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Autobot Tracks: in case you didn’t already know, he’s gay

A Friend of Tracks

The crest of The Friends of Tracks

Most fans of Generation 1 know a few of the ongoing fan-made conjectures, such as Beachcomber is a hippie, Arcee is kind of a swinger bettern Hot Rod and Springer, and of course, Track seems so very… very… fabulous?

This is a pretty common consideration amongst the Transformers fanbase including a specific group of Botcon-goers that refer to themselves as the Friends of Tracks. The name of this non-official group is based on the assumption that Track is in fact a gay robot. This has trickled out beyond just the hardcore Transformers fan base as indicated by this top 10 I recently found: “The Top Ten Ambiguosly Gay Action Figures.”

Tracks receives the 9 spot on the blog, and it seems rightly so. My favorite part is the description of Raul as a “hot hispanic boy.”

I for one commend the vigor of G1 Tracks and I hope some day he too can feel free to join his human breatheren in celebrating his sexual orientation. Until then, we will continue to raise an eyebrow at the flame-decal toting Corvette of awesome.


WTF alert: Arms Micron Unicron turns into his FACE

Transformers Arms Micron Unicron face


As I was joining the Seibertron crew for their podcast tonight, I was informed of the identity of Arms Micron Unicron’s alt-mode. It’s his MF face. wow… a new low!


First ever Megatron Combiner concept

Combiner Megatron by Zhenderson

"What the everlasting fuck" - Dead End from Bottalk

Best reaction to an illustration ever. Thanks Dead End.


News of the weird: Half-ton ‘Transformers’ wine-rack for sale $7000

Transformers winerack on craigslist $7000


In case you didn’t want to buy a Transformers pinball machine this year but still have $7000 burning a hole in your shorts, I present to you this arcane creation available on the Phoenix Craigslist.  The amalgamation is listed as “Half Ton Transformer-style Wine Rack made of auto transmission parts” and is priced at $7000.

Clearly a Decepticon, the beast touts a 32 bottle capacity that will surely make you the talk of Cybertron.

lights on transformers craigslist wine rack

Feel my grapes of wrath!

Unfortunately, it’s a stretch to label this a Transformer, considering the articulation is nil, it does not even remotely represent any character, and it’s just downright ugly.  My favorite part are the shoes strewn about, as if Winotron has laid waste to all the come before him.  Happy Friday.


Get your own Autobot Ukulele – Transform your inner hipster

Autobot ukulele hipster douche


A new low – get your own made to order Transformers Ukulele! Nothing says hippie sac like this thing. Check it out on Etsy, or maybe soon on regretsy.


The next big movie from Hasbro Studios…

Hungry Hungry Hippos feature length live action movie


I can’t wait for Hasbro’s next venture into film making!


When sworn enemies meet in the parking garage

Autobot parked next to Decepticon

When an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object

This made the rounds on Reddit today. Pretty funny! Check it out in full res here or check out the original Reddit post.

Blog Dear Hasbro...

Hasbro takes a stand against their fans and customers – all the while KREO is full steam ahead

Kreo Optimus Prime is copyright infringement

Heads up Hasbro, you guys rip shit off too!

Botcon 2012 is shaping up to be the biggest clusterfuck in the entire history of the franchise.  Hasbro seems to have been putting increasing pressure on the operations of the convention to impede the spread of 3rd party product as well as work they consider to be intellectual property infringement.  This has been an ongoing battle for the past 5 years and apparently someone finally got the memo.  Unfortunately, instead of attacking the individuals behind the actual knock-off toys, they are now going after the fans which have helped to perpetuate the Transformers brand long before Michael Bay ever said “Megawho?”

Today an announcement came declaring that all fan-art can no longer be sold at Botcon.  The convention has had a history of individuals selling limited runs of posters, statues, customs, you name it.  Unfortunately, this looks to be something they want to end at the official convention.  Boo hoo to the would-be artists.

This is certainly within Hasbro’s legal jurisdiction, considering it is an official convention.  The problem is that many are now looking at the non-official conventions that seem to be sprouting up all over the country.

All the while, Hasbro will most surely have their KREO figures on display at the show.  Something is very wrong here.


Custom Decepticon engagement ring setting – even evil needs love

Decepticon Engagement ring diamond setting

'Holy MOLY!!! errr, matrimony'

Wow. See more here: geekologie


Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus from Botcon 2012 boxset – He gave Prime his face!

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus toy

Diacloooooone!!!! Well, sort of.

Yay, a clear look at Botcon 2012 Ultra Magnus, a REAL CLEAR look at his clear face!!!! Ultra Ghostnus! From what I can gather, Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus is some sort of cross-over with G2 laser Optimus Prime and Bludgeon. I get that from the box art I suppose, but it’s really anyone’s guess until we get the comic that goes with this peculiar set.

Public outcry is, as expected, at a whiny fever pitch (myself included) and most of the distaste comes from the head, which if you look closely, is another remold. That’s quite a few heads we’ve gotten so far this year! Woo hoo! You can’t say that Fun Publications didn’t give it their all this year, at least from a production standpoint.

Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus head face clear


Just to get a taste of what fans are saying, here is one of the more heated comments I’ve seen:

wtf is up with the tribal bullshit! i’ll say it. its fuckin lame/stupid, what is this?… some “just got into college” shattered Ultra magnus that got drunk after a weezer concert in florida and tatooed is hood like a dumbass. WTF! Jesus! WTF!

So there you have it. We don’t like tribal bullshit on our toys. Or Zartan heads.

Here is an updated look at Magnus’ head thanks to Botcon

Botcon Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus crystal skull

Bug eyes