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Dark of the Moon toy binge – Day 2

Dark of the moon toy haul

Toy collecting is serious business

We are becoming masters of ass-holeish behavior. Each store is a different story. Some you win, some you lose.

Pile of Dark of the Moon toys

The spoils of War for Cybertron


Transformers 3 Ferrari is Mirage! Son of a bitch!

Transformers 3 Ferrari is Mirage

This of course makes all sorts of stupid sense. >:-(

You have got to be kidding me! The Ferrari is Mirage, NOT HOT ROD!  What a huge let down.  Alright, well let’s see some nice toys at least.  Check out the robot mode below.

Transformers 3 Mirage robot

Images from TFW2005.com


Megan Fox a year later: Yup, she’s still hot as rocks

It will soon be a year since it was announced that Miss Megan Fox would not be returning as Sam Witwicky’s love interest in Transformers 3.  As stated before, it hasn’t hurt Megan’s career at all to remove herself from the world of Cybertronians.  She is still truckin’ on down the line and has joined Emporio Armani’s arsenal of hotties wearing barely nothing.

Enjoy this teaser of the commercial and we’ll see what comes next!


Sneek peak at Hasbro Toyfair 2011 – Dark of the Moon toys

Check out the video above to see a sneek peak of Hasbro’s toy displays during this year’s Toy Fair press event. It looks like Transformers 3 is going to get a lot of love. We get a look at some new Lego-like Transformers toys similar to Diablock in Japan or the late Built to Rule toyline. Hasbro just keeps trying that shit! Now they are calling it “cre-o.”

We get a in-person look at Ultimate Optimus Prime as well. With the backpack parts turned down the figure looks a bit better. Also the BFG he is holding, although ridiculous in size and execution, does impress.

Sadly, I will not be in attendance this year to view the madness but I’m sure you can follow any of the other big toy news sites and get plenty of dirt on what’s coming in 2011. Smell ya later!


Mystery moon robot is Sentinel Prime – inside Ark

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Sentinel Prime face

Yay, more canon-defying characters enter the fray.

Mystery solved! The yellow robot from the movie moon trailer turned out to be Sentinel Prime after all. A new article from Entertainment Weekly give us a ton of information regarding the crashed ship on the moon, which turns out to be the Ark after all.

I really am not excited that these characters that are more recent additions to the fiction are becoming so important.  The Fallen was not important enough to be in the last movie, and now we have the defunct Dreamwave Production’s Sentinel Prime becoming a prominent figure in the final Transformers film.  Plus they’re gonna kill Starscream… at least the latest trailer looks promising.  Countdown to July!


Chicago is BURNING!!! Transformers 3 teaser trailer hits the Super Bowl with a bang

Transformers 3 dark of the moon decepticon warships attack chicago

Oh dear God it's more beautiful than I could've ever imagined!

Chicagoans aren’t the only ones upset with the race for our next mayor, the Decepticons are taking matters into their own hands this Summer! That’s right folks, the latest teaser trailer for Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon has hit the web! Check it out in High Def at michaelbay.com.

Just like with Revenge of the Fallen’s initial trailer, it was revealed in the form of a 30-second Superbowl advertisement and it did NOT disappoint!  We were treated to a lush canvas of beautiful Chicago being completely DESTROYED by what appears to be a very significant invasion by Decepticon forces, expected to be lead by Shockwave himself.  This stuff is just MEAN!!  The HANCOCK BUILDING IS ON FIRE!!!  Many Chicago landmarks are plainly visible and will most likely be called out by name.  Check out the video below with annotations enabled to get a good feel for which areas of the city are featured in the quick 30-second snippit.

Some of the more notable details from the trailer are as follows:

– Optimus Prime retains what appears to be Jetfire’s corpse parts, and then immediately disposed of them after hitting the ground.

Transformers 3 dark of the moon Optimus flies in

Ye' olde Jetpack!

– Repurposed Decepticon frames will be showing up again, most likely as cannon fodder including Brawl, Blackout / Grindor, Long Haul and BARRICADE!.

– A bird-like Decepticon appears, who is most definitely one of Soundwave’s minions and it can be inferred that this create is LASERBEAK!

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Laserbeak buzzsaw bird

Laserbeak, report!

– A half-dozen Decepticon warships are hovering around Chicago with a multitude of smaller flying attackers. It is not clear whether these are actual Transformers or separate vehicles driven by Transformers inside.

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon bumblebee near Chicago Wrigley building

Bumblebee just wants to see that silly river turn green.

All in all, I CANNOT wait to see Chicago get blown to bits on the big screen in Imax! I will be there opening night for sure! Get your tickets while you can!!!

Transformers 3 burning Chicago skyline hancock building

See Chicago, this is what happens to your skyline if you don't pay your taxes!


Closer look at Dark of the Moon Shockwave

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Shockwave robot mode

Looking more dangerous every day!

Dark of the Moon Shockwave toy

Look at that hose!


Dark of the Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime – Transformers 3 Trailer is armor

Transformers 3 Optimus Prime with Trailer

I SAID I smelled giftset!

TFW2005.com has just posted an initial notice of an upcoming giftset for “Ultimate Optimus Prime.” The set comes with the trailer and it will turn into armor to power-up the Autobot leader.  See my initial prediction of this giftset here.

The real news here is confirmation of the trailer’s function.  Some had assumed it will be a replacement for Jetfire’s parts, or will even house them.  Now it will apparently become Prime’s new pants.  There is also expected to be a combination of Prime with the proposed Space Shuttle Transformer so that Prime can travel to the moon, most likely in a speedy few seconds.

At two-per-case, this is going to be a similar size to ROTF Devastator or Movie 1 & 2 Ultimate Bumblebee.  Considering what a brick of crap Ultimate Bumblebee actually was, lets pray that this toy stands on its own and simply is the truly Ultimate Optimus Prime.

Super Optimus Prime by Ben Procter

Ultimately hidious!

I’m not holding my breath because honestly, how can they top the ROTF leader Prime??  Please make us drool… please!


Shock and baw – Transformers 3 Shockwave toy revealed

Transformers 3 dark of the moon shockwave toy

At least he's purple!


Transformers 3 Shockwave tank

It's Energon all over again


Transformers 3 dreads – now with bling!

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Dread toy robot mode

Where is the Lady Gaga transformer?

Well, just having dreadlocks wasn’t enough – Decepticons now come standard issue with BLING! Goldie Locks!