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Superior Sound available at RIPT today


These shirts: Superior. Any others: Inferior

Our good friends at RIPT Apparel have released yet another wonderful exclusive design by Chicago artist Atomic Rocket. If you what to rep “Kaon’s Original”, you can pick it up today for only $11!  Be careful though: hesitation will either make this more expensive or completely disappear since it will only be available until midnight CST!


“Superior Sound” in its full glory. Get it here!


Titans Return Leaderclass Headmaster Soundwave with Soundblaster revealed


Operation: Head On!

Whelp, the cat’s finally out of the bag.  We are getting a retool of Titans Return Blaster in the form of Headmaster Titans Return Soundwave!  Here is the main box art that will be used for this figure.  Image by Hasbro.


Soundwave toys for sale on Ebay – $.99 start price auctions

Everybody loves Raymond, but even more people like Soundwave! See all the potential versions of him you can get from my $.99 cent auctions! Wheee! Click a photo to get to the particular auction.


The first reissue, but definitely not the last. Christ…


Wingthing has grown in popularity ever since they made him into Ratbat


He just a lil’ guy!


Here’s the grown up version of Cybertron Soundwave


… and here’s the expensive grown-up version of Soundwave


… and the black version of THAT!


The cute version of our silent killer


The coolest Soundwave, no matter what you Botcon whiners say.


Soundwaveimus Prime

MP13 Soundwave in truck mode Optimus

The strangest fan mode I’ve ever seen

It seriously doesn’t get weirder than this!!  Autobots, Eject!  See the source here.


Masterpiece Soundwave puts the nail in the coffin for knock-off acoustic wave

Masterpiece Soundwave MP13

Another blow dealt to 3rd party Transformer manufacturers

A few weeks ago I tweeted about the cancellation of the upcoming ‘masterpiece’ Soundwave from a 3rd party.

Today was possibly the best news day for Transformers fans in years.  News from the Tokyo Toy show gave us our first look at a new batch of Masterpiece figures from TakaraTomy including Sideswipe and Soundwave.  This Soundwave is simply AMAZING!  The greatest feature?  Laserbeak transformers without any additional parts.  Yes, that’s right: the blasters fold out of the cassette mode.  There also seems to be the ability for Soundwave to emit sound due to a 8th inch phono jack on the upper cassette player.  What can’t this figure do!??!

There is further coverage, and we’re sure to see more before the event is over.  What an amazing-looking figure!  Masterpiece is shaping up to be THE Transformers line!


Post Botcon 2012 predictions and thoughts – Cybertroncon Asia exclusives not so exclusive

Transformers G1 Hoist Cybertroncon reveal

This just in from 2012 Cybertroncon - Asia-only right? I'm calling bullshit brigade on that one.

So Botcon 2012 has come and gone and with it some surprising revelations. The most important of these I am listing below in no particular order:

  • Transformers Collector Club subscription service starting soon with 6 exclusive figures available in the initial roll out.  This subscription service is expected to replace the usual 1 or 2 club exclusive figures that are available each year.  This will make for all intents and purposes a second boxed set of toys for fans and members of the TFCC.
  • Transformers Generations will induct a new voyager class starting with War for Cybertron Soundwave, later being repainted to Soundblaster.  It can be expected that this is the size class for the all but confirmed Fall of Cybertron Grimlock figure to rival the giant Bruticus.  We might even see a reinvented Megatron or Optimus Prime in this size class.
  • All the drama and fan rage over the mixmatched War for Cybertron Bruticus figures can be put to bed after the more video-game accurate paint-scheme will be available as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive set.  Also showing up at SDCC is the Zombie Cliffjumper figure that seemingly vanished after the reveal at Botcon 2011.
  • MP10 will be released at Toys R Us with all accessories and a new paint job.  The only question now is the price
  • All the Cybertroncon Asia-market-only exclusives revealed a few months ago may not be as exclusive as everyone feared, however there was no official mention of this in any panels.  More below…

So after the Hasbro panel, I visited the display box where the employees were setting up the new figures.  There is a lock box at the bottom of the display where all the toys are kept prior to being revealed.  The staff had to do this while everyone was ganged around the front of the case.  I, however, mulled around in the back and caught glimpse of something that shocked me: a small green G1 legion-class Hoist.  It was right there, plain as day.  One was in robot mode, the other in vehicle.  The female Hasbro staff then rolled it back into a sheet of bubble wrap and placed it back in the bottom of the case while the other staff member prepared Airachnid for display.  I didn’t have time to take a photograph and there were too many people in the way, but it was there.

Transformers G1 Hoist robot gun

This is what I saw, and that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it

G1 Hoist as a cyberverse or legion class figure was revealed months earlier in mock-up stage (check the image up top) and during those reveals, everyone in the USA cringed or cried at the thought of all those toys being exclusive to Asia, requiring import prices.  Well guess what guys?  It’s time to wake up and realize that some if not all of those toys will be seen in the USA at some point.  Hasbro has enough trouble producing a full toyline at all, let a lone two toylines concurrently that would be cut off from larger sales numbers by being sold in the USA.


Transform your Nintendo Entertainment System into Soundwave and Rumble – RIBFIR

Transformers Soundwave and Rumble as Nintendo

It's amazing!!!!!

I have no idea who made this design or took the photo but it is simply amazing!


Shattered Glass Soundwave wants his headband!

SG Soundwave waits in line for his headband at Botcon 2012

Even Soundwave himself has to wait in line! Photo by Deceptigtar

Here is a funny from my friend Deceptigtar. He bought this custom SG Soundwave at last year’s Botcon, who knew it would come to life less than a year later!  In case satire is a bit beyond you, this is a photo of Soundwave himself forking over mad cash for his own headband at the Funpub store later this year.  Oh irony.


Shattered Glass Soundwave will have a headband after-all – peace and serenity

Apparently the Botcon twitter account quelled the uprising prior to it even beginning and I myself muse apologize and applaud their efforts. Check out the actual tweet here.

Since this is the first question many will have. YES. There will be a headband accessory. It will be available for sale at the club store.

There was no way to mold an appropriate headband on that head. Would not  have done it justice. Needs to be long and flowing.

The cost of molding the piece in China and putting in the set would have been FAR more than doing in stateside and selling separately.

The headband will NOT be a piece of fabric. Anyone can put a green string on it. And that still would have cost more than what is planned.

So there you have it.  We are getting our ridiculous head-banded Soundwave after all!


A wild Botcon 2012 Shatterd Glass Soundwave appears!

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Heroic Soundwave

Holy head-sculpt, Batman!

Today we were all scorned to learn the visage of what should’ve been the flag-ship figure of this year’s Botcon 2012 set, Heroic Shattered Glass Soundwave. The figure you see above is the official figure photo revealed by Botcon today.

I was really expecting this figure to rule, but even I have to reluctantly bitch.  No expected headband, stupid GI-Joe decal on the side of the door, and the god-damn face is not Soundwave, it’s Optimus Prime.  What the hell is going on here!?  I call shenanigans on the up-till-now amazing SG Soundwave art we have seen.

Shattered Glass Soundwave artwork

SG soundwave in better days!

Oh well, I’ll still be getting it! I love the idea of Shattered Glass Soundwave, but this execution is not as good as the custom I saw at last year’s Botcon. We can’t all have our cake and eat it too!