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Megatron ‘gets off’ on Robot Chicken – Transformer toys return to TV!

You really can’t beat it when Transformers are featured on Robot Chicken. This latest clip shows Megatron firing his weapon via some decently conventional yet obscene methods. God I love this shit.


Video coverage of Transformers the ride in Singapore

Here is a great first look at the entrance areas toward the Transformers ride in Singapore.


Transformers Pinball gameplay videos – rad!

Transformers Pinball Bumblebee

Bumblebee Battle - engaged!

Here are some videos featuring my time with the Transformers Pinball test game today. It’s a lot of fun to watch all the meta-games and dot-matrix animations. Some real care went into the execution of this stuff.

My First game of Transformers pinball

Up close playfield action


Snoballimus – the taste test of the year

I can’t say I have ever been attracted to Hostess snoballs, but a friend bought me a pack of Snoballimus from the store. Watch the video above to see how we proceeded.


Epic Mega Time – DrSmoov is at it again

One of my favorite Transformer fans, Dr Smoov, is back on the scene with a new 3D-rendered video. Check out this seriously funny eye-candy!


Awesome animated short featuring Transformers, Gobots, and Legos – The King of Legoland

Check out this sweet animated short by Youtube user dunun.  Thanks for showing it to me Jessecuster!


Videos about the development of Transformers Pinball from Stern

Some new amazing information and behind-the-scenes info has been posted to Vimeo about the Transformers Pinball Game. Also check out Pinballhead for more info.

Untitled from Media House on Vimeo.


The videos have been removed, most likely because they were rough edits that were not quite finished. Shucks! 🙂


Transformers 3 footage from accident site

Transformers Dark of the moon gabriella cedillo footage

"A BEAR in his aprtment???"

Well it appears that the footage from Gabriela Cedillo’s accident site is indeed making it into the film. I just saw this trailer today which features a clip of dog-like dreads running down the highway where Miss Cedillo’s car was hit by a piece of debris, in fact, the footage might be of the actual stunt that caused the accident!

You can tell it’s the same site down in Hammond, Indiana due to the large white receptacle tanks that are on the sides of the highway. See my footage below:


Videos from Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Botcon 2011

Here is a smattering of videos I’ve posted from Botcon 2011. Enjoy!

iGear Ramjet at the TFsource Booth

Transformers Prime process booth

Transformers MMO Game concept art

Hasbro display – Thursday sneek peak

Transformers Kre-O Booth

Botcon 2011 dealer room setup

Botcon 2011 Registration line and entrance speech by Brian Savage

Maiden Japan Custom Junkion heads and chest sculpts. VERY COOL!

Clear Generation 1 Optimus Prime Knock off

First entrants to Botcon 2011 Friday

Kre-O booth at Botcon 2011 with tons of parts and toys

Giant Movie Starscream costume! AWESOME!


Botcon 2011 Day 2 – sales floor sneak peek!

Botcon 2011 day two consisted mostly of long lines and awesome toys. I’ll let my videos from the day do the talking. Luckily for me, I got into the sales floor before it was set up! It’s cool to see how much work goes into putting this convention together. WOW!

Botcon 2011 Hasbro toy display – Dark of the Moon and more!

Botcon 2011 sales floor during Thursday night set up.

Transformers Kreo displays

Transformers Prime concept displays