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Sweet new Bumble-Tees from RIPT Apparel today only

Cool t-shirts

Two slick TF tees available today

Just thought I’d put the word out that RIPT Apparel has some shirt designs that might be relevant to your interests today.  These designs feature versions of the lovable Generation 1 Bumblebee and might be great gifts for that little transfan in all of us.  They are available for $10 a piece until midnight CST tonight! Check them out now!


Orange planets can’t jump – Funny Transformers Unicron art from Eyemelt

Unicron dunking a planet basketball

There are seriously not enough good jokes like this in Transformers

Came across artist Eyemelt’s awesome Transformers Unicron basketball dunking a moon parody today. Simply stunning. Someone show this guy the front door to RIPT Apparel…


4 new Transformers-themed shirts coming from RIPT Apparel

Cool Cheap graphic tees

RIPT Apparel rocks!!

After a not-so-fun attempt to purchase Mondo’s awesome Transformers 3 poster, I found out about RIPT Apparel‘s upcoming robot weekend. They will have 4 new cool graphic shirts for the first 4 days of July, probably t coincide with the release of Transformers 3. Check out this teaser above.


RIPT Apparel Bad Bugs Insecticon shirt has arrived!

Cool graphic tees

These bugs are bad!

My Bad Bugs shirt just arrived from RIPT Apparel! The printing is great and I can’t wait to wear these buggaboos to Botcon 2011!  I love how cool these graphic tees are from RIPT, and only $10!  Did anyone else get theirs?


Win a free tee from RIPT Apparel and Collecticon – follow us on Twitter

cool t-shirts

Win some new sick threads - follow @Collecticon & @ript on Twitter

It’s that time again!

The wonderful folks at RIPT are letting me give away one free t-shirt coupon for those of you that both follow Collecticon and RIPT on Twitter.  All you have to do is be a follower of both and you’ll get a free coupon today.  Follow both by 10 PM CST and you’ll be notified via Direct Message from @Collecticon.

It couldn’t be simpler!  The coupon can be used for today’s tee or any tee in the future.

Edit:  It’s come to my attention that the winner selection process was not clear.  One winner will be chosen at random from current followers and new.  Even if you already follow, you will be elligible.


Real Life Insecticons at RIPT Apparel today

Bad Bugs graphic tee at RIPT Apparel

A little heavy on the electrons, ELECTRONS!

Today RIPT Apparel is offering another awesome graphic tee for 24-hours. This time it’s a real life interpretation of the Insecticons! Killer! The tees are only $10 so fork over some energon cubes and GET SOME!


Bad Bugs coming your way soon…

Insecticons as bugs in graphic t-shirt

Making your skin crawl one creepy crawly at a time

This shirt design was too cool not to share. Expect to see it at RIPT Apparel as a graphic tee soon enough!


Deceptibones tshirt follow up to Auto Skull at RIPT Apparel today

Deceptibones at RIPT Apparel

All you have to do is subscribe to each channel on Youtube and you are entered to win.

It’s that time again!

You all knew RIPT Apparel was going to have to do a follow-up to “Auto-Skull” which was sold earlier this year. Now we have the complimentary “Deceptibones” from the same artist, Jason Tracewell.

Once again, I’m going to be doing a t-shirt giveaway to lucky people that subscribe to both my channel, Collecticons and RIPTApparel on Youtube. I’ll be giving away 3 free t-shirt coupons by the end of the day so make sure you subscribe to both now!  Even if you’re already subscribed to both, you can still win.  You need to be subscribed to BOTH channels to be eligible to win!  Winners will be contacted before 10 PM CST today.  That way, you can get Deceptibones if you want!

The shirt is only $10 and available until midnight tonight.


Autoskull graphic tee giveaway through Twitter

Win a RIPT Apparel Autoskull t-shirt by following Collecticon and RIPT on twitter

Just follow each account to be entered to win today

Hey hey!  It looks like the folks over at RIPT Apparel are letting me help them giveaway a free t-shirt or two of today’s design, Autoskull. Super cool!

All you have to do is follow both @collecticon and @ript on twitter and at 10PM a winner will be notified through twitter.  You have to be following BOTH accounts though to win.  You will get the Autoskull design in the size of your choice delivered to your door!  International applicants are welcome to try it out as well.


Awesome autoskull t-shirt from RIPT Apparel TODAY ONLY!

Autoskull t-shirt from RIPT Apparel cool

Where's the Deceptiskull?

Check out RIPT Apparel today some a killer cool t-shirt design from artist Jason Tracewell.  You can check out Jason’s artwork here.  As always, the tee shirt design is only $10, well $12 for fatties but what can you do?  That’s a lot of extra cloth!

Also, if tees aren’t you thing, they have back printed hoodies from American Apparel for $38 as well.  Check it out and don’t be left at Botcon without one!