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MP9 Masterpiece Rodimus vs New Masterpiece Hot Rod


Who wore it better?

A friend of mine posted this image to Faceballz today and we started discussing it.  I love you Hot Rod, but you’ve got a bit of Optimus Primal disease.

I’ve taken the liberty to re-adjust the proportions of his waist-down and head to match his upper body.  It looks heavenly, but we can wish in one hand…


Not the Hot Rod we want, but the Hot Rod we deserve.

If anything, this has brought to light just how incredible MP9 really was, in terms of concept and design.  The production quality did suffer, but it was a very ambitious Masterpiece figure that I hope will begin to grow on people because the figure had really incredibly accurate vehicle and robot modes.  The modes were to a level that I really don’t feel many Transformer toys can match.

Here is another comparison look at MP9, the new Hot Rod, and our dream-version of Hot Rod front and center.  Le sigh.


Salt in the wound.


Rodimus Convoy ho!

Rodimus Convoy MP09 and company

He's in good company!!!

Ok it didn’t show up first but I promise I got this for much cheaper than anyone else in the USA!!! 😀


The height of MP 9 Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy

Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy size comparison with Optimus Prime

Definitely Hot Rod scaled

There have been a lot of questions regarding the height of Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy and we finally get some solace in the photo above. Yes, Rodimus is quite a bit smaller than the Optimus mold, and looks to be about the same height as Masterpiece Grimlock. It’s funny how these things keep getting more expensive and smaller at the same time. I really cannot wait for this toy!


MP9 Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy in-hand video

I took it upon myself to create a duplicate of the video found on Amazon.co.jp today so we can comment on it with giddy American glee! Enjoy the video courtesy of yours truly!