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Transformers rockin’ out


This group is actually a band. Coming to a TFcon near you? I’d sure hope so.

I just thought it might be appropriate to point out previous incarnations of Transformers in the music world.  Although I’m not the first to point it out, this Canadian group “The Cybertronian Spree” is fascinating. Check out a video of them performing here:


Revoltech Optimus in the house


A band that should exist – dream-echo.deviantart.com


The Auto-band


A great representation of Animated Soundwave by Blitz-Wing


Get your own Autobot Ukulele – Transform your inner hipster

Autobot ukulele hipster douche


A new low – get your own made to order Transformers Ukulele! Nothing says hippie sac like this thing. Check it out on Etsy, or maybe soon on regretsy.


Dubstep – Music for Transformers, by Transformers?

So I always seem to be late to the game, but holy crap! Now I know what this dubstep stuff ‘the kids’ are all into is about. It’s not just noise and quick cuts, this is simply music taken from another world, namely Cybertron!

Listen to the Skrillex track above and just try to tell me this is not the creation of Soundwave and his minions after a night of energon binging. Seriously, did Skrillex break into Michael Bay’s sound guy’s studio and take all the sweet sounds they used to bring the Transformers movies to life? I am going to put my money on that.

So bravo, I’m glad to see a new musical phenom that I can really get behind. Break it all apart! Dubstep or die, Decepticons!


Awesome animated short featuring Transformers, Gobots, and Legos – The King of Legoland

Check out this sweet animated short by Youtube user dunun.  Thanks for showing it to me Jessecuster!


Jazz sings! – The music of Scatman Crothers

Thanks to some industrious Bottalkers, I came across an AMV video set to the tunes of Scatman Crothers’ music!  Apparently Scatman had an entire LP of songs where he was the voice and talent.  Simply fabulous.  There can’t be enough Scatman in our lives!  We miss you!


New York’s DJ Megatron fatally shot – Where Transformers fans and rap lovers collide

Transformers Fans and Rap lovers were saddened today to learn of the untimely death of Corey “DJ Megatron” McGriff.

From CNN:

A popular television and radio DJ was shot to death in Staten Island early Sunday morning, according to New York City police.

Corey McGriff, known to fans as DJ Megatron, died of a gunshot wound to the torso shortly after 2 a.m. The incident is still under investigation and no arrests have been made, police said.

Unfortunately for both sides of the coin, we have lost someone with a commonality that combines two unlikely worlds.  This is most evident by the comments currently posted on the CNN article.

DJ Megatron shot comments

This shit was bound to happen

As expected, Transformers fans or at least those that seem knowledgeable enough to make a clever quip or two has descended upon the news story and have been ransacking.  The results are, of course upsetting those that feel a major loss for the late DJ Megatron.  While I do not condone the merry-making of this tragic loss, the comment thread is worth a look.

DJ Starscream from Slipknot now knows what to expect after his own passing.

DJ Starscream from Slipknot Iowa

"There is always someone that will be ready to replace you!"


New Stan Bush video – collab with Dr. Smoov

Well well well, Mr. Bush is back and I do not mean my favorite presidents of all time. Stan the man has continued to embrace his intertwined fate with the Transformers world and buddied-up with my favorite 3rd-party Transformers content creators Dr. Smoov and Randall Ng!

Check out the video above which is a joint effort from the two creative forces.

“Your Time” by Stan Bush

Directed by: Randall Ng and DR. SMOOV
Animation and Models by: Randall Ng
Edited by: DR. SMOOV
Produced by: NGSMOOV Animation


Infestation Nation – The Autobots dance Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Autobots dance Michael Jackon's Triller

And not a single 'f' was given that day

I have to share one of the funnest and well-animated videos I’ve seen in a long time, especially as it relates to Transformers. Someone in Japan apparently decided to successfully mimic Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with a team of elite Autobots bustin’ a move. It is seriously awesome and made my otherwise crappy week. See the video below, it’s even in HD! (Link to video)

Here are the credits from the video.  Of note is the “Alan Smithy” name, which is a common surname for people that want to be disassociated with a film or video project!  Too bad, because this is an awesome production!  I can’t even imagine why someone would not want full credit for this.

Autobots dance michael Jackson's Thriller credits

Credits as seen in the video

Some details about the video:

  • IDW’s Transformers universe is present with Drift and Perceptor’s eye-piece
  • Ultra Magnus is beside himself!  Armored and an unarmored version are present
  • Rodimus is in the lead of the dance, with Optimus as just a back-up dancer!
  • Armada Seekers and G1 seekers appear in the video

So yeah, check it out, it’s worth a watch and it currently has less than 1000 views…  FIRST!

Transformers Autobots dance the Thriller on youtube

This will be 1,000,000+ views by the end of January


Bollywood Bumblebee!

Transformers has certainly ‘crossed over’ at this point as a Transforming vehicle very similar to Bumblebee is included in a Bollywood Dance routine.

The question now is if Bumblebee is more recognizable worldwide than Optimus Prime!

Link originally found at The Awesomer.


xX Transformers Hardcore Xx – Shockwave

Shockwave the hardcore band

This ain't your average band of Decepticons

Years ago when I worked at a angst-influence hardcore record label, I met a lot of fun friends – including some amazing transformers fans.  It wasn’t long before I was introduced to Shockwave.  No, not Ole One Eye as most of us are used to. Shockwave is the name of a tough-guy hardcore band from Pennsylvania.  As far as I know, the band was signed to Triple Crown but there is little known about them since the only information is that they are one of their alumni artists.

I was stunned when I was allowed to actually hold both of the band’s CDs in my hands featuring heavily photoshopped images of a G1 Omega Supreme toy and skimmed the back of the package to discover song titles such as Warpath, Divide and Conquer, and The Ultimate Doom.  These upon-first-glance campy character names and episode titles become classic hardcore anthems when placed in a new wrapper.  I was enthralled and amazed.  How could such an amazing project have gone under my radar for so many years?  I still to this day have never seen any mention of Shockwave the band on any of the major Transformers sites.

Album cover for Shockwave's The Ultimate Doom

The Ultimate Doom

According to my friend who introduced me to the band, it is a hardcore “super group” made from many members of other bands that do their best to stay anonymous.  They do a Halloween show once every year in Pennsylvania and the show is complete madness.  It is a full production including between-song soundbytes and video interaction on the stage.  One of these days, I’m going to have to make the trip even though my hardcore music days are well behind me (in fact they were never really in front of me!).

I have since lost the tunes from my smattering of iTunes playlists over the years, but you can join in the fun by checking out the band’s myspace.  You can check out their entire albums online – The Ultimate DoomOmega Supreme

This project was obviously put together by some serious Transformers fans, but a different breed.  Whether these guys collect toys or like the new movies, we may never know.  The attention to minute details from the Transformers lore is incredible and these guys obviously are having a ton of fun.  Considering this stuff came out in 2006 at the latest, these guys were in it from the beginning.  These are definitely pre-movie fans and probably got this all going back in the early 2000’s during the Car Robots / Robots in Disguise era.

I leave you with this music video for The Ultimate Doom from Shockwave – the only hardcore Transformers band the world has ever seen!