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Ant-man and Waspinator – Starring Paul Rudd and Scott McNeil

Ant-man and Waspinator parody movie poster

Most dynamic of duos

So I got a great idea the other day: With all this hoopla over this Ant-man and The Wasp movie poster, I decided the time was right for me to unleash the movie Transformers Fans really wanted. So now our boy in green has a chance to get on the Marvel scene.

The post was shared on Reddit and the FB Bot-posting page but know that this is the source. This is a Collecticon original! Who knows, maybe even RIPT Apparel will make a pass at this idea… a girl can dream can’t she?


Transformers infographic parody by Shortpacked

Transformers shitty infographic parodied by Shortpacked

Accurate by inaccuracy

Remember those horrible Transformers infographics that popped up a few weeks ago promoting a car insurance website?  Well guess what?  There’s a new one out there, and this time Jazz is a squid!!!  Yes!!!  Thanks to shortpacked for this incredible piece of internet satire.