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Beast Hunters Megatron first look – prototype


Spikey and finny – sounds like Beast Hunters to me!

I received photos of the upcoming Beast Hunters version of Megatron.  Unfortunately, it’s exactly like the rest of the line.  Enjoy?


Just as weird from the back


G2 Sandstorm and G2 Night Attack Starscream prototypes discovered amidst ancient relics in China, now on Taobao for a shitload of money

Transformers Generation 2 Sandstorm prototype found in China

"Hello, is it me you are looking for?"

Years ago, a bunch of rare Transformers artwork was put up for sale by a dealer who found a huge bulk of it from a few Hasbro employees. Pieces included original box art, the original air brushed autobot and decepticon symbols, back of box art, you name it! Also included was production artwork for never-before-seen Generation 2 figures including a purple Sludge, Black Starscream, and a desert-camo themed Ramjet. These were apparently scrapped like many other figures from the line and thought to have never made it past the employee-created custom mock-up phase. However yesterday, history was rewritten!

Generation 2 Black Starscream artwork

Why didn't I buy this when I had the chance?!? Oh right, I was a college grad and I didn't have any god damn money to waste.

Apparently someone searching the great pyramids of China stumbled upon a treasure greater than any ancient aliens theorist could’ve imagined – prototypes of some of the un-released G2 figures!!! These include a real G2 Sandstorm, a black prototype of G2 Starscream, a spray-painted mock-up of G2 Sandstorm and some boring G2 Stunticons. Pff, like those are worth anything…

Transformers Black Generation 2 Starscream nightscream night attack

Black Death or Night Attack Starscream?

Whomever is selling these relics ain’t no dummy either. With prices like 10,000 and 20,000 Yuan, we are talking well over $1000 USD for either of these prize items. It’s taking everything in my being to stop from purchasing that G2 Black Starscream… only time will tell.

Transformers Generation 2 Prototype seekers copyright stamps

Too legit to quit

So with great discoveries like this, who knows what may still be out there? Purple Sludges? Skywarps with purple missiles and nose cones? BLUE BLUESTREAKS?!?! Keep your eyes peeled Collecticons, Unicorns are still out there.

Transformers Generation 2 prototype aliens

I'm not saying it's aliens...


Cotton Candy Leader Starscream is mine

Cotton Candy Prototype Starscream

Tastes as sweet as it looks!

Finally! Talk about persistence. Took almost 6 months, but I got this fancy prototype from China for my price. Woot!


Chrome Hard Hero Shockwave bust sample

Generation 1 Shockwave Hard Hero chrome bust prototype

Shield your eye from the glory!!

I recently purchased a few Hard Hero test samples. This one in particular is VERY cool. It’s a sample of the G1 Shockwave bust. This particular one is painted in a gleaming purple chrome. It is magnificent. Hopefully my Starscream one has something special like sample colors or something, but it is still packed away.

Thanks The Great Outdoors!

Blog Dear Hasbro...

Dear Hasbro: Please, no more bumblebees please!

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Leader Bumblebee

Wow, I didn't know the lunar module came in sunburst yellow

Doesn’t anybody listen?? Cyber Ops Bumblebee wasn’t enough?  Now you have to give each Transformer a frickkin’ spaceship to stick on top of them.  Transformers 3’s toyline continues to baffle and disappoint, but realize these are all pre-release figures so perhaps there will be some explaining.  I am definitely looking forward to this year’s Toy Fair report to get the word on all this crazy shit we are seeing.  Good luck Hasbro, please don’t let us down!


Transformers Dark of the Moon Tanker truck robot mode and identity revealed.

And I will show you via the gift of the written word! Behold!

=??I=~~~~~+II+., O$ZZ7I=$$77II7II+78D88888OOOZZZI??++~=+=~=~
II+++????+?I$7++==~==+=++??=?I7I$OOOOOO8O$7I?++?~::,. …,,,

Sure doesn’t look like much does it? haha


Transformers 3 tanker truck toy

Transformers 3 Dark of the moon tanker truck toy Megatron

Whoever it is... eye-poking smokestacks FTMFW.

An observant viewer of the above photo has pointed out that we have non-neutered smokestacks on this tanker truck toy.  Photos hit the net earlier today.  This toy is also notable for the simulated “tarp” covering the payload of the truck.  VERY interesting and nice to see the designers trying new things


First (postable) photo of Transformers 3 toy – TF3 Deluxe Bumblebee prototype

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Bumblebee prototype car

Targetmasters are back!

