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First look at Transformers United packaging – same frame as Animated

Transformers United Straxus in package

He's more blue abu dee abu die!

Seibertron has posted a Taobao auction that gives us a first peek at the upcoming packaging for Transformers United.  The packaging is taking striking cue from the Japanese Transformers Animated packaging and shares and almost identical silhouette to the deluxe animated blister and card.  Some differences include the molding around the faction symbol and curve of the bottom, but overall, it’s the same thing.  The bubble even includes the signature slant.

Transformers United vs Animated packaging

Same as it ever was


Straxus gets a throne!

Straxus in his new throne

Looks like Scattorshot finally gets his day!

Check out this fan-mode for the Cybertron Scattorshot mode. He makes a perfectly sized throne for Generations Straxus!