

* Astrotrain was left behind and he attacks Optimus’ shuttle. As they approach Earth the Dinobots get out and blast Astrotrain away. Then they help guide the battered shuttle through the atmosphere so Optimus can land, and finally go help Dragon Beast tackle Devastator. They rip Devy apart and bash the seekers around.

* Both factions stop to watch the battle between Optimus and Megatron. Hotrod still dives in but Megatron uses him as a hostage rather than a shield. Megs then tosses Hotrod at Prime and fires on Prime’s wound. The battle ends the same, and Astrotrain shows up battered and bruised but still gets the Cons off the planet. Daniel urges the Autobots to attack while the Cons retreat but Arcee says they must focus only on Optimus.

* It’s interesting to note that Sparks are indeed mentioned here. There is no Matrix of Leadership. Instead Optimus plans to….if I read this right, merge his “life spark” with Ultra Magnus. Prime dies, and Ultra Magnus gets everyone right to work on repairing the city before they go after the Decepticons and finish them off before they can appoint Megatron’s successor. Hotrod exclaims how it was all his fault but Arcee says it was brave of him, and Kup reassures him.

* As expected the Decepticons fight on board Astrotrain, but they don’t discard Megatron, and they didn’t bring any near-death Cons back with them. Instead they land on Cybertron at the ceremony site. They continue to fight while Megatron crawls around trying to get their attention. Remember those gold statues? Well these are actual tombs of past fallen Decepticon leaders and warriors, not just memorials. Each tomb contains their spark. As the Cons continue to fight, they manage to break several of the tombs releasing the sparks, and one of the statues falls on Megatron finally killing him, his spark rising up and joining the others as they travel through space.

* The sparks drift through space. Megatron’s, still sentient vows revenge if he ever got a chance, and says he’ll do anything. Overhearing, a voice calls out to Megatron. The planet Unicron appears, but that’s all it appears to be. The voice is from the being controlling the planet. It’s name is Ingestor. Similar talk takes place. Megatron not as angry but tries his best to barter. Afraid that he’ll float through space forever if he doesn’t agree, but knowing he’ll get a new body and his revenge, goes through with it.

* Megatron’s spark is reformatted into Galvatron, and funny enough he’s happy about it. Sheding his former self away. The other sparks are converted into Scourge, the Sweeps, Cyclonus, and the “armada” which is in fact more Cyclonus bots in similar fashion to the Sweeps. Ingestor tells Galvatron to go gather his troops.

* Starscream, having apparently won the fight now stands tall. Smoldering Decepticons at his feet. Dirge reads a passage of their history in accordance with the crowning of a new leader as Astrotrain crowns Starscream. Galvatron and his forces arrive. Starscream saying Galvatron looks familiar and argues with him before Galvatron destroys him in the same manner, but with his arm cannon.

* Unicron then appears and eats the third moon. Jazz and Cliffjumper getting away in their shuttle, only to get sucked up. Ingestor orders Galvatron to Earth so they can finish off the Autobots and gather energy for him. Galvatron annoyed that a moon was destroyed shouts out that the galaxy belongs to him. Ingestor makes him suffer, etc…off to Earth.

* Blurr now randomly shows up saying he has scans he’s been reading from Cybertron. One of the moons was swallowed by a giant planet, and an invasion force has left for Earth and is here…….NOW!

* The second Earth battle is much more intense. Alot more destruction. Galvatron actually ordering they melt down the city and do so. The city ablaze in flames as the fighting continues. Warpath and Powerglide getting in on the action again. Cyclonus bombs Gears to pieces. The armada use their wings to slice up Windcharger. Blaster fleeing with Mirage and Trailbreaker. The Dinobots still refusing to enter the shuttles at first. Decepticons firing on them as they lift off.

* Kup’s story to the Dinobots is extended. Hotrod takes a break from fighting the sword bot and answers a hologram call from Arcee and Daniel who speak to him. The Decepticons then attack and destroy Kup and Hotrod’s ship, rather than it crashing. The Autobots inside hurled through space. Magnus’ ship again splitting up and the bigger half getting destroyed. Galvatron orders them back to Earth so they can collect the energy.

* Scourge and the Sweeps still on Earth preparing energon cubes. The energy being sent directly to Ingestor through a beam. The shuttle picking up the signature, Perceptor tracks where it’s going, then they detect a planet to set down on.

* Meanwhile back on Earth, Blaster, Sunstreaker, Wheeljack and other Autobot survivors are in hiding, waiting for a chance to strike at the Sweeps. Wheeljack indicates that if they don’t stop the Con’s from taking Earth’s energy then the planet with blow up within 2 days. Scourge and the others then leave to join the Decepticons.

So there you have it.  Up to the point where Galvatron first chases the Autobots off of Earth.  Some important things to notice is that Earth is feeding energy to Unicron now.  Wheeljack is still alive!  Autobot City is completely destroyed by Galvatron and his crew.  Simply amazing.  The brutality of the deaths is quite pronounce and I’m not surprised this script had to be heavily modified.  The base story is here though and helps paint the bigger picture for all of us.

I myself have always wondered what would’ve been the consequences of Unicron reaching Earth…  Perhaps we will never know!


TakaraTomy Masterpiece Movie MM02 Bumblebee?

Transformers Battle Ops Bumblebee

Fooled me once: shame on you. Fooled me twice: shame on me.

TakaraTomy Masterpiece Movie Starscream in jet mode

No tattoos here!

When images of Hunt for the Decepticons Battle Ops Bumblebee first hit the street in early 2010, many of us pondered whether or not it would be a 5th leader class mold for the Revenge of the Fallen line.  Luckily the figure was not meant to be a leader class mold at all, but a stand-alone giant Bumblebee which would give the Ultimate Bumblebee a run for its money and namesake.

With the announcement of a new faction of the Masterpiece line consisting of Movie figures by TakaraTomy, a whole new world if possibilities has opened up in Japan.  If Leader Starscream is going to be the first Movie Masterpiece figure, that surely means there are more to come.  Surely Buster Optimus Prime was worthy enough to be featured in this line, only it didn’t exist yet…

So what do you think Japan is going to with a nice big snazzy Bumblebee that looks to be much more movie accurate than that sorry excuse for a brick, Ultimate Bumblebee?

This Collecticon is putting his chips on Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee – MM02.  I’m sure it will sport a nice shiney reflective paint job taboot versus it’s yellow submarine plastic seen over and over again in the States.

Of course this is just a prediction but I gotta strike gold sooner or later… right?

Takaratomy Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee

MM-02? Could that be you?


Additional photos from Transformers 3 filming Sunday July 11

Transformers 3 clapboard

No pictures, no photos, leave your cameras and weapons here

My good friend Marshall Dusty has supplied us with a great set of photos from late afternoon shooting for Transformers 3 in downtown Chicago. Check out the pics, and just WHO is that blue mercedes? It sure looks like it could be a re-formatted JOLT…

Transformers 3 Jolt?

Could this be a new Jolt?

Optimus Prime trailer in Transformers 3

Here is a great shot of the trailer without Mr. Prime attached!