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More awesome Evangelion Optimus Prime photos


He’s got the Matrix of Longinus

I had to share these awesome hi-res photos of the upcoming Masterpiece Optimus Prime Evangelion Unit-01 toy.  The colors are just so garrish and wild that I might say this is the craziest TF repaint ever!  Check out more photos at the ever-vigilant S.T.F.U. Facebook page.


Cybergelion unit-10


MP10 NERV Optimus Prime! Unit-10?


A logo I never thought I’d see on a Transformer!

Today is the day!  We finally got a good look at the upcoming MP10 Evangelion Unit-01 Optimus Prime toy!  This is awesome!  This is one of the craziest Transformers we’ve seen in a while, and are likely to see again!  Holy moly!  My guess is the price will be around $300 USD for this guy, but let’s hope not.  A wide release would be nice.


Shinji’s like “Optimus Mom!!”

I’m pretty excited, but I must admit, the color scheme is a little bit strange.  I would’ve liked to see some new accessories like a progressive knife, but at least it looks like his right shoulder features a 100% real NERV logo!

One of the biggest surprises here is that this is the FULL ON MP10 toy!  It includes all accessories and even a trailer and roller.  Spike has apparently been redecoed into something resembling a Nerv Uniformed Employee.  Too cool!


Spike started running with a different crowd after second impact.

So yeah after all the hoopla we finally got a look at the real MP10 Eva Mode toy and I am tickled pink.  This is just one of those wacky figures that will be worth gobs and gobs of money in the future, so this collecticon says if you think you might want it, get it now!!!!

PS. This also makes the reissue of MP10 a little more effectual.  I wonder if we’ll see OTHER strange redecos of OTHER Masterpiece figures soon

You can see more info at this TFW2005.com post


Masterpiece Optimus Prime price is now $120

Masterpiece Optimus Prime TRU exclusive price increase online

Now we're talkin

Anyone in Chicago that might be following a little friendly wager made about the price of Masterpiece Optimus Prime should be intrigued to see this twist in the plot: Masterpiece Optimus Prime is not for sale for $99.99 anymore, and is now listed at $119.99.  This is quite similar to what Toys R Us has a history of doing for other Masterpiece toys including Grimlock (Originally $50, up to $75) and Hot Rod ($50, up to $70).  Why does this happen?  I’d say it’s a continuous oversight on the staff that sets the MSRP at TRU, but that’s just conjecture.

The key here is that Masterpiece Optimus is more appropriately priced at $119.99 considering it size and all of the accessories.  With the continued steady increase in price for Transformer toys across the board, the increase in price for larger figures is not all that unexpected.

So what does this mean for those of us teetering on the final price of the USA release of MP10?  Apparently, it means Hasbro IS capable of releasing Transformers for over $100 at retail.  Sorry Jesse, I got’cha.


MP10 Convoy’s rifile – inspired by IDW and EJ Su!

Transformers MP10 masterpiece convoy rifile transformation

Fiction is stranger than fiction sometimes!

It has come to my attention after being indicated by a fellow Bottalker, that perhaps the MP-10 Convoy’s collapsible rifle was pre-cursed by the amazing EJ Su’s Optimus Prime rifle. The similarities are definitely there. Very cool!


MP10 is an enlarged Hybrid Convoy

Masterpiece 10 new convoy

Just like to you told you fuckers

You still crying now, you stupid sacs of lard?

Seibertron has posted the first images of MP10 and they are glorious. Say… don’t you remember someone suggesting that it would look like the Hybrid G1 Convoy? No? Well cat’s outta the bag, it was me!

MP10 and Hybrid Style Convoy

Separated at birth? You bet your ass they were!

It was clear that the Hybrid Style Convoy was superior to the original MP-01 mold as soon as I got it, but it was just so gall darn tiny!  Now we are seeing the culmination of years upon years of Transformers engineering and we do indeed have the ultimate Optimus Prime toy.  I applaud you TakaraTomy and Hasbro. Well done.  Hats off.  It’s a shame you have such fickle petty “fans.”  Have faith in these companies, they are unparalleled in their respective fields.

Transformers MP10 convoy semi

Dat alt-mode!!

By the way, I only count ONE grill!!!! Finally!!! edit: nevermind, there are still two grills. DAMMIT!