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The first Generation 1 Shattered Glass figures – G1 SG Soundwave & Blaster + cassettes!

transformers shattered glass blaster and soundwave

Ehobby sets the TFCC straight!

It was bound to happen someday: the collector club got their grubby mits on some classic Generation 1 transformer molds. I never would’ve guessed that it would take teaming up with E-hobby to make such a thing become reality. We finally got a glimpse of the finished figures today and they look pretty awesome, if not completely wacky. What’s up Slugfest mold!? Where ya been, man??

I for one am excited for this set, mostly for the Soundwave half, but a giant black Blaster is kind of cool too. Maybe this makes up for all the hate that SG Soundwave received from this year’s Botcon set? No? Well, you a-holes are never satisfied so suck it.

Exclusive Shattered Glass G1 transformers from Japan

Yellow guy not included!

The big question here is what’s the price going to be? Consider the facts:

  1. This set is an exclusive set expected to be availble in the USA and Japan (so there’s going to be a large number of them made)
  2. It is a rather large set that includes two large G1 figures and 4 cassetticons
  3. Encore Twincast and Soundblaster were each released somewhere around the $65 pricepoint
  4. It’s being release by the Transformer Collector Club (so tack on about 25% more cost there for whatever reason)

I estimate the price of this set to be between $175-$225 + shipping.  So it’s gonnnnnna cost ya!  But man, bring on the Shattered Glass G1 Optimus Prime!!!!!


Botcon 2012 Day 1 – some choice shots

Renderform Bumblebee prototypes

Check out some Bumblejumper and Hubcap action in the Captured Prey room

Here is a small collection of shots from yesterday’s festivities. My Shattered Glass Longarm looks ok, no?

Botcon 2012 Hotel parts party

Everyone knows that there was far more than just a simple -parts party- going on behind this door! It was a bonanza.

Jon 3.0 and his Ravage puppet at botcon 2012

Puppet Ravage says -FOR ME TO POOP ON!!-


In-hand photos of TFCC Shattered Glass Drift and Over-Run – Classics Runabout

Shattered Glass Drift car TFCC over-run Runabout shockwave

A bunch of cool dudes

I thought I’d share some more eye-candy now that I’ve transformed them. Enjoy!

Shattered Glass Drift is lame


Shattered Glass Drift under hood

Where does he get all those wonderful toys?

Runabout Over-run and SG Drift



TFCC Runabout and Shattered Glass Drift arrive pretty quick – Good job Funpub!

Classics Runabout Over-run TFCC Shattered Glass Drift

Vampire cars!

Lookie what arrived! The super-fast shipping of Fun Publications got these really nice exclusives to my door much quicker than expected. Runabout is looking hot and the Drift is cool, if you give a rats about Drift. Haven’t transformed them yet, but I thought I’d prove that the figures are actually arriving! Score one for Funpub, but just one! 😉

TFCC Over-Run box art with Shattered Glass Drift

Pretty colors and gotta love these boxes!

The inserts are mighty-fine too.

TFCC Botcon Over-run Runabout Shattered Glass Drift

Hey, something is missing here!


Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus from Botcon 2012 boxset – He gave Prime his face!

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus toy

Diacloooooone!!!! Well, sort of.

Yay, a clear look at Botcon 2012 Ultra Magnus, a REAL CLEAR look at his clear face!!!! Ultra Ghostnus! From what I can gather, Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus is some sort of cross-over with G2 laser Optimus Prime and Bludgeon. I get that from the box art I suppose, but it’s really anyone’s guess until we get the comic that goes with this peculiar set.

Public outcry is, as expected, at a whiny fever pitch (myself included) and most of the distaste comes from the head, which if you look closely, is another remold. That’s quite a few heads we’ve gotten so far this year! Woo hoo! You can’t say that Fun Publications didn’t give it their all this year, at least from a production standpoint.

Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus head face clear


Just to get a taste of what fans are saying, here is one of the more heated comments I’ve seen:

wtf is up with the tribal bullshit! i’ll say it. its fuckin lame/stupid, what is this?… some “just got into college” shattered Ultra magnus that got drunk after a weezer concert in florida and tatooed is hood like a dumbass. WTF! Jesus! WTF!

So there you have it. We don’t like tribal bullshit on our toys. Or Zartan heads.

Here is an updated look at Magnus’ head thanks to Botcon

Botcon Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus crystal skull

Bug eyes


Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Octopunch – a punch in the face

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass SG Octopunch


Thanks Ebay for this horrifying look at what is coming for the Botcon 2012 exclusives. Here we have the brilliant choice of Octopunch as the Seaspray mold.

Seriously, why do we have to reach back so far as to use the shittiest of all Transformer lore in Botcon sets these days? Action masters and Pretenders sucked, they were and still are pathetic excuses for Transformer toys, and no amount of ret-conning or upgrades will change that fact. These things KILLED the Transformers franchise, let’s not celebrate them anymore, please? Alice was the only good pretender we ever got, and that still hasn’t become a toy!

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Octopunch hovercraft

Under the sea, the only place you should ever see me!


Shattered Glass Soundwave wants his headband!

SG Soundwave waits in line for his headband at Botcon 2012

Even Soundwave himself has to wait in line! Photo by Deceptigtar

Here is a funny from my friend Deceptigtar. He bought this custom SG Soundwave at last year’s Botcon, who knew it would come to life less than a year later!  In case satire is a bit beyond you, this is a photo of Soundwave himself forking over mad cash for his own headband at the Funpub store later this year.  Oh irony.


Shattered Glass Soundwave will have a headband after-all – peace and serenity

Apparently the Botcon twitter account quelled the uprising prior to it even beginning and I myself muse apologize and applaud their efforts. Check out the actual tweet here.

Since this is the first question many will have. YES. There will be a headband accessory. It will be available for sale at the club store.

There was no way to mold an appropriate headband on that head. Would not  have done it justice. Needs to be long and flowing.

The cost of molding the piece in China and putting in the set would have been FAR more than doing in stateside and selling separately.

The headband will NOT be a piece of fabric. Anyone can put a green string on it. And that still would have cost more than what is planned.

So there you have it.  We are getting our ridiculous head-banded Soundwave after all!


A wild Botcon 2012 Shatterd Glass Soundwave appears!

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Heroic Soundwave

Holy head-sculpt, Batman!

Today we were all scorned to learn the visage of what should’ve been the flag-ship figure of this year’s Botcon 2012 set, Heroic Shattered Glass Soundwave. The figure you see above is the official figure photo revealed by Botcon today.

I was really expecting this figure to rule, but even I have to reluctantly bitch.  No expected headband, stupid GI-Joe decal on the side of the door, and the god-damn face is not Soundwave, it’s Optimus Prime.  What the hell is going on here!?  I call shenanigans on the up-till-now amazing SG Soundwave art we have seen.

Shattered Glass Soundwave artwork

SG soundwave in better days!

Oh well, I’ll still be getting it! I love the idea of Shattered Glass Soundwave, but this execution is not as good as the custom I saw at last year’s Botcon. We can’t all have our cake and eat it too!


Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Tracks revealed – red Road Rage homage as expected

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Tracks vehicle mode

Little red corvette

Botcon released another image of a Botcon 2012 boxset Transformer today.  Nothing Earth-shattering, but at least we now know they went with the Road Rage homage for SG Tracks.  Kind of a yawn, black would’ve been neater. 😉

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Tracks red

Nothing super surprising or exciting here