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Topspin looks great… as Misfire!!


I’m baaaack! – Digibash by Air Hammer

With photos of Titans Return Topspin surfacing and the reviews looking great, many are wondering who he might be redeco’ed or remolded into.  One very exciting possibility is Targetmaster Misfire whose loud pink color scheme has stood out over the years amidst his Decepticon allies. With rumors of a “Scavengers” comic story circulating, and Krok coming in wave 4, could wave 5 be full of rummaging Decepticons?


Titans Return Wave 4 deluxes in the flesh – Quake, Krok, Topspin


Fancy meeting you guys here.

The cat is out of the bag and the final mysteries of Titans Return wave 4 have been revealed!  Krok and Quake are redecos of Skullsmasher and Hardhead, as expected.  The colors are looking very nice on these end of era G1 bots.

If you want to see the full line-up, including Topspin, check out this minuscule image below.


The gang’s all here, headless!


Titans Return Orion Pax and Dion by Air Hammer


Digibash by Air Hammer

Here’s another wishful thinking digibash now that Kup has been revealed to be an upcoming Titans Return figure.  Bring on the giftset!!


Important news regarding Titans Return Wheelie


That is all


Hasbro Toyfair 2016 photos of Titans Return toys

Here’s where I share some of my favorite photos I managed to take at Hasbro’s 2016 Toy Fair Press event in New York City.  Enjoy!


Platinum Cyclonus


Titan Masters galore!


Skullcruncher in gator-mode


Transformers 5 poster that was tucked away behind the RID stuff


Victorion, looking much better than last time.


The star of the show: Legends Wheelie


Titans Return Fortress Maximus revealed at Toyfair 2016 – he’s awesome!


Here’s the deets:

  • He’s slightly taller than Metroplex
  • He has lights as sounds as part of Cerebros, activated when you cover max’s face on his back and add the Titan Master
  • Cerebros is the first use of the Rebirth cartoon-accurate head.  His Titan Master’s name is Emissary
  • Fort Max has no ‘waist guns’
  • He also has a prison gimmick
  • The Titan Master head can still be in place on Cerebros when adding the head to Max, just like the G1 toy.

Hasbro also gave us some official graphics of the toy


We built this city


He’s big, and he’s back!


Titans Return Leaderclass Headmaster Soundwave with Soundblaster revealed


Operation: Head On!

Whelp, the cat’s finally out of the bag.  We are getting a retool of Titans Return Blaster in the form of Headmaster Titans Return Soundwave!  Here is the main box art that will be used for this figure.  Image by Hasbro.


Titans Return with… Headmaster Astrotrain


Nasty, nasty boys

New York Comic Con is happening RIGHT NOW and last night’s Hasbro Transformers panel was anything but underwhelming.  All the thunder was stolen from the night before when we saw amazing figures like Deluxe Skullsmasher, Hardhead, Leader Blaster, and most impressively, Voyager Galavtron with a tiny Megatron Headmaster (named Nucleon).

The masters are back!  They are trying to consolidate all the different types of little ‘master’ partners by giving them the even more confusing name “Titan Masters”, which really has nothing to do with the Titan scale toys we’ve grown so fond of.  Hey, whatever.  Decisions have to be made and the final product looks like a ton of fun!

The boring thing about last night was their big reveal: Voyager Sentinel Prime who is comic-book orange and takes flight and rail as a triple-changer that looks eerily similar to our big gray and purple friend above.  Better jettison some weight.