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MP10 is an enlarged Hybrid Convoy

Masterpiece 10 new convoy

Just like to you told you fuckers

You still crying now, you stupid sacs of lard?

Seibertron has posted the first images of MP10 and they are glorious. Say… don’t you remember someone suggesting that it would look like the Hybrid G1 Convoy? No? Well cat’s outta the bag, it was me!

MP10 and Hybrid Style Convoy

Separated at birth? You bet your ass they were!

It was clear that the Hybrid Style Convoy was superior to the original MP-01 mold as soon as I got it, but it was just so gall darn tiny!  Now we are seeing the culmination of years upon years of Transformers engineering and we do indeed have the ultimate Optimus Prime toy.  I applaud you TakaraTomy and Hasbro. Well done.  Hats off.  It’s a shame you have such fickle petty “fans.”  Have faith in these companies, they are unparalleled in their respective fields.

Transformers MP10 convoy semi

Dat alt-mode!!

By the way, I only count ONE grill!!!! Finally!!! edit: nevermind, there are still two grills. DAMMIT!

Blog Tales from the Holiest of Holy Grails

Lucky Draw Green Unicron of Light gallery

Transformers Micron Legend Green Unicron of Light

Colored Green because he just reeks of the cash it costs to get him!

Seibertron.com did not disappoint today with the revealed Mystery Gallery which turned out to be Lucky Draw Micron Legend Green Unicron of Light!  This is definitely a unique and rare piece and this gallery will most likely be the only place most will ever see him.

Some Collecticons may remember that Rikkomba was attempting to sell his on Ebay earlier this year.  That particular auction did not end with a buyer, but the initial price tag was £2,499.00.  So when will the next Green Unicron trade hands and how much will it cost?  Like usual, my mantra is “Only time will tell.”


War for Cybertron demo re-count from Toy Fair 2010

Transformers War For Cybertron Ironhide screenshot
Although we did not see Ironhide in action during the demo, we got a good look at some surprise chracters – Jetfire, Airraid, Silverbolt, and Breakdown!

Activision was on hand at Hasbro’s Toy Fair 2010 event to show us 3 demo levels from “War For Cybertron.” I was on hand with Seibertron.com and was able to recount my experience of seeing the game. We were not allowed to record any part of this presentation so my words will have to paint the picture for you!

See the full review here at Seibertron.com


Seibertron gets a face-lift

The new Seibertron.com 2010 facelift!

With 2010 being such a iconic year in Transformers lore, many of the major Transformers sites have conduct some sort of special acknowledgment to the year. In fact, Collecticon simply got started on the first day of the year! Some sites have simply posted a banner noting it is the year 2010, but Seibertron.com has gone so far as to redesign the entire look of the site and make special note of it’s 10 year anniversary.

I would like to congratulate the staff of Seibertron.com on 10 great years!