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MPM-4 is Masterpiece Movie Optimus Prime

Masterpiece Movie Optimus Prime

I am your God now

The upcoming Masterpiece Movie line is one of the most exciting things to come from ten years of Bayformers. We’ve already seen Bumblebee, who is an incredible adaptation of the character, with others rumored to follow such as Barricade, Blackout, and maybe even Bonecrusher? It should would complete the B’s.

MPM-4 was revealed this week to be none other than Optimus Prime himself in an incredible rendition the likes of which may never be topped. Many fans believed the ROTF Movie Optimus mold would never be topped, but it’s amazing what 9+ years can do.

The figure does have some strange proportions at first glance but seeing the front and back side comparisons makes this new mold hands down the de-facto Prime.

The lack of kibble on the back and the proportions of specific parts just blow me away.  The smoke stacks even retract!!  Incredible! This upcoming figure takes everything you know and love about Movie Optimus Prime and dials it up to 11.  I for one don’t miss the $180 I’m already going to spend for 2 of them.  Bravo guys, bravo.


Leader Dark Spark Optimus Prime Revealed at Hong Kong Toy Show


Guess who’s back, back.. back again, gain…

The second toy from the upcoming “The Last Knight” toyline was revealed at the Hong Kong Toyfair along with Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee. This time it is Shadow Spark Optimus Prime! We can surmise that this represents the evil Nemesis Prime version of Optimus that we’ve seen battling Bumblebee in the trailers thus far.  The color scheme is a little… weird, but the more depressing thing is that this is our first repackaged redeco from a previous movie line popping up.  We have a redeceo of Age of Extinction Leader Optimus Prime on our hands, complete with bizarro non-canon sword!


Holy box art, Batman

Also revealed is the massive change in packaging which is focusing on box art instead of the toy! I guess  the robot characters were finally deemed to matter? Also notice that stupid logo for “Transformers: The Last Knight” is still in effect and this is also dubbed as part of a “premiere line.”


Optimus Prime #1 Retailer Exclusive Cover by RIPT Apparel Homages Shockwave


“Are All One?” They sure are!

Fresh off the internet presses is the final cover art for “Optimus Prime” #1 coming in November.  This awesome cover homages “Transformers” #5 with Shockwave on the cover. You can read the full press release at RIPT Apparel’s Blog.

I think this art is dope!!!  Can’t wait to get mine.


3A Transformers release schedule – Neo Masterpiece toys in the work?


Do we need more renditions of these guys? I hear an unanimous YES!

UPDATE: Well my calculations were incorrect – the figures are all going to be from Dark of The Moon, not G1.
I’ve been given a tidbit of information regarding the reveal of the upcoming officially licensed 3A Transformers toys.  Fans of 3A need no introduction to the company, but for those Transfans that hate to stray, they do ultra-realistic model-esque action figures that defy the rules of what an action figure actually is.  What remains to be seen is just how far 3A has taken the Transformers license.  Will they go the Hot Toys route and just have a really nice looking poseable action figure or will we get the holy grail – fully transforming accurate robot and alt-mode action figures?  I’m sure we’ll find out soon because here’s the proposed schedule of releases!

  • 2nd week of December 2014 – Bumblebee
  • 2nd week of January 2015 – Optimus Prime
  • February 2015 – Megatron, Starscream

Holy shit-cakes, I’m excited but my bank account is trembling.  Actually, there’s no word yet on if these are even going to be G1 or not.  Let’s hope so, and NOT MOVIE TOYS!!!!


An example of 3A’s mastery of the craft.



A selection of photos from my recent Japan trip September 2014


That weird Chibi Girl / card game Optimus poster


Akihabara Radio Tower Lucky Draw case in the hallway. SERIOUS money in here.


Sentinel Giant posable Scorponok. This thing is wicked awesome and HUGE!!!


Akiba Electronics store in Akihabara Lost Age Advanced display



$1000 Takara G1 Scorponok priced at slightly under $1000 at the Shibuya Mandarake


This little guy came out while I was abroad and he is awesome! It’s like a transformable Revoltech figure.