The first photograph that has been posted without the threat of legal action has hit the net today in the form of a Deluxe Bumblebee figure with a large accessory on the top. No robot mode pics, sorry! But the figure appears to be a remold of the Battle Blade Bumblebee variety.

Anyone that has seen any other photographs of Dark of the Moon toys knows that the plot now thickens. Apparently large weapon accessories are going to be very en vogue this year on Cybertron…


Unreleased Transformers Energon Starscream Attacktix prototype

unreleased attacktix Energon Starscream prototype

Anybody seen a ghost?

Something funky must be going on over in China. A large smattering of unreleased Attacktix prototypes flooded Ebay a few weeks ago including Soundwave, Grimlock, Bumblebee, and Energon Starscream. Some of these figures were promised to us in the form of product preview photos and even G1 Megatron and Optimus found their way into a few dollar stores. A large group of those proposed figures simply never came to be and were never heard from again until these auctions appeared.

Attacktix Energon Starscream Star Wars base

I wonder which figure this base belonged to?

Of course I snagged the Energon Starscream figure, which is actually my second (I found an additional one for private sale a month ago). Both are unpainted and made from the same cream-colored plastic placed on a non-matching base. The prototype featured in these photos sports the base for a Star Wars Attacktix figure. The missile is not included but something kind of unique to this figure is its ability to detach from the Attacktix play base.

unreleased Attacktix Energon Starscream prototype hardcopy

Energon Starscream disconnected from the base. String optional?

The sculpt is quite nice and would’ve looked great with the proper paint job. Alas, it was not to be and there is likely to only be one hand-painted hardcopy out there in the mythical Hasbro vaults. I doubt I’ll ever get my hands on that one, but crazier things have happened…

I always enjoy getting a look at non-production figures and Attacktix Energon Starscream does not disappoint. I can’t say I ever figured out how to play this strange game, and by the looks of all these unreleased figures not many others did either. For now bid adieu and check out these photographs courtesy of yours truly.

Side and top views of Attacktix Energon Starscream prototype

TF b2 indeed

Blog Featured Ebay Auctions

G1 prototype Starscream on Ebay – not a prototype at all

Generation 1 TFC 9 Starscream prototype from Heerotoymaker

A beautiful site, but just what are we looking at?

Check out this auction by Heero Toy Maker.

The auction is listed as “G1 Starscream prototype near perfect complete.”  So what does that actually mean?  Well from the looks of the photos, we are talking about a prototype from 2003’s Transformers Collection #9 Starscream.  And as you can see in the photograph below… I already have this prototype.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream with recast mold

Something tells me these aren't original prototypes worth $500...

So just what is going on here?  Let’s talk a little bit about Heero Toy Maker first…  He is known for making very awesome recasts of the WST Optimus Prime and Seeker molds.  His WST seekers differ from the official originals in a few ways: the wail fins are two separate pieces, and the weapons are of the null-ray shape instead of the missile shape.  Overall, these unofficial unlicensed toys actually excel when compared to the official originals.  Heero knows how to mass produce figures, and do it extremely well.

So when he first put one of these almost glow-in-the-dark looking G1 Starscreams on Ebay, I went nuts and made him an offer to buy it right now.  Of course, by doing this, I set the price for this figure.  This was almost one year ago, and I thought that if this really is a prototype, it must be for some sort of Encore version of TFC 9 Starscream with the Megatron gun.  I have been patiently waiting for this reissue ever since, and it has failed to appear.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream with prototype from Heero

Starscream is joining Jay-Z and his next White Party

About the only conclusion I can come up with is that the industrious Mr. Heero has decided to change gears and try mass producing his own full-sized G1 seeker molds now. What he is actually selling are his own personal ‘prototypes’ of these completely unlicensed figures, not original official factory samples.  Can I confirm this? No, but the writing is on the wall.  I also do not pass judgment as to whether this practice is OK or not, that is up to you.  I only wish to inform anyone thinking of buying this to make sure they know what they are buying, and also realize that yes, I already have it so you do not have a one-of-a-kind toy. Sorry Charlie.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream copyright stamp

The copyright stamp is even in tact. I give up.