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Fall of Cybertron Shockwave coming to life in plastic – hallelujah!

Fall of Cybertron Shockwave and Jazz announced

Fall of Cybertron Shockwave and Jazz!!! Wait a sec... that's not... oh weird

Thanks Kapow toys for blowing the lid off of what Hasbro is surly expecting to be a big reveal at this year’s Toyfair – the identities of 3 of the upcoming Fall of Cybertron toys!

We are getting Optimus Prime (duh), Jazz (already noted), and Shockwave who should’ve been in the first round of figures last year.

Can’t wait for this one!


Guessing the Botcon Customizing Class figure – Animated Stepper

Animated Stepper digibash for Botcon 2011 custom class

Quite simply my most hacked together digibash to date!

With Botcon 2011 just around the corner, it’s time to have some fun and play around round of guess the figures!!

Since I landed a spot in this year’s customizing class, I decided to take a different path than last year’s convention exclusives guesses and instead focus on that custom figure. Usually it’s a redeco of a figure that is already being released at the con, but it is not always the case. To start, I am gonna keep it simple with the already revealed Stunticon figures. Behold – Animated Stepper from the Animated Jazz mold being used for Dead End. Handsome AND topical!


TakaraTomy steps it up – Transformers United Stepper exclusive WITH targetmaster!

Transformers United Stepper

Looks like we got another slick repaint coming our way courtesy of Million Publishing and their lovely Transformers Generations books. We are getting the only proper redeco of the incredibly successful Generations Jazz mold. To top it all off, this dude is coming with his own Targetmaster! Yowza! This one’s gonna be hot.


More KOLD figures on the way?

Knock-off Bootelg Generation 1 Gold Metroplex

We've finally found it, the lost city of gold!!

I came across this image today. This should strike fear and loathing in the bottom of your soul, or else it ought to make you giggle with glee.

This image comes right off the trail of KOtoys.com’s announcement that they will be releasing a run of what they are calling KOLD Optimus Primes (KOLD standing for Knock-Off Lucky Draw).  These are meant to give the average collector the chance of  attaining the essentially unattainable, or at least something close.  The makers of this line of bootleg were courtious enough to make some obvious changes including the removal of the copyright stamp, different sized autobot symbols, and different colors of plastic compared to the $1000 originals.

So what is going on here?  Well that depends on which side of the fence you are on.  If you’ve spent $1000’s on getting legitimate Lucky Draw figures, you might be a bit peeved.  Your exclusivity is gone!  The corner stone of your collection is now readily available to anyone.  This is not necessarily true, since as stated above, there are descernable differences from the real thing.  Is your toy still worth over $1000?  Possibly not though, because even reissues of old toys bring down the value of the originals.  Look at Stepper for instance…

It’s currently unknown by this blogger who made the gold chrome G1 Metroplex, but it is most likely only the first of many to come.  Who wouldn’t want their own city of gold?

KOLD gold chrome classics Optimus Prime

"Hate plague? Haters be hatin'"