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War for Cybertron Soundwave toy coming

Transformers War For Cybertron Soundwave

See ya in plastic soon enough!

Apparently in the wake of Bigbadtoystore’s huge pre-order update last night, someone found a listing for War For Cybertron Soundwave. So now we know who the 4th War for Cybertron toy is going to be (the third being Megatron which we have already seen).

No need to worry though, these toys are going to be hotter than hot.  This game is going to be hotter than hot.  Hasbro is taking the cautious route and simply filling in the gaps of their Generations line.  They most likely already have the entire line of toys ready to go.  With the expected cast to be over 30 characters, that’s a lot of plastic to sell.

Oh and it looks like we’ll be seeing all the molds we missed in Henkei such as Dirge, Thrust, and Red Alert.  ‘Bout time I say!


War For Cybertron character recap

A lot has happened since my last post. Two more characters for War for Cybertron were revealed yesterday, Autobot Warpath and Decepticon Barricade.  This is beefing up the roster quite a bit, although we already knew about Warpath (we just hadn’t seen his pretty face yet).  Barricade is another cross-generational character jumping into G1 canon from the controversial movie-verse just like Demolisher from Armada.

So I think it’s time for a little recap of the cast thus far.

Transformers War For Cybertron Autobots roster

What a fine looking group of individuals


  • Optimus Prime
  • Bumblebee
  • Ratchet
  • Ironhide
  • Warpath
  • Air Raid
  • Silverbolt
  • Jetfire
  • Jazz
  • Omega Supreme
Transformers War for Cybertron Decepticon roster thus far

Yeah, my money is probably going on these guys to win the war, err, game.


  • Megatron
  • Starscream
  • Skywarp
  • Thundercracker
  • Soundwave
  • Breakdown
  • Barricade
  • Shockwave
  • Demolisher
  • Trypticon

Exciting, exciting! If you look at the roster images above, you can see that a few characters are from the same body model – Starscream and Skywarp are the same, Ironhide and Ratchet share the same vehicle mode, and Barricade and Breakdown are in the same stance and could possible share the same model as well. There are many similarities, including their stance.

Warpath and all of the exclusive pre-order characters have complete unique stylings which is great to see. We can all expect to get a nice smattering of character designs this Summer.

So who wants to make some more predictions on characters we will see? I already guessed Lockdown, so it’s time to make some more guesses!

– I’m going to guess we’ll see Cliffjumper on the body style of Bumblebee.

– Super special unlockable Nemesis Version of Optimus Prime in black

– I still think we are going to see Onslaught as a Decepticon.
Feel free to share your own guesses by leaving a comment!


War For Cybertron Jazz – Best Buy Exclusive character

Transformers War For Cybertron Jazz as a Best-Buy Exclusive character

He can be found in the 'Jazz' section - I'll be here all night!

I know this is already belated, but the art is so cool I had to post it. Jazz is the 3rd exclusive character revealed to be a part of Transformers War For Cybertron. As happy as I am to see more awesome renders of characters, the whole exclusivity method is driving me up the wall. Now I have to choose between Jazz and Shockwave? They can’t really be doing this to us. There has to be some sort of super-download pack coming up a few months after the game is out that lets you have every character, right?

Let’s get off the politics for a second and just revel in this great character design. He looks fast on his feet, stealthy and strong. Jazz is finally getting the badass look that he deserves for being at the top tier of the Autobot chain of command. IDW did a good job of giving Jazz a little extra ‘oomph’ that we all knew he was missing. Let’s hope he gets some glorious moments in War for Cybertron.

Oh yeah, check out the in-game trailer below. Did anyone else notice swarms of Decepticon spiders!?


War for Cybertron Shockwave alt-mode revealed – Jet!

Transformers War for Cybertron Shockwave in jetmode

Eye believe Eye can fly

Much like the War for Cybertron exclusive Demolisher trailer shown about a week ago, we finally get to see the Gamestop exclusive Shockwave in action!  It looks like he will have thrusters in his feet, be able to wield an additional hand gun and transform into a sleek-looking jet fighter!  The alt-mode is somewhat reminiscent of the Energon version of the character when he could turn into a sort of satellite contraption.

Poor Demolisher, I’m pretty sure everyone wants Shockwave.  Bummer dude.  See the trailer below:


War For Cybertron Lockdown coming?

War For Cybertron Breakdown vehicle mode related to Lockdown?

Shiver me timbers, these guys look separated at birth!

The Transformers War For Cybertron website was update today with new character bios for Air Raid and Breakdown. We also get to take a look at their alt-modes, which are a bit revealing.

