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Transformers 3 sight-seeing tours in Chicago

Transformers 3 Chicago filming locations

I'm the mayor of Cybertron!

So there is a new Foursquare badge in Chicago for visiting all the filming locations of Transformers 3. I am not one to participate in that meta game, but this is intriguing. I’ve been anticipating some sort of Transformers 3 city tour, maybe I’ll even start my own! God knows I could do it. Everyone would have to wear the Cine-masks instead of those little flags or arm bands. Lord.

Check out the link here: http://www.explorechicago.org/city/en/supporting_narrative/events___special_events/special_events/tourism/Games_copy/t3.html


Metroplex takes a walk – causes 8.9 Earthquake in Japan

Woke up today to hear that a giant earthquake hit off the coast of Japan and has caused a disasterous tsunami that is currently sweeping the Japanese coast.  The footage from this is remarkable, but the results will be horrible.  Our good friend and fellow collector Professor Smooth is safe and sound, but has relayed a few important facts since the disaster began.

Japan is in a permanent state of earthquake readiness. That’s why (so far) the death toll is at 32, rather than 100,000 plus (the Haiti and Indonesia quakes were smaller than Japan’s).

Smooth also says this is being reported as the fifth most powerful quake to ever be recorded in modern history.  WOW!  To think I’ve gone through most of my life without hearing or having any idea what kind of destruction a wave could have, now it seems almost common place.  At least now the United States can quit satiating Charlie Sheen and care about something beyond themselves for a few days.

Metroplex tearing up the countryside

Didn't Prime tell you to stop doing jumping jacks while on Earth!??!?!

I recently got in touch with Smooth and apparently things are getting worse every minute:

It’s unbelievable. I can’t overstate how insane this is. There are oil refineries that that are just acres of fire. A miles-wide wave of cars and buildings and fire and death has obliterated at least one town. Tens of thousands of people are stranded in Tokyo.

So for now, we must pray, wait, and hope…