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Oh yeah, I got a Transformers Pinball Machine

Transformers Pinball Decepticon Limited Edition 9 of 125

Number 9 off the assembly line!

Made in America. Take that shit, Institute of Labour and Sensational Political Crap!

Thanks Blue Boost!!!!!!!!


Transformers Pinball gameplay videos – rad!

Transformers Pinball Bumblebee

Bumblebee Battle - engaged!

Here are some videos featuring my time with the Transformers Pinball test game today. It’s a lot of fun to watch all the meta-games and dot-matrix animations. Some real care went into the execution of this stuff.

My First game of Transformers pinball

Up close playfield action


Transformers pinball test machine hands on

Transformers pinball Megatron Multiball

A ton of fun!

I was lucky enough to get some time with the Transformers pinball machine today at a pinball tournament.

The game layout is final but the software still needs some tweaking, at least that is what I was told.  This is a test machine that is available for people in the know to play.  When you start the game, you are asked if you want to be a Decepticon or Autobot.  The game then plays out a little differently depending on your choice.  The scoring and video presentations are affected by this as well.

Transformers pinball test machine

The game plays very smoothly and has a variety of sub-games within.

I cannot claim to be a pinball expert (my high score was something around 6,000,000 and a free game is won at 29,000,000), but I had awful lot of fun playing this game.  It’s hard to watch the ball when there are so many fun animations on the screen!  There is a ramp which directs the ball into the Optimus Prime figure and creates an impact.  The sounds are great and are from the movie.  A version of the Transformers original theme can also be heard during game play.

Transformers pinball

Stock images for the win!

Videos of the game play will be posted soon. Every Transformers fan should give this game a whirl if you get the chance!


Transformers Pinball from stern available on Groupon!? – price SLASHED to $4,499

Transformers Pinball Groupon page


If you’ve been on the fence about Stern’s Transformers pinball machine, maybe this is what you need.  Groupon has it on a multiple day deal.  Only two machines are needed to be sold to ‘tip’ the deal and they are at a 21% discount making the total $4,499.

Weirdest Groupon yet.  O__0


Videos about the development of Transformers Pinball from Stern

Some new amazing information and behind-the-scenes info has been posted to Vimeo about the Transformers Pinball Game. Also check out Pinballhead for more info.

Untitled from Media House on Vimeo.


The videos have been removed, most likely because they were rough edits that were not quite finished. Shucks! 🙂


How to get ahold of or order the Transformers pinball game

I was given some contact information regarding a potential person to speak to regarding ordering your own Transformers pinball game.

Contact Trent at email trent (at) midohio.net or by phone at 740-803-2276

There won’t be a ton of these to get so if you are serious, you might want to get ahold of Trent sooner than later!  These machines are expected to cost a few thousand dollars, but no set price as been set.


Further Transformers pinball details – 4 different versions

Transformers Pinball game details

4, count'em, 4 versions of this pinball game

Wow!  We hit the mother load!

Here are some further details on the game:

You can definitely see the Autobots vs. Decepticons elements alluded to in the Transformers teaser video. It has a center Optimus Prime toy shot (like we speculated) surrounded by five other lit shots. The center playfield features six Autobots and six Decepticons for (presumably) modes depending on your side. The cabinet art is refreshingly Shia Lebeouf free — choosing instead to feature only Optimus and Megatron on the backglass with the sideart showing (insert echo shout) Transformers… in… space (Autobots shown on the right but the Decepticons are on the left side)!

Playfield elements include a Megatron vehicle form with rapid fire multiball and illuminated eyes, Optimus Prime elevating ramp, Bumblebee captive ball target, Decepticon laser-cut steel ramp, Ironhide character ramp, Devastator pop bumpers, All Spark Cube eject hole, Autobot/Decepticon spinning target, Cybertron zenith orbit shot, and “roll out!” ramps. The LE edition seems to have some differences which include a Megatron robot form, Starscream figure, shaker motor, illuminated bottom arch, transparent windows in ball guides, LED general illumination, and will be limited to 500 editions.

There also appears to be four, count ‘em four, versions of this game. There’s the Pro edition and Limited Edition, but there will also be a Autobot (crimson) and Decepticon (violet) Limited Collector’s Edition for each. These Collector’s Editions will feature full cabinet trim in the versions color, unique backglass (of either Autobot or Decepticon), playfield-mounted Optimus/Megatron plate, Gomez signature under hard coat, unique designer edition “Vector Sigma Data Track” QR codes and will be limited to 99 game each.

So there you have it.  The creme de la creme versions will be the individual Autobot or Decepticon versions limited to 99 each.  Guess which one I’m getting?  Thanks for the tip Blue Boost!!


First images of Transformers pinball from Stern!!!!!! O_O

Transformers pinball machine from Stern


At long last, we are FINALLY seeing what appears to be the first shots of the upcoming Transformers Pinball game!!!  Woo hoo! It’s unclear if this is a finished production piece, sample, or computer render.  It certainly looks real to me! See the original post here.

Transformers Pinball playfield

Optimus Prime, Megatron, and... who is that climbing the building to the right?

It looks like the theme is a combination of the three films.  The art on the side is missing Jazz, but features the other core Autobots and even the Twins.  My guess is that the other side features some Decepticons.  Dark of the Moon Megatron is featured on the score board area as well.  Hard to say if the Optimus Prime toy featured in the machine is a revamped Hasbro toy or a brand new creation by Stern.  More forthcoming!


Transformers pinball coming

Check out this video from Stern pinball teasing the upcoming and highly anticipated Transformers movie pinball game. This game has almost been made twice, but finally, with the release of Dark of the Moon, the license has been secured by Stern to create the ultimate Transformers pinball game! There have been various little easter eggs regarding the game that I’ve covered previously, but we finally get the big reveal from the company itself.

Word is there will be 3 production versions of the game: a standard version, a tournament version, and a deluxe limited edition version. Guess which one I’m going to be gunning for?