Transformers War For Cybertron Breakdown character art

"Get down!"

Breakdown’s alt-mode is almost identical to the silhouette of Animated and ROTF Lockdown’s: a caricature of a mean bruiser sort of muscle car. Although the vehicle modes do have some differences, over-all, this is how one could expect a War For Cybertron version of Lockdown to look.

With last week’s announcement of Demolisher joining the cast of War For Cybertron, all other Transformers storylines and characters are literally up for grabs to join the fight. Since Lockdown appears to be one of a handful of new generation characters to cross-over into multiple storylines, it is definitely plausible to see him appear as some sort of repaint version of Breakdown. Perhaps he is an un-lockable characters, or another part of the DLC.

Or maybe he isn’t in there at all and I am just grabbing at straws. Who knows, but I’ve got my TF sleuth nose to the ground from here on out until the game’s release later this Summer!

Wat For Cybertron Lockdown?

A horrible execution of a debatable idea.


Armada Demolisher becomes part of Generation 1!

Transformers War For Cybertron Amazong Exclusive Demolisher

What nice fingers you seem to have...

War for Cybertron is re-inventing the early days of the Transformers on Cybertron and we get an unexpected surprise today with the announcement of another retailer-exclusive character int he form of Armada Demolisher.

A video of the exclusive character in action can be seen at the Amazon.com pre-order page for War For Cybertron.

So who else might transcend universes and become a canon character going forwad?  Will we see Lockdown or Drift in this game?  With the official announcemnt on downloadable content still on its way, the potential for just about any character to join the fray exists… except perhaps Skylynx.

Another kind of upsetting issue with this announcement is that it may not be possible for any one game to have ALL of the characters available.  If you have to pre-order from Gamestop to get Shockwave, then is there a chance of also having Demolisher and vice versa?  These questions are as now un-answered.

Transformers War For Cybertron Demolisher in tank mode - screenshot

Doing what he does best


Leonard Nimoy returns to Transformers!

Leonard Nimoy returns to Transformers

"Live Long in Prosper, you insolent Autobots!"

TFW and Seibertron have reported some additional voice actors slated to appear in Activision’s War For Cybertron video game coming out later this year.  The big news here is that Leonard Nimoy has been cast as the voice of the Autobots’ doomed commander, Zeta Prime.

No Transformers fan needs a reminder of Mr. Nimoy’s contribution to the Transformer lore, but I felt a post regarding his characterization of the Decepticon leader Galvatron was appropriate.

Welcome back to our world!


War For Cybertron Jetfire revealed

Transformers War For Cybertron Jetfire screen capture

"Jetfire's mah name!"

Italian gamer site multiplayer.it has hosted a plethora of new images from War For Cybertron featuring some new characters and some pretty cool armaments for our favorite bots. Included in the photos are images of Optimus and Bumblebee brandishing some new melee weapons and a great shot of Starscream.

Transformers War For Cybertron Starscream

In this game, Megatron apparently transformers into a club instead of a gun for Starscream to hold.

And once again, the mystery Decepticon appears again. So far, we have pretty much just concluded that this is Onslaught but there is no confirmation yet.

Transformers War for Cybertron Onslaught?

Onslaught, is that you?

Anyway, feast your eyes and check out the full gallery at multiplayer.it.


Warpath is added to Autobot roster of War for Cybertron

We have some confirmation that Warpath is going to be in War for Cybertron as a tank in the Autobot campaign.

Also, TFW2005 posted that Skywarp and Thundercracker are in the game as Decepticons, but not necessarily playable. I would bet my right arm that they will be playable alongside Starscream in the jet levels of the Decepticon campaign. Who else could be chosen as jet-level characters? Obviously any of the cone-heads (Ramjet, Dirge, or Thrust) or possibly Blitzwing or Astrotrain. It would be cool if Blitzwing was playable and had the ability to be a jet during the jet levels and a tank during the land-based levels. At this point, anything is possible!

For now, check out the new interview that includes tons of gameplay footage at Gametrailers.com.


War for Cybertron demo re-count from Toy Fair 2010

Transformers War For Cybertron Ironhide screenshot
Although we did not see Ironhide in action during the demo, we got a good look at some surprise chracters – Jetfire, Airraid, Silverbolt, and Breakdown!

Activision was on hand at Hasbro’s Toy Fair 2010 event to show us 3 demo levels from “War For Cybertron.” I was on hand with Seibertron.com and was able to recount my experience of seeing the game. We were not allowed to record any part of this presentation so my words will have to paint the picture for you!

See the full review here at Seibertron.com