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The first Generation 1 Shattered Glass figures – G1 SG Soundwave & Blaster + cassettes!

transformers shattered glass blaster and soundwave

Ehobby sets the TFCC straight!

It was bound to happen someday: the collector club got their grubby mits on some classic Generation 1 transformer molds. I never would’ve guessed that it would take teaming up with E-hobby to make such a thing become reality. We finally got a glimpse of the finished figures today and they look pretty awesome, if not completely wacky. What’s up Slugfest mold!? Where ya been, man??

I for one am excited for this set, mostly for the Soundwave half, but a giant black Blaster is kind of cool too. Maybe this makes up for all the hate that SG Soundwave received from this year’s Botcon set? No? Well, you a-holes are never satisfied so suck it.

Exclusive Shattered Glass G1 transformers from Japan

Yellow guy not included!

The big question here is what’s the price going to be? Consider the facts:

  1. This set is an exclusive set expected to be availble in the USA and Japan (so there’s going to be a large number of them made)
  2. It is a rather large set that includes two large G1 figures and 4 cassetticons
  3. Encore Twincast and Soundblaster were each released somewhere around the $65 pricepoint
  4. It’s being release by the Transformer Collector Club (so tack on about 25% more cost there for whatever reason)

I estimate the price of this set to be between $175-$225 + shipping.  So it’s gonnnnnna cost ya!  But man, bring on the Shattered Glass G1 Optimus Prime!!!!!


Transformers Collector Club Punch can’t see!

Transformers Collector Club Punch / Counter punch face

"Everytime I look at you I go blind!"

Some pretty cool photos of the upcoming Transformers Collectors Club exclusive Punch / Counterpunch have made their way onto the net via TFclub.  The figure looks great except for one glaring detail – the helmet is covering Punch’s eyes!  Oh the horror!  Keep in mind this may be a pre-release version of the figure and this might not be a wide-spread problem.

The colors of this toy look spot on to the original generation 1 incarnation.  It’s sad to say that I sold mine the other day, boo hoo.  For those of you that got a pre-order in, rejoice!  It looks like you will be getting a great G1 homage in Classics form.  The biggest surprise for me was the vibrant paint scheme adorning the rear of the vehicle.  It is overtly Decepticon and very eye-catching.  Perhaps this Classics version is catering more to the Decepticon side of his dual-personality, whereas the G1 version was meant to be a weighted on the Autobot side of things…  curious.

Transformers collector club Counterpunch

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