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Someone fully animated a scene from More than Meets The Eye – Skids vs legistlators

Stop what you’re doing and watch this right now!

So this incredible piece of animation essentially uses the comic panels illustrated by Alex Milne in More Than Meets The Eye issue 2 as key frames for the sequence.  This must have been no easy feat…

The sound and voice acting is from a audio-comic fan retelling of the entire issue by a group calling themselves Team Train Wreck.  Their efforts are also well-received by this Collecticon and it also deserves a focus watch if you’re a fan of the comics. See below.

I’m simply breathless every time I see one of these intense fan creations to augment the already incredible comic book. If anything this just shows how much the core fanbase would love to see the More Than Meets The Eye storyline come to life in animated form.

I give a heart-felt thank you to the fans that are spending their free time contributing to these types of projects and I simply cannot wait for the next batch!!!


Unicron enters the world of energon-os! – Dr Smoov and Randall.ng are back!


Dunny Flight unboxing video – Starscream version


Flight Dunny chase reveals – It’s Thundercracker and Skywarp

kid robot dunny flight chase thunder cracker

Seeker time!

As it turns out, the chases are indeed Thundercracker and Skywarp.  I was lucky enough to nab a Thundercracker in my 3 pack I got in store this morning at Rotofugi.  I also snagged some photos of the Starscream version with some of his more Transformers brethren.

Starscream knight morpher dunny kid robot fall of cybertron toys

Hey, the guy to your right is 3rd party too!

Kid Robot Dunny Flight with MP-11 Coronation Starscream

Old to new to hyper new.


G1 Movie Leader Starscream with flight funny

Gerwalk this way!


Optimus Gangnam style

NG Smoov does it again!!!


Transformers GDO G1 Movie Leaders Starscream’s voice!

Here’s a silly quick video I shot of my current work Starscream set up and the voice sound bytes from the new import GDO Leader Starscream toy. I believe these are new sound bytes exclusive to this toy. It used to say “No one can defeat Starscream!” Now it says “DECEPTICONS…” and “STARSCREAM!!”


Panty and Stocking Transformers movie parody clip

Transformers parody

The time has come to make a MF suffer!

I’m having trouble embedding this video so please click the link below:

This needs to be watched.


Fall of Cybertron Perceptor spotted

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Perceptor

Probability: High

I spy with my little eye Autobot Perceptor in this video. Enjoy.

And hey, I still function!


Who is this demonic Decepticon? – Transformers Prime Dreadwing? The Fallen?

Transformers Prime Dreadwing new character

That's evilest-lookin' MF I've seen in quite some time.

Here is a treat, a new character revealed on a recent HUB commercial. This is probably Dreadwing, but it sure looks like an Insecticon or The Fallen. Here is the commercial.


Kre-o Transformers animation from Taiwan – lego bots live!

I’ve been loving the official Kre-o commercials from Hasbro but this fan-made film really makes the energon flow through my veins! Check it out above!