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One of these things is not the same…

Rodimus Prime and Hot Rod Collection

Name it name it that's the game!


Rodimus Convoy ho!

Rodimus Convoy MP09 and company

He's in good company!!!

Ok it didn’t show up first but I promise I got this for much cheaper than anyone else in the USA!!! 😀


MP9 Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy in-hand video

I took it upon myself to create a duplicate of the video found on Amazon.co.jp today so we can comment on it with giddy American glee! Enjoy the video courtesy of yours truly!


Masterpiece Rodimus’ Transformation IS in fact totally insane

Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy transformation photos

Just as crazy as his movie transformation(s)!

This is a follow-up to this previous post: Transformation of Masterpiece Rodimus to be completely insane.

TF insider S250 has posted a slew of images to TFW2005 from the upcoming 2010 Generations book. We get our first look at the gnitty gritty of how this figure transforms.  Click on the image above to get a better look at how this amazing toy will work!


Call off the detectives – high res Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy photos hit the net

Masterpiece Hot Rod MP09


I can hardly contain myself!  I’ve been waiting for this day: the day when TakaraTomy would actually need to advertise the features of MP-09 and we could call of the nerd-sleuths from the case (though we thank you for your emotionally charged detective work).

It appears that this toy will have it all.

  • Conversion between Hot Rod and Rodimus Convoy and their respective alt-modes
  • Hot Rod’s buzz saw hand
  • Matrix chest-compartment
  • Hot Rod’s eye goggles
  • Combining Hot Rod pistols into Rodimus Convoy’s rifle
  • Exchangeable head via rotating gimmick
Masterpiece 09 Rodimus Matrix

That looks like a new piece to me!

Of note is that it appears the toy will come with a NEW matrix of Leadership.  That kind of smarts because I was expecting to use my MP-04S matrix with this figure.  According to this somewhat blurry image, the matrix is a much more round rendition of the ancient Transformer relic.

It really is nice to see this piece come together, it is really looking great!  It’s like they took the Metalverse Rodimus Prime statue from a few years ago and decided to make it transform.

So while we all wait for this next gem to adorn many-a-Rodimus collection, we can take a moment to look at this amazing eye-candy over at Seibertron.

Masterpiece 09 Hot Rod care mode

What a beautiful behind


TakaraTomy Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy sketch

TakaraTomy Masterpiece MP Rodimus Convoy

And the next Masterpiece is...

After seeing a late night re-tweet from my good buddy th0r4z1n3, I was shocked to see that the next Masterpiece really IS going to be Rodimus… CONVOY!  I was hoping for a Hot Rod that might somehow convert into an older, wiser Rodimus Convoy but I’ll take what I can get!  This production sketch was found on actoys