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Cool Transformers G1 Gestalt text tees & more

Tee shirt with Devastator names on it

The 'Devastator' Tee – It's... it's wonderful!

I came across a smattering of interesting Transformers shirts the other day on Red Bubble.  Although I can’t really stand that website for personal reasons, these shirts were kind of funny.  They play off the original Helvetica listing design for the beatles, which has been parodied to death.  Instead, it’s the Generation 1 Gestalt teams with color-coded names!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.  They are kind of pricey though, at over $20.

See a slideshow of the designs below:


4 new Transformers-themed shirts coming from RIPT Apparel

Cool Cheap graphic tees

RIPT Apparel rocks!!

After a not-so-fun attempt to purchase Mondo’s awesome Transformers 3 poster, I found out about RIPT Apparel‘s upcoming robot weekend. They will have 4 new cool graphic shirts for the first 4 days of July, probably t coincide with the release of Transformers 3. Check out this teaser above.