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WST Ehobby Shining Ultra Magnus and Diaclone Powered Convoy from Heero Toy Maker

Collecticon Worlds Smallest Ehobby Diaclone Blue Ultra Magnus

That's either a tiny truck or a big kitty!

Heero Toys Maker is a seller on ebay that has gone by a few different names and has been a player in the murkier side of Transformer toys. He is creative and has been able to make some non-official production runs of world’s smallest toys including G2 Starscream & Ramjet, a G1 version of Acid Storm, and various ghost versions of other seekers. He goes so far as to make specific alterations from the original WST figures so as far as bootlegs go, I believe he does the fandom a service rather than a dis-service like other bootlegs and Knock off’s. Heero’s figures are always top quality and I’ve spend several hundred dollars with him over the past 5+ years.

I was excited to receive his unique WST versions of Shining Magnus and Diaclone Powered Convoy today at work and decided to share some quick photos. Each figure cost me over $30, but that’s pretty typical when buying from Heero on Ebay.

WST power convoy and shining ultra magnus

So what's more impressive here - the seekers or the magnii?

I was surprised with the size of the figures. The Magnus armor is rather large compared to the small cab. There are some new moldings and features not found on the original full-sized G1 version included a molded-on belt and locking mechanism for the rear section. All the joints and connection points were nice and tight. The cab just kind of sits in the armor, so that is the loosest part of the whole assembly; I wish it could clip in somehow but I can live with it.

I only purchased these to get the WST Convoy mold in these cool colors, as I am not a Magnus collector. I would definitely recommend these to any that are out there though! Hopefully you can deal with it right now!

Collecticon WST Ehobby Shining Ultra Magnus

Not so much shiney but CLEAR!


Welcome to Jurassic Park – WST Comic Book Dinobots review coming

WST Comic Book Version Dinobots

"Hold on to your butts!"

Limited to 300 pieces, this is a cool set!  Here is an image of them in their natural habitat.  Check them out at TFsource.com.

Video Reviews

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World’s smallest Blaster and Shockwave review coming shortly

Transformers Shockwave and Laserwave

What's the plural form of "Old One-Eye"?

I am putting the finishing finesse on the TFsource WST Blaster and Shockwave Review.  Here is a sneak peek!

If you want to know when the review goes up, you could always subscribe to TFsource’s youtube channel!


New reviews in the pipe

WST or World's Smallest Transformers Shockwave with his Generation 1 self

Shockwave is beside himself with joy

After a much needed break following Toy Fair, I decided I need to update with at photo of what I am currently working on. 3 new reviews for TF Source are coming, hopefully this week.