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Lazy Saturday

Lazy Saturday, originally uploaded by Collecticon.

Spark, deceptigtar and splitnine drinking a brew

Live Blog

Botcon 2010 pyro (Spark) in the wild

Botcon 2010 pyro in the wild, originally uploaded by Collecticon.

Lookie who stopped by for a visit


Botcon 2010 brochure posted – G2 Clench, G2 Streetwise & Skybyte confirmed

Generation 2 Clench by WhiteMocha

Generation 2 Clench by WhiteMocha - original photo from Seibertron.com

Botcon 2010 Skybyte???

Could this be close to Botcon 2010 Skybyte? digibash by Whitemocha photo from Seibertron.com

Well they have given up the ghost – the characters in the upcoming Botcon 2010 set have been revealed – G2 Pyro, G2 Breakdown, G2 Streetwise, G2 Clench, and… SKYBYTE?

Apparently we’ve been thrown a curve ball and Predacon Skybyte will be entering the fray this year.  Most are making guesses at Energon Sharkticon as the Skybyte mold and Onslaught as Clench.  Streetwise is also expected to be Prowl, especially since we already know that mold will be used as Rapido.

My guess is that Streetwise will be his G2 incarnation, which is a jet black police car.  It would be a good counterpart to G2 Breakdown.

If you want to see the brochure for yourself, visit botcon.com and you can see it all for yourself.

With the brochure finally revealed, is registration right around the corner?  This little Collecticon definitely thinks so…  Let’s hope that online registration doesn’t go down in the opening moments, and get your trigger fingers ready!


Botcon 2010 – Generation 2 is the theme

Official Botcon 2010 G2 Pyro

It's official!! It's Generation 2 baby!!!

The rumors were true! It’s time for Generation 2!

Unfortunately, now we have to deal with stuff like this G2 Pyro homage. I am still happy about the set theme, but I am hoping for some of the G1 repaint characters!!! Here’s hoping!