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Perceptor is blinded by “SCIENCE!” today only


But are they all friends?  Available for $11 at this link: https://www.riptapparel.com/collections/science

My favorite T-shirt site, RIPT Apparel, has knocked it out of the park again today with an exclusive design by artist Atomic Rocket featuring none other than Perceptor.  That’s not all though!  Scientific buddies he has picked up along the way are crossing universes with him.  So just how would Rick Sanchez fair on The Lost Light?

Get yours today for only $11 by clicking this link.


Trypticon – King of the Monsterbots


Stompin’ bots like it ain’t no thang

RIPT Apparel is offering an amazing and colorful retro Transformers meets Godzilla design featuring everyone’s favorite lumbering lizardcon. This pretty piece of art was created by artist Atomic Rocket.  Check him out!

This design is only available for 36 hours so you better get over to RIPT now before Metroplex throws him into the ocean.


Sweet new Bumble-Tees from RIPT Apparel today only

Cool t-shirts

Two slick TF tees available today

Just thought I’d put the word out that RIPT Apparel has some shirt designs that might be relevant to your interests today.  These designs feature versions of the lovable Generation 1 Bumblebee and might be great gifts for that little transfan in all of us.  They are available for $10 a piece until midnight CST tonight! Check them out now!


Real-life dinobots t-shirt coming from RIPT tomorrow – The Land Before Prime


Historic prehistoric Transformers t-shirt design

Nard alert!  Tomorrow’s t-shirt design from RIPT Apparel will feature some rather strangely colored jurassic creatures.  You might find this image relevant to your interests.  If you do, pick it up this retro shirt at RIPT Apparel on Saturday April 19th, 2013!


Destroy the Robot Masters – the best 8-bit Transformers shirt yet at RIPT Apparel

cool daily t shirt RIPT

Who will MEGA Man challenge first?

RIPT Apparel did it again, with just a few days before Botcon starting. Transformerland is about to go into fever-mode and this is the match that will light the fire!

Let me explain this shirt if you are a bit miffed: This is a parody of the start screen for the original 8-bit NES game Mega Man 2 which featured 8 bosses. You chose which level you wanted to play based on the boss of that level. Each boss had the suffix “man” on their name. For instance: Cut Man, Guts Man, Crash Man, Flash man, etc. This was repeated for almost every Mega Man game following it, the first game only had 6 bosses (and was hard as hell!).

Mega Man 2 start screen bosses

Just in case you are too young to have ever played a game that didn't basically play itself.

Not only that, the bosses were called the “robot masters,” which is a name also shared by a faction of Transformers in Japan. Robot Masters was a short-run line of toys from the early 2000’s.

So yeah, the shirt is brilliant. Thanks Ninjaink for another amazing design at RIPT Apparel!


Witwicky Auto Bumblebee shirt at RIPT Apparel tomorrow

Transformers t-shirt

Hey wait... that's the wrong... whoa meta

Got some advance notice on tomorrow’s cool graphic tee from RIPT Apparel. It’s called ‘Witwicky Auto’ and has a bit of cross over from the G1 to movie worlds. Pretty slick and only $10 starting at Midnight CST.  Tim Lim rules.


The Death of Starscream – get it on your chest from RIPT Apparel!

The Screamer from RIPT Apparel t-shirts

Oh the huge manatee!

If you check out RIPT Apparel’s Tumblr page, you might sometimes catch a glimpse of the shirt designs before they are available. Tonight that is the case as I got to see “The Screamer” before it’s for sale. This design by Ninjaink mashes-up the famous “Scream” painting with the iconic Death of Starscream from the Transformers animated film.

This sick tee is only available today, Tuesday October 4, 2011 so get on it and head to RIPT Apparel for some cool limited edition t-shirts!


RIPT Apparel Bad Bugs Insecticon shirt has arrived!

Cool graphic tees

These bugs are bad!

My Bad Bugs shirt just arrived from RIPT Apparel! The printing is great and I can’t wait to wear these buggaboos to Botcon 2011!  I love how cool these graphic tees are from RIPT, and only $10!  Did anyone else get theirs?


Bad Bugs coming your way soon…

Insecticons as bugs in graphic t-shirt

Making your skin crawl one creepy crawly at a time

This shirt design was too cool not to share. Expect to see it at RIPT Apparel as a graphic tee soon enough!


Autoskull graphic tee giveaway through Twitter

Win a RIPT Apparel Autoskull t-shirt by following Collecticon and RIPT on twitter

Just follow each account to be entered to win today

Hey hey!  It looks like the folks over at RIPT Apparel are letting me help them giveaway a free t-shirt or two of today’s design, Autoskull. Super cool!

All you have to do is follow both @collecticon and @ript on twitter and at 10PM a winner will be notified through twitter.  You have to be following BOTH accounts though to win.  You will get the Autoskull design in the size of your choice delivered to your door!  International applicants are welcome to try it out as well.