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The biggest event to wager on in Transformers history – More than Meets the Eye #15


Who lives, who dies?

I can’t remember being so excited about something in Transformers since… ever!  The build up to “More Than Meets The Eye” issue 15 has been EXCRUCIATING and it’s all coming to head by the end of this month. The pieces have been falling into place for over 2 years by now, and we are going to see heads roll, sparks fly, and tears fall.

My fellow fans at Bottalk have started the betting early and a thread that features a multi-answer poll asking WHO DIES (in issue 15).  The hullaballoo got me thinking, could Las Vegas really start taking bets on who lives and who dies?  Of course not, since the outcome is based on written fiction and anyone involved could make out big but let’s just pretend for a second…

Based on the Necrobot’s list, we know that Hound, Chromedome, Dipstick, Drift and Ultra Magnus will ‘kick the bucket’ someday, although it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen on the Lost Light.  In fact, that list could be a red herring, and instead mean they live!  If there ones thing we can count on, it’s the big bruisers, Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus, getting a few good hits in.  Unfortunately, I also expect that a lot of the ‘one-liner’ crew of the ship to make their final bow during the pages of issue 15 and probably even 16.

Another common expectation is the arrival of the Decepticon Justice League and with the recently revealed power level of their leader Tarn, he may be more of a match for Overlord than we thought.  Ultimately, we can expect the death toll to reach the double digits We’re bound to see some energy spill on the floor.  By the looks of the teaser image below, Cosmos and Brawn may have already ‘bought it,’ but Springer’s been wrong before…



Botcon 2012 Gigatron / Overlord revealed! – Bludgeon mold with new head sculpt

Botcon 2012 Overlord

And this is why I didn't want to make a solid guess on the mold - insane!

As I was hoping, Overlord is the first figure to be revealed for this year’s Botcon 2012 boxset!  Wow!  What a surprise!  It’s in the ROTF Bludgeon mold, which is the first movieverse mold to ever be used as a Botcon exclusive.  Some say that ROTF Bludgeon is not really part of the movie universe, but it is, so there.  What could this mean for the rest of these figures?  Metalhawk as Terradive?  Oh dear me, the game just changed!

Check out the reveal video below:


Botcon 2012 exclusives – oh whatever could they be!?

Cybertron Overlord by Dcjosh gigatron

In your cyber-dreams people...

We all saw the Christmas miracle that was bestowed upon us from Botcon – the brochure and listing of exclusive toys that would be gracing the boxset this year. In a strange turn of events the boxset will have six figures instead of the usual five. Could this mean we are getting extra plastic crack or that it will be comprises solely of deluxes and smaller?

Here’s the roster:
Shattered Glass:

  • Evil Ultra Magnus
  • Evil Tracks
  • Heroic Soundwave
  • Heroic Treadshot


  • Overlord/Gigatron
  • Metalhawk

Twitter has told us that no Armada / Energon / Cybertron molds have been used for this year, thank the Heavens.  So it’s lookin’ like classics molds again, which is all anyone really wants.  Some speculation on the molds to be used are as follows:

Metalhawk as Universe Cyclonus.

Botcon 2012 Metalhawk?

Seems feasible...

Treadshot as Universe Warpath

Shattered Gass Treadshot

No one really knows jack about this guy - Digibash by Air Hammer

Soundwave as Ironhide / Ratchet mold

Shattered Glass Soundwave

Duh. Forget your stupid music label whitewave


Magnus is clearly going to be the G2 Laser Prime mold with a Bludgeon styled head.

Botcon 2012 Ultra Magnus Bludgeon

Magnus Barmitzvah - Spookeee-scarreeee

Evil Track isn’t too hard to decipher – probably a black or red repaint of the current Tracks toy.

Classic Black tracks

Shattered glass on this guy will make him very gay-sad. 🙁

The one big question is is what will Overlord be? Will they focus on the jet? The Tank? BOTH? NEITHER?!!?!? Some possibilities include Deluxe Thunderwing, Ultra Silverbolt, or maybe even Warpath again if Treadshot doesn’t claim the mold. I’m also sniffing around the Cybertronian Megatron mold…  Maybe we’ll get a super treat and have some sort of combiner made of two figures?!? Yeah right, but it’s fun to be a nerd sometimes. Whatever they choose for Overlord, that’s what I am anticipating the most.

Overlord makes out with Megatron

Overlord, you fiend!

So what else? What else is bound to come our way? Let’s leave that for another day… or the next post!