The pen is mightier…


Will anyone buy this amazing and HUGE statue? “Time to find out…”


Very rare Movie 1 Lucky Draw Protoform Optimus Prime. I believe this is the first photo of one I’ve seen on the net.


More awesome Evangelion Optimus Prime photos


He’s got the Matrix of Longinus

I had to share these awesome hi-res photos of the upcoming Masterpiece Optimus Prime Evangelion Unit-01 toy.  The colors are just so garrish and wild that I might say this is the craziest TF repaint ever!  Check out more photos at the ever-vigilant S.T.F.U. Facebook page.


Cybergelion unit-10


MP10 NERV Optimus Prime! Unit-10?


A logo I never thought I’d see on a Transformer!

Today is the day!  We finally got a good look at the upcoming MP10 Evangelion Unit-01 Optimus Prime toy!  This is awesome!  This is one of the craziest Transformers we’ve seen in a while, and are likely to see again!  Holy moly!  My guess is the price will be around $300 USD for this guy, but let’s hope not.  A wide release would be nice.


Shinji’s like “Optimus Mom!!”

I’m pretty excited, but I must admit, the color scheme is a little bit strange.  I would’ve liked to see some new accessories like a progressive knife, but at least it looks like his right shoulder features a 100% real NERV logo!

One of the biggest surprises here is that this is the FULL ON MP10 toy!  It includes all accessories and even a trailer and roller.  Spike has apparently been redecoed into something resembling a Nerv Uniformed Employee.  Too cool!


Spike started running with a different crowd after second impact.

So yeah after all the hoopla we finally got a look at the real MP10 Eva Mode toy and I am tickled pink.  This is just one of those wacky figures that will be worth gobs and gobs of money in the future, so this collecticon says if you think you might want it, get it now!!!!

PS. This also makes the reissue of MP10 a little more effectual.  I wonder if we’ll see OTHER strange redecos of OTHER Masterpiece figures soon

You can see more info at this TFW2005.com post


TakaraTomy 30th Anniversary Optimus Prime – toy or no toy?


Nice render you got there, pal…

I’m a little confused by the news of the new 30th Anniversary Optimus Prime “toy”.  We’ve seen a render of this big weird modern vehicle of a truck that looks like Optimus but is a vehicle that is conjoined with its trailer.  That’s very un-Optimus-like, now isn’t it?

Fast-forward to tonight, the launch of Transformers Movie 4 toys in Japan… (courtesy of Bottalk)


That’s no toy

Sooooo TakaraTomy actually dressed up a real-life semi to be some sort of rolling life-sized Transformers-mobile.  So what gives?  All the reports say new toy, but that seems so out of left field.  It’s just strange and I’m worried something is just being lost in translation.  My mantra, as usual: time will tell.


MP22 Ultra Magnus as a single robot without armor, finally!


Magnus – “I want you inside me”

After many months of waiting, MP22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus has finally been revealed!!!  What we are being treated to is a very G1 anime-esque version of the big guy and like the first glimpse we got of  him in “Transformers: The Movie”, he transforms all in one shot unlike his original toy.  This continues TakaraTomy’s mission to bring us toy versions of the animated characters we were promised on screen.  I applaud the effort and am very excited to see the finished product.


What some people wanted, for stupid reasons

Many had expected a white MP-10 that had armor latched onto it but MP22 is proving to be anything but.  Look at the photos and you will see that Magnus’s thighs and torso are a completely different mold than MP10 and the cab transforms quite differently than MP10 does in order to make Optimus Prime.  This is truly a brand new unique mold and toy.



Magnus got a new truck cape!


Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Optimus Prime custom – The Machine Wars toys you were expecting but didn’t get


He makes having lips look good

Sure, Hubcap is missing his head. I wish I knew who made these, that Machine Wars Optimus is simply awesome.

Edit: It was Cheetimus