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Unreleased ROTF / HFTD “Megatron Rising” giftset figure

“I’m so rare no one even knew I existed until today!”

Well well well.  Thanks to my old pal Blue Boost for nefariously sneaking a photo of our private little Megatron treasure into a TFw2005 news post yesterday. He’s stirred the pot and now would-be movie collectors are salivating over his unreleased ROTF Voyager Megatron from the ill-fated “Megatron Rising” giftset.  I decided to share this photo of my version, which has been actually out on my table recently amongst other Megatrons.

Bask in the glory of what could’ve been. Officially, the giftset was revealed at SDCC 2010 but none of the giftsets saw the light of day, except Ravage infiltration giftset which did appear in the UK in limited numbers.

Getting ahold of figures like this is no laughing matter. You usually get one chance and you must strike immediately. Boost and I got these off of Ebay from a seller than typically has sample toys. Apparently this giftset was very near final production before it was pulled.  Perhaps a warehouse does exist full of packaged pieces… we may never know!

More like Megatron falling… amirite?

Strange enough, while writing this quick article I found a place online that has listings for this Megatron (sold out) as well as the individual legends class constructicons. The red scrapper in particular is interesting.  But are $235 per legend, they may be the most expensive legends of all time!  Happy hunting Collecticons.


#whoistarn – A new challenger appears!! MTMTE issue 54 SPOILERS


Say it ain’t so!

More Than Meets The Eye issue 54 is out! The battle ensues!

For those of you following the Battle of the Bastards on Sunday, Wednesday delivered just as brutal of a fight but the massacre didn’t pan our exactly as expected. One little-scrutinized tidbit that this Collecticon noticed was a harkening back to dirty deeds done by Mr. Movie Bumblebee.  Could it be?  COULD IT BE THAT TARN IS MOVIE BUMBLEBEE IN DISGUISE?!?!  Transformers may never be the same again!



ROTF powered-up Optimus Prime finally gets his day, albeit 3rd party style

Fans Want It Powered up Optimus Prime


Collecticon.org begrudgingly reports on 3rd party non-Hasbro non-Takara items, but today there was an announcement for one that kind of deserves some praise.  Back at the transitional period between Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon, TakaraTomy teased an amazing looking group of figures under a line named “Unite for the Universe.”  Two major figures were promised but never saw the light of day: a nice silver -painted voyager Megatron, and power up armor attachments for voyager Optimus Prime.

The power up armor looked so good, and so close to the movie representation, that of course it was cancelled, never to be seen on store shelves.   A few years later, we have a leader-sized rendition of the same upgrade kit by Fans Want It.  The ever-revealing Planet Iacon Singapore Facebook Group broke the news, as they typically do, and showed us the first images of the set.  It brought more tears to my eyes than the actual ROTF film, yet this time tears of joy.

So now in my glee, I present a smattering of all the renditions of Upgrade or Jetwing Optimus from the movie-verse up till now.  Enjoy!

Dark of the Moon Jetwing Optimus Prime
transformers-legends-jetfire-combined-optimus-prime-toy transformers-ROTF-jetfire-combined-buster-optimus-prime-toy transformers-rotf-poweredup-jetfire-optimus-prime trnasformers-ROTF-Powered-Up-Optimus-Prime-Unite-unreleased


Cotton Candy Leader Starscream is mine

Cotton Candy Prototype Starscream

Tastes as sweet as it looks!

Finally! Talk about persistence. Took almost 6 months, but I got this fancy prototype from China for my price. Woot!


Transformers movie pinball game in the works?

Check out this video at the 2:54 mark…

There has been a lot of chatter about a Transformers movie pinball game for some time now. The first movie came and went, no pinball game. Then Revenge of the Fallen came and went, still no pinball. Now that we are at the finale of the movie trilogy, will the franchise finally get it’s old school day in the sun? Only time will tell…


Custom Diaclone Powered Convoy ROTF Optimus Prime

blue Diaclone Powered Convoy custom

History repeats!

I pretty much hate custom Transformer toys. Once you add paint or cut a piece, the toy’s original value becomes essentially nill in my eyes. I find the simple ball joint replacement mods like the Kup head a little more digestible. Let’s not worry about my Transformers politics for a moment though and bask in the beauty of this killer custom Convoy!

Blue diaclone power convoy rotf optimus prime

It's ThunderPrimer!

The beauty of this custom is the throwback to a very little-known era of Transformers: the Pre-transformer era. This is paying homage to the beautifully unicorn-esque blue Convoy cab that was set into the original mold of what would become Ultra Magnus armor. Maybe I am enthralled because I have been trying to attain a nice blue Optimus cab for many years. I just respect the recognition of the source of the Transformers brand. Know your roots, Collecticons!

blue diaclone ROTF optimus prime

The past and present collide


#Megatron trending on Twitter because of Usama Bin Laden jokes

#megatron trending on twitter

Wow, I really don't know what to say...

Wow, talk about news of the weird and somewhat off-color. Apparently the current joke around the online world of the tasteless is to insinuate that Usama Bin Laden may come back stronger than before after being revived from the depths of the ocean, just like Megatron in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

Good one guys, I get it, but I’m not laughing : T


Transformers 5 – The Planet Of The Earth

Transformers 5 poster on 30 Rock

Could it really happen?

Liz Lemon came across a poster for Transformers 5: The Planet Of The Earth. This was definitely a jab at the awkwardly titled Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It was perfect for a laugh! It also shows how Transformers as a movie franchise is the butt of many jokes regarding integrity and quality.

So will Bay and crew be able to dig themselves out of the hole created by Revenge of the Fallen? All signs point to… maybe?

Check out the episode here on Hulu.

Transformers 5 Written by No One

Just like Revenge of the Fallen!


Will Skids and Mudflap finally combine in Transformers Dark of the Moon?

Transformers Movie Twins combined face

A face only a robo-mother could love

It’s no secret that the Twins from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen were designed as some sort of counterparts to each other.  In fact, when merging their body renders, it becomes clear that they were probably intended to combine into some sort of super-soldier.  It all makes perfect sense really: two stupid goofy robots that can handle stand up straight on their own merge into a highly intelligent and unworldly strong single unit.  Each even had opposite enlarged arms and by looking at the faces above it can be seen that each bot has opposing features.  I have no doubt that this was a facet of the Twins that ended up on the cutting room floor due to ROTF’s bloated visual vomit and lack of cohesive story plot points.  They even battled Devastator, who was a combination of may robots.  It’s only right and natural to have opposing forces with the same powers battle it out in Transformers lore.

So now Mudflap and Skids will be returning as shadowy versions of their formers selves in Transformers Dark of the Moon.  My money is on the fact that these guys will finally combine in an attempt to get kids to say WOW!  Unfortunately, the proof was in the design from the get-go.  Let’s hoping for Skidflap!

Transformers ROTF skids and mudflap twins

Please get destroyed before this movie ends.


SAP Animates ROTF Leader Optimus Prime

Here is a clip from a new commercial for SAP featuring a very well-animated ROTF Leader Optimus Prime. I could learn a lot from this video!

Check out the full commercial by clicking here.