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Soundwave toys for sale on Ebay – $.99 start price auctions

Everybody loves Raymond, but even more people like Soundwave! See all the potential versions of him you can get from my $.99 cent auctions! Wheee! Click a photo to get to the particular auction.


The first reissue, but definitely not the last. Christ…


Wingthing has grown in popularity ever since they made him into Ratbat


He just a lil’ guy!


Here’s the grown up version of Cybertron Soundwave


… and here’s the expensive grown-up version of Soundwave


… and the black version of THAT!


The cute version of our silent killer


The coolest Soundwave, no matter what you Botcon whiners say.


Transformers Encore revived with Soundblaster, Twincast, ENEMY, and 2 other WTF cassettes!

Transformers Encore series Soundblaster Twincast and ENEMY

Collecting cassettes just got a smidge more fucking insane.

TakaraTomy has supplied us with plenty of “WTF?!?!” moments this year and here comes another!!!  The Transformers Encore Series is BACK and weirder than ever as it becomes  home to Soundblaster and Twincast again.  Don’t roll your eyes just yet though, they sure found a way to make you get plastic scratch fever: Soundblaster now comes bearing a never-before-seen BLUE Cassette door much like his Headmasters appearance.  THERE’S MORE THOUGH – 4 apparently brand new cassetticons!  A red Ratbat, red autobot Ravage, black autobot Steeljaw, and best of all, OFFICIAL TRANSFORMERS ENEMY!!!  Enemy is a weird hold-over from the Microman days.  The original Frenzy/Rumble mold was released in Microman as a red / blue amalgamation.

Soundblaster Headmasters cartoon

Soundblaster as seen in the incredibly-hard-to-watch Headmasters cartoon

No changes to the Twincast mold as far as I can see.  I guess that’s why he comes with the batshit crazy cassette repaints.

TFsource put the preorders up just now so check it out now if you must – SoundblasterTwincast.


The black rider – TakaraTomy Animated Deluxe Soundblaster lands a gig!

TakaraTomy Animated Deluxe Soundblaster

Do you think he plays BLACK SABBATH on that keytar bat?

Yeah, he is way better than the weird teal blue-ish Hasbro version. Now watch him shreddddd!


Amazon.co.jp has a sale – Mountains of TakaraTomy Animated

TakaraTomy Animated Transformer toys on sale

While Chicago is in a whiteout, Japan is in a definite BLACK OUT!

Circle the globe and you will be in a little old place called Japan. Apparently, it’s time to clean house at their Amazon website and almost every Transformer toy across the board was drastically reduced. Can you say TakaraTomy Animated Leaders (regularly $80 + shipping) for $22? Ummm yes please! This photo is not of all my toys but it is a sight to behold. I have a few choice items in this bundle, but even with the shipping, I will be making out like a bandit. Come to me Shiny Black Soundblaster!!!