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He’s a Firestarter – TakaraTomy Masterpiece Sunstorm MP11-S announced

Transformers Masterpiece Sunstorm MP11-S

"Hey guys, here for the party! What? Not who you were expecting?"

Curve ball number 905 for 2012 – MASTERPIECE SUNSTORM IS COMING! Will he have a cape? I sure hope he does. He is Starscream’s brother afterall. Definitely picking this mother up when it comes near. Be careful, he’s hot!

Oh yeah, some other toy was announced today too.


iGear Masterpiece Thundercracker – dear God, let this madness stop

iGear Thundercracker

Just because the original became $300 doesn't mean you deserve a cheaper one

Annoying. Well, I’m sure there are plenty of whiney “i missed it the first time, why is it so expensive?” bastards that are rejoicing to get a sub-par anime-colored Masterpiece Thundercracker. Enjoy your fakes. In fact, order them here!


iGear PP03J Masterpiece not-Ramjet in hand video

I was able to get a first-hand look at the upcoming controversial iGear PP03J Jet Fighter Team figure, aka Masterpiece Ramjet. The quality is impressive and reinforces the notion that 2011 is the year of the 3rd Party. Look out Hasbro!

iGear Ramjet

It's sad but true: this 3rd party toy is just as good as the real thing.


Kold Klear Seeker mold coming from the world of KO Toys

Kold Klear Seeker mold

KOtoys.com has raised the ante with a new line of their unashamedly knock-off toys

It looks like KOtoys is still up to ‘no good’ with this new completely clear version of the classics seeker mold.  I am really excited to get ahold of these unique knock-offs and I hope the quality is as good as I am expecting.  So far, nothing Kold has gotten out into the wild but it should all happen soon enough. Check out the gold version of the seeker posted early.


Gold Classics Starscream parade

Gold KO Classics Starscreams

Aye, me' lucky charms!

Just in case no one happened to see this fabulous display of the second upcoming KOLD release from kotoys.com

I’m off to the Transformers 3 casting call, smell ya later!


Alternity Thundercracker

TakaraTomy announce Transformers Alternity Thundercracker

Wow, big surprise there!

In the biggest ‘no shit’ moment of the year thus far, TFsource has revealed the first image of Alternity Thundercracker to round out the Decepticon threesome.  Although the image above is simply an official digibash of the Alternity Skywarp product shots (check out the reflection!), we can expect the final product to looks pretty close to this.

Expect this figure to be released in October – November 2010.

Featured Ebay Auctions

Revoltech Skywarp?

Revoltech Skywarp found on Ebay

100% haha! Famous last words, yet still intriguing...

During my daily stroll down Ebay Street, I found a rather peculiar auction image for TRANSFORMER REVOLTECH STARSCREAM GENUINE FIGURE AP746 that caught my attention.  That’s a Revoltech Starscream box, and a Revoltech Starscream mold, but those are not Revoltech Starscream COLORS.  Black and purple only belong to one Decepticon bruiser and we all know him well, our good buddy Skywarp.

The picture in this auction is a little hard to decipher since the collage was obviously created in Photoshop, but it’s difficult to tell whether the colors are legit or treated.  I seem to recall hearing murmours of Revoltech seeker repaints, but my memory is not serving me at this time.  For now you can check out the auctions here and decide for yourself whether this is a bootleg or the real thing.


First sketch of Alternity Starscream / seeker mold

Our first look at the upcoming Alternity seeker mold

Following up from the other day’s post, our first glimpse at the Transformers Alternity seeker mold is here in the form of a sketch first posted at Digital Toys.  The drawing depicts Starscream as retaining some sort of tail-fin on his shins as well as what appear to be “wings” protruding from his back.  The iconic seeker air-intakes on the shoulders are also there, but in a more hook-like shape.

So far, the figure looks awesome!  Be warned though, other sketches have shown parts that did not end up in the final production model of the toy, such as Megatron’s fusion cannon.  We’ll just have to wait and see how this turns out, but all signs are pointing to another amazing Alternity figure.