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Shattered Glass Soundwave will have a headband after-all – peace and serenity

Apparently the Botcon twitter account quelled the uprising prior to it even beginning and I myself muse apologize and applaud their efforts. Check out the actual tweet here.

Since this is the first question many will have. YES. There will be a headband accessory. It will be available for sale at the club store.

There was no way to mold an appropriate headband on that head. Would not  have done it justice. Needs to be long and flowing.

The cost of molding the piece in China and putting in the set would have been FAR more than doing in stateside and selling separately.

The headband will NOT be a piece of fabric. Anyone can put a green string on it. And that still would have cost more than what is planned.

So there you have it.  We are getting our ridiculous head-banded Soundwave after all!


Ridiculous Transformers combiner fanmodes

Seriously what the fuck is this?


There comes a time and a place for gestalts and combiners, but some fans decide to take matters into their own hands. Results may vary, however…

Some one kill it with fire


Some of these abominations are just impressive. I mean, how can someone even bother?

War for Cybertron Megatron with Soundwave claw

Mechtech, is that you?

Once in a while, you get something that actually looks cool but still… no. Double Bruticus does not approve.

Seaspray combiner

He has a floaty!

Thank you /toy for being so bat shit crazy!