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Transform and prosper – Leonard Nimoy returns to Transformers as Sentinel Prime

Leonard Nimoy to voice Sentinel Prime in Dark of the Moon

This is bad comedy

There has been a lot of voice-acting news recently!

Unlike a false news story that came up last year regarding War For Cybertron, Leonard Nimoy is indeed returning to the Transformers franchise.  This is quite exciting as its another throwback to the original 1985 Animated Movie.  This news comes from a post by Entertainment Weekly where Michael Bay discusses how Mr. Nimoy became involved and his relationship with him.

I for one, am happy to see him come back!  Bring on Dark of the Moon!


Jazz sings! – The music of Scatman Crothers

Thanks to some industrious Bottalkers, I came across an AMV video set to the tunes of Scatman Crothers’ music!  Apparently Scatman had an entire LP of songs where he was the voice and talent.  Simply fabulous.  There can’t be enough Scatman in our lives!  We miss you!


Chris Latta revealed – The voice of Starscream

Many voices from the original Transformers series have echoed in the heads of the children that grew up with them. Many have found further success from their voice-acting talents: Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, Corey Burton continuing his role as Shockwave and Frank Welker as just about anything under the sun! Sadly, not all of the voices remain to be heard to a new generation. Their owners have passed on. Scatman Crothers and my personal favorite, Chris Latta as Starscream and Cobra Commander.

Many have tried with varying degrees of success to emulate the raspy whine of the Decepticon Air Commander. Chris Latta himself is a man of mystery, with little historic record to fall back on other than his finished work on Transformers and GI-Joe. In a rare display of public entertainment, a video has surfaced from AE’s Evening at the Improv hosted by William Shatner. In this particular episode, Chris Collins (and alternate name) gives a comedic standup routine. He definitely relies on his voice talents repeatedly, even squeaking out a little of our ill-fated air warrior.

Let’s pay our respects to our lost voice and enjoy the video.