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Transformers Dark of the moon chronicles

About dang time!

At long last, we get a glimpse at the G1 / Dark of the Moon Chronicles giftsets including a G1 version and a Dark of the Moon version of both Optimus Prime and Megatron. I made some predictions on what these toys actually were last month.  Let’s see how those held up…

Transformers Dark of the Moon Chronicles Megatron

Mega mega mega!

Megatron Set:
Redeco of G1 Megatron with a DOTM Voyager redeco. G1 Megatron will include the Japanese accessories included in the first G1 Megatron, however not the scope and barrel stock.

Transformers Dark of the Moon chronicles Optimus Prime set

No G1 trailer in sight!

Optimus Set:
Redeco of G1 Optimus Prime with a DOTM Deluxe redecoG1 Optimus will not include his G1 trailer and roller, etc, but the Deluxe version of Optimus will include a brand new trailer, mech tech weapon, and the trailer will fit on G1 Optimus some how.

Well I wasn’t too off. I apparently guessed the Optimus Set to a ‘T’, as long as these photographs are any indication. The curious thing is that there is once again new version of megatron being displayed in photograph form with a matte plastic like the original Takara release. The toy shown has the Goodbye Megatron set Chrome that US fans are used to on their G1 Megatrons. Until we see one of these packaged in the box, the truth is still up for grabs. At least we finally got to see SOMETHING though!