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Masterpiece 15 to be redeco of MP-10 Optimus Prime – Nemesis Prime, Ultra Magnus, or worse…

MP-15 Masterpiece Nemesis Prime Ultra Magnus

The ad-hoc predictions of the new Masterpiece line being full of Optimus and Starscream repaints may not have been so far off base after all...

Straight outta Compton, we get the first solicitation of our next Masterpiece figure. MP-15, the Prime redeco.

So clearly we have an Optimus Prime silhouette here and the easy choice is a straight repaint of Prime.  This could go many ways, the most likely of which being Nemesis Prime.  Originally it was thought that the new MP-10 design was made in order to accommodate an Ultra Magnus car carrier trailer, something that fans have been begging for since the release of MP-2.  This solicitation is still very new and has been noticeably cropped, so perhaps there is more coming than is pictured.

Ultra Magnus armor connect to MP-10 Optimus Prime

This is a proposed fan-mode for the possible connection to a masterpiece set of Ultra Magnus armor.

My spidey-senses tell me this will be a black repaint version of Black Convoy in the MP-10 mold.  If this premonition comes to pass, the real questions is this: Autobot or Decepticon?  Whatever the answer, the world weeps.

Although this may not be the re-imagined version of Ultra Magnus for the Masterpiece line, it does not exclude the possibility of one coming.  Perhaps another big number like MP-20 will be the armored Magnus reveal?  Seriously though, the remake of Optimus for the Masterpiece line is only excusable if in fact it was done to accommodate Magnus armor.  There is no other non-evil explanation!  It seems every other day I find a new reason to stop collecting… please don’t make this be another.



Awesome Generations Shockwave on Ebay – Take some lessons Botcon!

custom generations Shockwave with Nemesis Prime and Skram

Just 3 cool dudes hangin' out, being custom

Alas, what could’ve been! Here we get a look at some titillating custom generations figures from Ebay user venom_7.  It’s funny how close his Skram figure actually looks compared to the Treadshot figure we are actually getting at Botcon 2012.  Of note is the pretty nice Nemesis Prime in the photos from the ebay auction.

Don’t get too greedy folks, I’m bidding on this little Shockwave, or Shockblast if you want to be really nerdy.  It is based on the Alternator Shockblast that was a remold of Alternators Jazz.  Repetition kills.  The head is from a spare Action Master Shockwave.  I guess Action Masters can be good for SOMETHING once in a while…

Custom Generations Shockwave

Oh Botcon 2012, what could have been!!!


The quest for Black Animated Optimus Prime

Transformers Black Animated Optimus Prime

Black gold!

I must have it.

The black Animated Optimus Prime may be mine. The problem is that it is limited to 300 pieces and is only available on location at a store in a very remote area of Southern Japan. The cost is 4200 Yen and at 300 pieces I am willing to gander that this may reach the $300 USD mark the second you walk out of the store with it. But what do I know? Almost all of my predictions end up being wrong!!

Is is possible that this figure could reach the same price-status as BT-17 Black Convoy?  The potential is definitely there.  New black Optimus Primes are about as craze-inducing as MISB G1 toys so the world it its oyster.

Now how would one go about procuring one of these???  Curious curious…

Tales from the Holiest of Holy Grails

Tales from the Holiest of Holy Grails 01 – BT-17 Binaltech Black Convoy

Video Reviews

Masterpiece MP-1B Black Convoy video review

Just finished this and posted it to Youtube!  Enjoy the latest TF Source Video Review by yours truly!