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Hasbro Masterpiece Sunstorm – Fast Food seeker


Would you like fries with that?

TFW2005 user jru42287 posted a screenshot of what is expected to be the final deco of the upcoming Masterpiece Sunstorm release from Hasbro.  Results are, shall we say, underwhelming?  In a very drastic departure from the TakaraTomy Japanese release, we have a lot of unexpected white and red in the figure, instead of the more orange deco many were expecting.


A collection of previous incarnations of Sunstorm – photo by David Willis of Shortpacked

The figure will feature the MP-12 mold, just like Masterpiece Thundercracker.  Although hard to see, there are some flame details along the front of the wings.

So just who is art directing over at Hasbro?  Is this meant to be part of the thrilling 30?  More like squirty thirty.


Transformers infographic parody by Shortpacked

Transformers shitty infographic parodied by Shortpacked

Accurate by inaccuracy

Remember those horrible Transformers infographics that popped up a few weeks ago promoting a car insurance website?  Well guess what?  There’s a new one out there, and this time Jazz is a squid!!!  Yes!!!  Thanks to shortpacked for this incredible piece of internet satire.