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Evangelion Angel Starscream?


Ok shit just got really weird

Ummm ok.  Well apparently Starscream or a seeker-like Decepticon threat is taking the form of Sachiel, and angel creature from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I found this image at Seibertron.


This is what Starscream is becoming in the image above. wacky huh?


More awesome Evangelion Optimus Prime photos


He’s got the Matrix of Longinus

I had to share these awesome hi-res photos of the upcoming Masterpiece Optimus Prime Evangelion Unit-01 toy.  The colors are just so garrish and wild that I might say this is the craziest TF repaint ever!  Check out more photos at the ever-vigilant S.T.F.U. Facebook page.


Cybergelion unit-10


MP10 NERV Optimus Prime! Unit-10?


A logo I never thought I’d see on a Transformer!

Today is the day!  We finally got a good look at the upcoming MP10 Evangelion Unit-01 Optimus Prime toy!  This is awesome!  This is one of the craziest Transformers we’ve seen in a while, and are likely to see again!  Holy moly!  My guess is the price will be around $300 USD for this guy, but let’s hope not.  A wide release would be nice.


Shinji’s like “Optimus Mom!!”

I’m pretty excited, but I must admit, the color scheme is a little bit strange.  I would’ve liked to see some new accessories like a progressive knife, but at least it looks like his right shoulder features a 100% real NERV logo!

One of the biggest surprises here is that this is the FULL ON MP10 toy!  It includes all accessories and even a trailer and roller.  Spike has apparently been redecoed into something resembling a Nerv Uniformed Employee.  Too cool!


Spike started running with a different crowd after second impact.

So yeah after all the hoopla we finally got a look at the real MP10 Eva Mode toy and I am tickled pink.  This is just one of those wacky figures that will be worth gobs and gobs of money in the future, so this collecticon says if you think you might want it, get it now!!!!

PS. This also makes the reissue of MP10 a little more effectual.  I wonder if we’ll see OTHER strange redecos of OTHER Masterpiece figures soon

You can see more info at this TFW2005.com post


LOST on Cybertron – The Characters of Lost Transformed

Juxtaposing the characters of Lost with the characters of Transformers.

"I have summoned you here for a purpose..."

Lost is over.

I will not even pretend to begin to understand just what the show was really about or what the meaning behind everything was.  I will definitely enjoy the thoughts it conjured up within me while I spent the last month ‘catching up’ with everyone else.  I believe the show was successful in making people do something that there has been a serious lack of for some time: it made them think.

One of the best ways to being to learn about or try to understand something new is to compare it to something else.  While I shall leave my Lost / Neon Genesis Evangelion correlations for another day, I shall take this time to have a little fun.

After Sunday’s Lost finale, we were shown that the heart of the story is the characters.  This was the backbone of the story and it is this very important component to The Transformers that has helped it stand the test of time.  Yes, it’s cool that they transform, but it is simply a gimmick that draws people in.  It’s the rich characters that have kept us coming back time and time again over the years.  Hasbro has caught-on to this and have inadvertantly stumbled upon a stash of truly diverse and unique characters that any comic company would die to own.

So what happens when you juxtapose the archetypes of Transformers and Lost?  Well first let’s see if we can find our way around the island…

Soundwave – Mr. Eko

Mr. Eko is Soundwave

Push the button

Mr. Eko was shrouded in mystery.  I still don’t know how that damn plane got on the island from Africa.  We will just never know!  For much of our first introduction to Mr. Eko, he did not speak.  This silent but deadly aura is ever-so reminiscent of the Decepticons #1 mystic – Soundwave.  Much like Soundwave, Mr. Eko followed his ‘leader’ Anna Lucia until they were joined with their fellow passengers on the far side of the island.  It was difficult to figure our just was Mr. Eko’s motivation was while he was on the island, another trait befitting our audiosmith Decepticon.  While we can’t expect Mr. Eko to have learned the ways of controlling minions, he could’ve been a great owner to Vincent had they ever met.

Kup – John Locke

IDW Kup is John Locke

"Don't tell me what I can't do!"

I didn’t just choose this one because they’re both ‘old timers’, it’s just a nice coincidence. John Locke is somewhat of a tragic character in the world of Lost. It was so sad to see the progression of this man from broke, to broken, to completely shattered various times. Yet, he also had his moments of power, triumph, and joy. I feel this emulates the transformation that Kup has gone through thanks to the gentlemen at IDW. Kup himself has undergone tremendous stresses that have rattled the very foundations of his being. He was given a new lease on life, a chance to start over, which is exactly how John Locke perceived his time on the island. And what did John Locke do once he found out he could walk again? He grabbed his knives and started hunting wild boar! Kup has followed a similar path, only his prey are the most dangerous Decepticons in the known universe. Had John Locke amassed a group of followers like Kup’s Wreckers, we may have had a very different experience over the past 6 seasons of the show.

Starscream – Benjamin Linus

Portrait of Benjamin linus by Eder

The greatest liar of all time - illustration by eder

It should come as no surprise that this connection would be made. Starscream makes his way by manipulating his adversaries, and even his ‘friends’, if he even has any. It is these characters’ mutual craving for leadership that bonds them. Benjamin Linus takes the concept of coercion to new heights but unlike Starscream, he almost always gets what he wants. Screamer could learn a thing or two by hanging around this fleshbag for a while.

Generation 1 Starscream box art

This plane ain't crashin' on no island!

Unicron – The Man in Black

Unicron is the Man in Black

Unicron has been known to 'let loose' on 3-day weekends and for the occasional weekend cigarette

For a while, it seemed that the smoke monster was due to share the same fate as Unicron – being remembered as nothing more than just a plot device. Over the years, Unicron has developed into a legendary fan favorite and over the six seasons of Lost, the identity of the mysterious creature was (sort of) revealed, ultimately becoming the antagonist of the whole story. Both of these monstrous characters are fated to lose their battles against good, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be loved too. While Unicron has a real zing to it, we were never given The Man In Black‘s real name.  It’s probably better that way, for imagine if this epic evil’s original name was to be something as meak as ‘Wilson?’  Smoke or beach ball?  You be the judge.

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this little trek across the mystic island of Cybertron.  We may travel down this path in the future.  Enjoy!


Evangelion 2.22 You Can Not Advance – out in Japan today!

Something I’ve been waiting many, many moons for is now available on DVD in Japan! In case you didn’t know, one of the most acclaimed anime series ever is being completely re-animated and re-created into 4 epic movies that feature some of the greatest animated sequences of all time. In America, we have had little more than a slight glimpse of what the second film in the series has to offer. Now that the film is on DVD in Japan, it’s only a matter of time before rips appear on the net!

The first film in the series was recently released in the US, check it out here.