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Fansproject Protector & Shadow Scythe TFsource review

Yes, it’s pathetic that it took me so long to get this made but I’ve had a rough year so far. If I hear one more person tell me I said ‘scythe’ wrong, I’ll make them sorry!

Enjoy the video.


Fansproject Protector & Shadow Scythe review in the works!

Fansproject Protector and Shadow Scyther mixed armor

It's opposite day!!

At long last, I have finished the photo session for Fansproject Protector and Shadow Scythe! Good lord this was a long time coming. ABout 1000 photos. Hopefully I can hack this together during the week. LONG over due. Waiting for MP-9 to head over next! It’s a Rodimus kind of year!


TakaraTomy 2010 Creator Primus in da house

TakaraTomy 2010 Creator Primus gives promotions

According to the chain of command, all the Autobots just got a raise!

Well, we screwed the pooch on getting Fansproject Protector before everyone else. The pre-release sample is drifting about somewhere in between China and the USA. Predaking is also lost in some postal jungle. So what does that leave? Creator Primus will be touching down on the TFsource channel very soon. In the mean time? PROMOTIONS!