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Hangin at Botcon 2011

I’m here. I made it this morning.

I was lucky enough to attend the customizing class being held this morning. Apparently things ran more smoothly than ever before today. Wow, it’s hard to believe small children in China churn these figures out en-masse!!!

Anyway, until I get full internet access, this will suffice. For now please, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER for consistent updates.

Here are some things I can reveal after ‘strategically’ over-hearing some things by Botcon staff in the lobby:

  • Shattered Glass two pack attendee exclusive: Shattered Glass Galvatron + Shattered Glass Thundercracker.  This is the Cybertron Evac and Classics seeker mold.  THIS IS GOING TO BE THE HOT SET!
  • Animated Sideswipe is part of the set.
  • Other options for the custom class figure were the Animated Rodimus & Animated Jazz molds, since they were the only others that were availble to the club to use for this purpose.
  • Rodimus as Sunstreaker was considered for the custom class figure, but ultimately the Arcee mold was chosen due to it’s simplicity.  Rodimus is a very complex mold.
  • “The Stunti-con Job” name for the Botcon 2011 Comic is meant to be a play on “The Italian Job,” a caper / heist movie.

Transformers Dark of the Moon Rodimus figure – clues to the ferrari’s identity?

Transformers Dark of the Moon legends Rodimus

Probably not random in any sense of the word

An auction for a new legends 3-pack was spotted today which includes a peculiar name for a character of note.  For the first time, we see the name “Rodimus” in regards to the movie toys.  This is a repainted version of the Legends Classics Rodimus mold and looks to be very G1 in appearance.  I guess that makes sense considering the nature of the giftset itself, but I believe this indicates something that the makes of Transformers 3 have kept very quiet:  Who is the Red Ferrari Autobot?

Of course this toy is not necessarily supposed to represent the Red Ferrari in the movie, it could be a G1 homage much like the G2 spychanger Optimus painted to look like Movie Optimus from the first movie.  Either way, this could definitely help the chances of this Ferrari being named Rodimus.  Isn’t it strange that we haven’t seen a toy for this figure yet but we have for just about everyone else?  Puzzling indeed. ^_^

Spychanger Movie Optimus Prime as G2

History repeating?


Masterpiece Rodimus’ Transformation IS in fact totally insane

Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy transformation photos

Just as crazy as his movie transformation(s)!

This is a follow-up to this previous post: Transformation of Masterpiece Rodimus to be completely insane.

TF insider S250 has posted a slew of images to TFW2005 from the upcoming 2010 Generations book. We get our first look at the gnitty gritty of how this figure transforms.  Click on the image above to get a better look at how this amazing toy will work!