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Autobot Megatron – I never thought I’d see the day! SPOILERS!


Nothing strange here!

I’m not usually one that cares about spoilers.  I’ve had so many endings ruined for me that I just quit caring.  My friends get angry because they say I in turn spoil things for them, which I can understand, but in the end it’s only a story.

Today was profound though.  For the first time in an awfully long time, something was spoiled for me in Transformerland and I was just super shocked.  I was even warned!  This revelation was so jarring that I think I actually yelled out when I saw it.  The whole thing came in a promotional image that was revealed by IDW today, which you may see below IF YOU DARE!  Being a promotional image, I’m kind of shocked that they released this during the mid point of the story of Dark Cybertron, but the cat is already out of the bag.

So will our upcoming announced Leader Generations Megatron sport an alternative symbol?  Let’s hope so.  Sure, Prime has been evil plenty of times but one thing I never thought I’d EVER see was Megatron sporting the Autobot symbol.

My guess is that a new paradigm shift will occur with Transformers and for the first time ever, perhaps faction lines will be crossed indefinitely.  Perhaps they will no longer identify as Autobots or Decepticons and just become Cybertronians.  It really has to cross over to the toys for it to have any lasting impact, and here’s hoping that it does.


Is it a spoiler if the company manning the steering wheel shows it?


Transformers 3 Hardcore Eddie – Wanted: dead or alive

Transformers 3 - Hardcore Eddie Wanted: Dead or Alive

Time to round up a posse!

A rumor that I’ve been hearing for a while is now sounding more and more true. This is definitely a spoiler so hopefully no one freaks out.

I had heard rumors that there were ‘robot parts’ included in the set props amongst the Chicago Transformers 3 filming. Now we are getting word from one of the actors himself that he indeed is the one that puts down our beloved second-in-command. How befitting of this character to be taken down by a human. Sad as it is, now it just opens the door for one of the more ridiculous traditions in Transformers – Starscream as a robo-ghost!