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Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Tracks revealed – red Road Rage homage as expected

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Tracks vehicle mode

Little red corvette

Botcon released another image of a Botcon 2012 boxset Transformer today.  Nothing Earth-shattering, but at least we now know they went with the Road Rage homage for SG Tracks.  Kind of a yawn, black would’ve been neater. 😉

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Tracks red

Nothing super surprising or exciting here


Hangin at Botcon 2011

I’m here. I made it this morning.

I was lucky enough to attend the customizing class being held this morning. Apparently things ran more smoothly than ever before today. Wow, it’s hard to believe small children in China churn these figures out en-masse!!!

Anyway, until I get full internet access, this will suffice. For now please, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER for consistent updates.

Here are some things I can reveal after ‘strategically’ over-hearing some things by Botcon staff in the lobby:

  • Shattered Glass two pack attendee exclusive: Shattered Glass Galvatron + Shattered Glass Thundercracker.  This is the Cybertron Evac and Classics seeker mold.  THIS IS GOING TO BE THE HOT SET!
  • Animated Sideswipe is part of the set.
  • Other options for the custom class figure were the Animated Rodimus & Animated Jazz molds, since they were the only others that were availble to the club to use for this purpose.
  • Rodimus as Sunstreaker was considered for the custom class figure, but ultimately the Arcee mold was chosen due to it’s simplicity.  Rodimus is a very complex mold.
  • “The Stunti-con Job” name for the Botcon 2011 Comic is meant to be a play on “The Italian Job,” a caper / heist movie.

MP10 is an enlarged Hybrid Convoy

Masterpiece 10 new convoy

Just like to you told you fuckers

You still crying now, you stupid sacs of lard?

Seibertron has posted the first images of MP10 and they are glorious. Say… don’t you remember someone suggesting that it would look like the Hybrid G1 Convoy? No? Well cat’s outta the bag, it was me!

MP10 and Hybrid Style Convoy

Separated at birth? You bet your ass they were!

It was clear that the Hybrid Style Convoy was superior to the original MP-01 mold as soon as I got it, but it was just so gall darn tiny!  Now we are seeing the culmination of years upon years of Transformers engineering and we do indeed have the ultimate Optimus Prime toy.  I applaud you TakaraTomy and Hasbro. Well done.  Hats off.  It’s a shame you have such fickle petty “fans.”  Have faith in these companies, they are unparalleled in their respective fields.

Transformers MP10 convoy semi

Dat alt-mode!!

By the way, I only count ONE grill!!!! Finally!!! edit: nevermind, there are still two grills. DAMMIT!


MP-10 is MP Convoy version 2, just like I said it would be

Famitoy pre-order for MP-10 Convoy Version 2

You can never have enough Convoy!!

Sucks to be a collector these days, don’t it?

Come on, the writing was all over the wall.  I only wish that I had publicly made the prediction months ago when I deciphered the Da Vincitron code.


Dark of the Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime – Transformers 3 Trailer is armor

Transformers 3 Optimus Prime with Trailer

I SAID I smelled giftset!

TFW2005.com has just posted an initial notice of an upcoming giftset for “Ultimate Optimus Prime.” The set comes with the trailer and it will turn into armor to power-up the Autobot leader.  See my initial prediction of this giftset here.

The real news here is confirmation of the trailer’s function.  Some had assumed it will be a replacement for Jetfire’s parts, or will even house them.  Now it will apparently become Prime’s new pants.  There is also expected to be a combination of Prime with the proposed Space Shuttle Transformer so that Prime can travel to the moon, most likely in a speedy few seconds.

At two-per-case, this is going to be a similar size to ROTF Devastator or Movie 1 & 2 Ultimate Bumblebee.  Considering what a brick of crap Ultimate Bumblebee actually was, lets pray that this toy stands on its own and simply is the truly Ultimate Optimus Prime.

Super Optimus Prime by Ben Procter

Ultimately hidious!

I’m not holding my breath because honestly, how can they top the ROTF leader Prime??  Please make us drool… please!


Transformers Dark of the Moon Tanker truck robot mode and identity revealed.

And I will show you via the gift of the written word! Behold!

=??I=~~~~~+II+., O$ZZ7I=$$77II7II+78D88888OOOZZZI??++~=+=~=~
II+++????+?I$7++==~==+=++??=?I7I$OOOOOO8O$7I?++?~::,. …,,,

Sure doesn’t look like much does it? haha


Transformers voyager Strafe – return of the weirdo decepticon repaint

Transformers Voyager Strafe Hasbro


Feast your eyes on Mindwi… Strafe? Yep, as predicted, the unseen Voyager Strafe was a white and red attempt at recoloring another ‘futuristic jet’ Decepticon into Technobot Strafe. All you had to do was look at how retarded the Henkei Strafe figure was to realize Hasbro was going to do something even weirder.

Transformers Henkei Strafe

Anyone remember me??

Oh well, you can pre-order him now at BBTS!!

Transformers Voyager Strafe in jet mode

Sunspot will look soooooooo bad on me! Wait, look at that GIANT Autobot symbol on my wings!!! Cool!


Call off the detectives – high res Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy photos hit the net

Masterpiece Hot Rod MP09


I can hardly contain myself!  I’ve been waiting for this day: the day when TakaraTomy would actually need to advertise the features of MP-09 and we could call of the nerd-sleuths from the case (though we thank you for your emotionally charged detective work).

It appears that this toy will have it all.

  • Conversion between Hot Rod and Rodimus Convoy and their respective alt-modes
  • Hot Rod’s buzz saw hand
  • Matrix chest-compartment
  • Hot Rod’s eye goggles
  • Combining Hot Rod pistols into Rodimus Convoy’s rifle
  • Exchangeable head via rotating gimmick
Masterpiece 09 Rodimus Matrix

That looks like a new piece to me!

Of note is that it appears the toy will come with a NEW matrix of Leadership.  That kind of smarts because I was expecting to use my MP-04S matrix with this figure.  According to this somewhat blurry image, the matrix is a much more round rendition of the ancient Transformer relic.

It really is nice to see this piece come together, it is really looking great!  It’s like they took the Metalverse Rodimus Prime statue from a few years ago and decided to make it transform.

So while we all wait for this next gem to adorn many-a-Rodimus collection, we can take a moment to look at this amazing eye-candy over at Seibertron.

Masterpiece 09 Hot Rod care mode

What a beautiful behind


Botcon 2010 reveals Transformers: Prime

As expected, Hasbro revealed the premise of Transformers: Prime today.  Check out notes from Hasbro’s panel today at Seibertron.com.

Of note is that Frank Welker will be reprising his role as Megatron, and hopefully Soundwave too!


Botcon Rapido en el casa

Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Rapido robot mode

So turquoise, so goooood!

Yeah yeah, every other Transformers site has already posted this photo found on ACtoys.net but I just couldn’t help it. Plus, I need to follow-up on the ‘rumor‘ that Rapdio was indeed going to be part of the attendee exclusive sets at this year’s Botcon in Disney World.

As weird as I was expecting this toy to be, the photo above looks quite nice.  The apparently remolded head is also a nice surprise.  Oh Botcon 2010 non-attendee giftset, shall I order thee?